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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Coast to Coast - Outback Skin Radiance Aqua Mist


After the awesome experience with Coast to Coast Skin Illuminating Cleansing Oil, I gave their Skin Radiance Aqua Mist a try!
Outback Skin Radiance Aqua Mist (100ml) S$37.00

And...... Skin Radiance Aqua Mist is now my BEAUTY WEAPON anywhere, anytime!

It can be used on:
* Bare Face - it's refreshing and perks me up with hydrating properties
* Makeup - it doesn't smudge makeup, in fact it helps my foundation to stay better without crease
* Hair and Body - it's helps to tame fly-away hair, gives arms and legs a light moisture.  When I spray on my face, I 顺便 (conveniently) spray it all over, lolxx..
* In humid weather - mist is cooling, mini shower I call it, heehee...
* On flights and dry climates - for instant hydration when you are too lazy for that tub of moisturizer

Outback Skin Radiance Aqua Mist contains:
* QUANDONG - This native Australian wild peach contains phenolic acids which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and behaves like an AHA on the skin.  It also contains rutin which works with it's Vitamin C to have an anti-aging effect.

* KAKADU PLUM - Also a native Australian fruit, extremely rich in Vitamin C which helps to brighten complexion, reduces skin damage caused by free radicals and protects skin against UV damage.

* CHAMOMILE - This pretty little white flower contains bisabolol which is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-irritant, thus it's one of the best ingredient in skincare for it's calming effect.

The Outback Skin Radiance Aqua Mist is recommended for dehydrated and dull skin.

Absolutely easy to use, just hold the mist about a foot away spray on face with eyes close.
Effortless enough for lazy people, better still for 爱美 ladies for every and any moment skincare!

Besides Outback Skin Radiance Aqua Mist, Coast to Coast has another 2 mist:
Coastal Skin Radiance Aqua Mist
with Wild Rosella & Geranium - for rebalancing sensitivity and hydration
Rainforest Skin Radiance Aqua Mist
with Lilly Pilly & Lavender - for refining normal/oily skin and hydration

Skin Radiance Aqua Mist is just a click away online at:

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