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Monday, 30 July 2012

Both rebond and spa perm on my head!

The last time I rebonded my hair was..... about 10 years ago :X  During that time, hair rebonding was a very new hair technology.   The chemical used were very very smelly and very drying and takes more than 5hours.  Back then rebonded hair looked very stiff and if you tie your hair, your hair will have "imprint" of the hairband -__-|||  

The hair dresser would tell you: "Cannot tie your hair hor, if not the rebond cannot last, also cannot clip hor, wait your hair won't be straight........  then cannot wash for 3 days hor.....  try come back for steaming hor, if not very dry....."  Yes, those were the days...........

Did not do any rebond after that cos' my face was like fishball~~

So, I had my fats, and curls, suppose silky nice straight hair won't look good on fishball face >.<  Although fishball and mee seemed delicious........

I'm expert in nails grooming, but when it comes to hair, I'm pretty clueless.  My hay hair is my headache.  This is how I look like each morning~~

Quite a nightmare right?  If you throw me in the zoo, the lion will mistaken me as his wife.  Normally, I'll either I bun it up, pull a boring pony tail or take time tong it before I step out of the house. I would put lots and lots of anti-frizz products but they normally last less than 1hour.  I decided that I had enough of those frizz and headed to Jean Yip to put an end to my headache.

Straight hair is still not me (at least for the time being), so after discussing with Danny, my hair stylist, we decided on soft rebonding for top and bangs, then curls at the lower part ^.^

Rebonding process~~

Spa Perm process~~
(Pics taken by my darling Danny ^.^)

The blue curlers were warm and heavy.

End result~~


Now, my hair is so much more manageable!  And yes, the lion won't take me as his wife anymore! I just need to spread some oil onto my fingers, twist my hair ends to define the curls or tease them slightly for a more natural look!

I understand that many people didn't have good experience with Jean Yip, but my experience with Danny is just wonderful and I had been with him for a couple of years.

Love my hair now!  But not sure when will need a change again, heehee.......  Women are as such, when they have long hair, they admire short hair style; those with short hair will yearn for long hair; those with straight hair will itch for curls; and those with curls will always be tempted to iron them straight lolxx.....

End of my "hair story", what's the next "project" with your hair?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Chic Fave Boutique


I went to Chic Fave Boutique to look for Jenny Liew. I strangled her neck to ask her why she needs to fight over with me for the title of "Tampines Old Belle", she pulled my hair, torn my bra and I bashed her on her face, we wrecked the boutique and then, the police came......... yeah.....

muaaahaahaaaaahaaa....... We meet had a friendly meet up, not fight ok, lolxx...

It's a super warm morning with crazy heat.  Camwhores before stepping out of the house~~

Pics with Ms Jenny Liew, founder of Chic Fave Boutique
(yes, I have put on weight, now on strict diet >.<)

Apparels in Chic Fave Boutique are imported from Hong Kong.  Jenny took pride in her apparels and models her own clothes.  Her fashion portfolio is specially taken by professional photographer in Hong Kong as well.  Her motto for Chic Fave~~
To provide quality modern apparels for ladies irregardless of profession; every women should look good.

Posing at Chic Fave's shop front wearing their apparel.

Was camwhoring when Jenny said "Look here!  Say cheese!" and she made me look very pretty in this pic ^.^

Am wearing black silk with white lace trimmings on sleeves and neckline, cute chubby angels in garden printed on shift dress.
Retail price S$129.90 (available in S, M & L)
Wearing M (UK size 8)

Another piece, green/black chiffon dress, elastic band waist with full lining.  Free size fits UK6 to UK10.
Retail price S$38.00

Last and most important of all, Chic Fave's location~~

Chic Fave Boutique
Blk 503 Tampines Central 1
#01-303 Singapore 520503
Tel: 6786 0988

姐姐妹妹们, dress up, take pride in your appearance, be confident, cos' you are worth it!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Treasure Life

This noon, one customer came.  She appeared to be very pale and lose a lot of weight.  Something's not too right.....

She did not hide, and told me she contracted cancer.  She just got married a couple of years ago and is only 30+ years old.  It was a great blow to her, nobody expect it.  As soon as she left, I let go of those tears which I fought back while serving her.  I felt so sad for her.  The term "Cancer" always give me goose bumps and fear, cos' my mother had died of lung cancer.  It's a horrible disease, the pain it brings to the patient and their family is beyond description.  After sobbing, it struck to me that through her, god had send me a reminder to treasure life.

For the past over week, I had been wasting my time with newspaper reports and negative comments on Facebook.  I was totally blinded by my own anger and it's not worth it.  Those people who are unkind to me will reap their sows.

Life is too short, I shall get on with life; treasure every sunrise, contribute my little effort to the society, continue to do what I enjoy and sharing my happiness with everybody!

Yes, make everyday worth it, cos' we won't know how many tomorrows we may have.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Faces of Haters

Before I go on into the topic, I need to voice out my thoughts~~

Yes, I am very proud of my looks, cos' I had spend money, time and effort to groom myself.  This is to make myself happy, especially when I look into the mirror.  It's not a sin.   I had never seduce any men or break up people's family.  I did not do anything immoral.

We are all human beings, no matter you are tall or short, fat or thin, whether your eyes are small or noses are big, it doesn't matter.  What matters is we are all playing our part in society; we have family and friends too.  We should respect each other, no need to love every stranger on the streets lah crazy, but be kind.

Although Shin Min had called to give me a verbal apology, but "spicy" comments are not deleted in their Facebook.  For entertainment click here!

I understand  that some of my readers can't read chinese, I'll try my best to translate ok, heehee......You all are going to love this blog post..........

Teo Chin Tiang

sorry sorry!!  anybody spill your drinks onto the screen, sorry!!

2 nasty posts of his target at the other ladies and me
Direct  translation means horses didn't know their faces are long, from far we are red flowers, close-up nothing but worms.  Pretty? Fart?  Shameless self-praise.
I rebuke, but apparently, he was too senile to realise who I am lolxxx.... blames on the different looks on my profile pic and milo pic, heehee....... 
That Keeyin also gave lame comment to join in the fun.  She posted that we are all so thick skinned that even bullets won't be able to penetrate.

I believe Mr Teo never read my reply so he continue his second comment~~

He describes women over 30 years old as rotten tea leaves and called us shameless.  I not too sure how he would describe himself who's obviously over 30 years old.

Jessie Lim

Her hobby is to post comments, sour ones lolxx....
Her comment mocks at Ms Liew.  She commented that what's so big deal about men asking her for phone number?  Tampines only got 2 pretty aunties?

She  don't have to make such a comment even if no men ask phone number from her, heehee..... but she agrees that we are pretty.

Next comment, Ms Jessie Lim said that we depended on skincare and make-up.  Not natural beauty, and that we are childish show-offs.  See, using make-up and skin care is a sin.  Is either she doesn't know how to use skincare & make-up or she cannot afford, not sure about that.

Chan Siew Kay
I "hearted" the faces of whom appears to be his spouse and his son.

Mr Chan said we were old vain pots with looks lame ordinary looks and dare to appear on papers.
1st comment from Mike Khor said that we are like old branches with withered leaves, nothing but yellow withered flowers.  Will "introduce" him to you all next.

Without looking at my previous reply, Mr Chan went overboard on his second comment targeting not me but another lady.  Direct translation:  Lame, look at her silly grin, looks as if she walked out of  Wood Bridge Mental Hospital.

Just be careful not to smile if you board his Taxi with Comfort Transportation.  He may send you to Wood Bridge Mental Hospital if you smile lolxxx......

And yup, Keeyin's on screen again, posting the same comment again and again...........

Mike Khor
Not sure if this is his face but I found it on his profile album.
He made a very digusting comment~~
Direct translation:  Singaporeans are very easily pleased.  We only have a few rotten newspapers to read from and we don't have any choice.  Today pretty mummy contest, tomorrow pretty grandma contest.  If still not happy, I'll suggest a contest for strongest sex ability grandfather -_____-|||

I think Mike Khor is wishing for such a contest, so as to prove his sexual ability!  If you are to click into this to take a look, there's even a "like" by a female reader!!!  LOLxxx....... the female reader is either screw loose or love the idea of that suggested contest OMG!!! 

And yes, that Mr Chan continues commenting below, but this time quite "harmless".

Sally Ong

Comments like Jenny Kek's are all over, just click into Shin Min Daily's Facebook for the whole lot of it.
Back to Sally Ong, she called me Hello Kitty and asked if my figure looked like Milo tin.  I too have the urge to ask why she put 2 red packets on her cheeks, heehee......Will introduce Steven Ong next.

Sally Ong's next comment: Shin Min should look for mid-age women in Geylang (red light district), plenty over there.  I never know there are plenty of of mid-age women in Geylang.  She's probably very familiar with that place, not sure, heehee........

Steven Ong
I'm guess he's an elderly man using another person's pic as his profile pic.  I don't know who's this unfortunate guy who's photo is being made use.  Steven Ong had mentioned that youngsters born after 1980 doesn't know what's hardship.  So I'm just making a wild guess.  Anyway, his age doesn't matter.  He is more "civilise" and clever too.  He knew who I'm when I made my posts.  Unlike others still blur blur lolxx........

His other comments were just mockings but harmless, I did not make any reply until this comment.  He said that I'm not that educated and is petty.  He also said provoke dragon or tiger, never provoke short women.  So he's slapping himself hard by provoking me!

I told him off that I am being verbally abused and by speaking up for myself, I'm consider uneducated and petty?  Ridiculous!

He got no balls to reply me.  After which he gave another useless mocking comment on another page.

Yen Liew
Pics taken from her Facebook.  Kind looking grandmother with her grandsons.

Her lovely posts in her Facebook~~
Translate:  Good morning and have a beautiful Sunday.  Always remind ourselves to be righteous so that we can guide others.  The big chinese characters:  Do not be too calculative, so that we can sleep soundly at night.  How nice.....

Translate:  Good morning, there are 2 things you need to bring with you, that's confidence and smile.  Bless everybody with a happy Wednesday.

Please do not presume that people will practise what they preach!!

She commented that my face like face mask, wanna puke, after seeing my face she cannot sleep at night.
So I replied:  I'm sorry.  Please take care of your health.  You may like to request Shin Min to remove my picture.  (If she did, I will be eternally grateful to her!!)

She did not realise I'm that "face mask" and happily typed in another comment~~
"If she don't put on make-up, she will go and die."

I asked her why did she finds it so enjoyable insulting me when I had never done anything immoral or harm anybody.  If I'm dead, what happens to my children?

She replied something like I deserve it since I dare to appear on papers.  Shocking right?  I don't have the print screen cos' her Facebook account got suspended.

Last of all which is the most &*^%$#@ (cos' he is beyond description) of all
foreign "talent" from Taiwan, staying at Yishun.

His comment: Singaporeans are shameless and low-class, exposing buttocks in the public etc.....

My dear readers, now, take a look at his 2 comments in regards to the unfortunate accident at Bugis construction site~~

1st comment:  Another Singapore's glory ^^
2nd comment: Interest of the country should come first, lives are nothing, just drag the bodies off, no big deal!  ^^

He ended both comments with a smiling face, god damn him!  It's a tragedy and his gloating over it!  He had also made other comments like Singaporeans are useless and many other nasty remarks in different news articles of Shin Min's Facebook.  You all go and read......

I love Taiwan, all Taiwanese I came across are nice people.  This bloody bastard is bringing shame to his own country and he is shitting in our country!  Why are we having this kind of scum bag in Singapore?!?

Ironically, those readers who are so good at nasty remarks can close one eye over this bastard's comments. They rather use their time to insult me and the other ladies who had done nothing wrong at all.  Yes, this is the last straw and I am very upset.  Upset, cos' this scum bag will continue to shit in Singapore, disappointed that nobody's able to drag him out of our country.

I wish I can slap him with my slippers and kick him out of Singapore!

The below was extracted out from his Facebook~~

Translate:  Oh Singaporeans, being betrayed but still counting money for people, so pathetic.

I seriously don't know what he mean.  Anyway, this is our country and what rights does this outsider have to comment about us!?  FUCK OFF!! and get out of my country!  (sorry, if you had been my reader, you know this is not my "style", but this time I mean it, FUCK OFF!)

Boils my blood.............

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My appearance on Shin Min Daily News

Massive negative commotion in Shin Min's Facebook over my looks when I made it to the headlines on Monday and Tuesday.  The readers are consider very "nice" already compared to XiaXue's haters, lolxxx......  at least nobody called me a whore.


For those people who called me fake, ugly and act cute, I presume you must be 100% natural without using skincare and cosmetics, drop dead beautiful at 170cm & 48kg and don't know how to act cute.  But, when I click into their profile pics and personal pics, hur hur....... I felt sorry for them, shall not elaborate, cos' they are already pitiful enough.

To be fair, I am prettier than a lot of females.   On the other hand, I had seen many more beautiful ladies too.  So yup, that place me in a comfortable "mid range".

My "opponent" is a lovely and graceful lady I have to admit.  Although she's 10 years my senior, she's slimmer and taller than me.    T__T  I'm still in the process of shedding my fats lah please!!!  This is how media works, we aren't sworn enemies as it appeared to be, it's merely a friendly match to me.  Instead of taking it in a light hearted manner, some naive readers thought that we are thick skinned and boastful bimbos fighting for a vanity title.  Use your ass and think please.....................

With more color, people complain make-up too thick,  if no color people will sure say make-up skills no good, no make-up people will say why so unpresentable.  Won't be able to please the whole world, so here's pics with

no make-up

no contact lens and lashes

no act cute

huh??  still cute?  then I can't help it liao

a monkey face

I did not rob anybody neither did I put fire on any building.  I did not insult anybody neither did I tarnish anybody's reputation.  I did not deceive readers with untrue facts; I did not do anything illegal and I had not done any harm to anybody at all.

Why hate me??

No matter how much you hate me,  my life goes on as an ordinary obasan with my hubby and kids.

My auntie called me a while ago.  In my mind I was prepared to face the music.  Before I could open my mouth and explain the situation to her, she told me:-

 "You are our good girl, always.  You are doing great and you are fabulous you know!  Never let people put you down.  You didn't do anything wrong, so you mustn't be upset.  Be happy, continue to do what you enjoy, God will bless you.  Uncle and I are always here to support you."

I felt like a baby, I wanna cry, overwhelmed......... my Uncle and Auntie love and care for me T______T

Please continue to hate me, I don't give a damn any more......... I must be the luckiest bitch on earth to deserve so much love.......