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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Food Review - Aloha @ Bugis Plus

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Short post before I draft for a long one on TaoBao Review!

Spend a Saturday noon at Bugis Junction and Bugis Plus;  dashed out of the house looking like this ~~

Very dull oufit for summer, but hack I was in mad rush for lunch, totally not able to think straight with hunger bangs.

Reached Bugis Junction at around 3.30pm and had lunch (super late lunch) at the Foodcourt.  The "chap chye" rice stall (mix veg with rice) gave me one mountain of rice which was impossible to finish even for a big size man -___-|||

See........ one bowl of rice left :/  wasteful...........

After which, my must-go store will be Kinokuniya Bookstore, bought Nail Max for my customers and ViVi for myself and my customers can enjoy browsing too.

Ever since I "discover" good fashion magazines like ViVi, I never spend money on local magazines anymore. Local magazines are full of advertisements.  Never mind about that, but 80% of the advertisements are from big brands like Prada, VL blah blah blah which I'm not interested (or rather cannot afford).  The Europe fashion featured are either clothes costing more than S$500, more for runway or not wearable for asian shortie like me.  

My customers always tell me "ViVi very nice lah, but the things all not sold in Singapore :/ "  So, TaoBao exist to save people who lives in "backward fashion" countries like us!  YES!  My next blog post will be on TaoBao, heehee....... okie........ totally off topic.......

Luis went game arcade visiting, then we popped into Bugis Plus to check out what's new.  It was around 6.30pm when we spotted this place ~~

To seek "revenge" for the unsatisfying lunch at foodcourt, we gave it a try....

Comfortable ambience, with free plain water served.

We ordered pancake with banana, and when it came, my eyeballs nearly dropped onto the WHIP CREAM......

My mind went : I'm going to get fat, I'm going to get fat, I'm going to get fat, I'm going to get fat................

The whipped cream is light in texture, quite bland actually, so have to go with some syrup.

They provide (from the left) maple syrup, pink guava and coconut syrup.

We also fought over shared ~~

It hamburger steak, sunny up egg, some avocado slices with rice hidden beneath.

Pic above is enough, I need not say much ^^

At the cashier, there's this big Tabasco bottle, asked Luis to stand next to it to take pic, he very reluctant, heehee.......

Ending the post with camwhore pics of of me.  Pics taken while travelling.  If you are not sick of me, follow me @susan_wong Instagram.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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