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Thursday, 5 July 2012

THAI FOOD ~~Nakhon Kitchen

*not an ad

We had drove pass this eating place several times.  What caught my attention is that there will always a queue, no matter which day or time.  We slowed down and managed to find out from the sign board that they serve Thai food.  It's location is "weird" at a corner, below a HDB block at Bedok.

At last, we found out what attracts the queue............

We order Thai coconut, which we srapped out every cm of it's flesh, nom nom nom.....

Mango salad with cashew nuts was a pleasant surprise. It's not overly sour, the texture is just right.  Refreshing appetiser indeed!

Stir fried beef slices with garlic.  Tender beef slices with aroma of garlic, YUMMY!!

Seafood Tom Yam soup, not bad, but not much ingredients inside.  Pic showing the one and only prawn inside :/

The meal sums up to $23 for 2 persons.  Good value for money (NO GST, NO service charge), decent food, although non-aircon.  Serving speed is amazing, less than 10mins.  Yes, before we can even start a conversation, all our dishes came.  Will visit again, especially on those lazy and hungry days.  Went without make-up cos' was going to visit a new born baby after the dinner (I was prepared to kiss and sniff the baby, so no make-up heehee.....)

Before I end the post, their address is here ~~~  

Sorry, didn't realise pic's a bit blur, but luckily clear enough to see the address.  Thanks for reading, bye bye!

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