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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bangkok 2014 Day 3

Date of travel: 19.03.2014

This blog post is a continuation from:
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Brushed my teeth, wash my face, looked damn cui, went down for hotel's buffet breakfast at 8.30am.
My sis faintz at my "out of bed" look.  I explained to her that by the time I put on makeup, fix my hair and everything, it's going to close to lunch time liao.  Exaggerate a little, but in short I just want to stretch the time longer between meals so that I could eat more!

Seated by the window, we could see Big C Supermarket and a cannel below.

Fast and furious big boats would pass by the cannel.  It's a water transport for the locals.  Not sure where the cannel leads to...

After breakkie, took about 30mins to get myself presentable.
So here's my act cute selfie with messy bedsheets and King Luis behind.

Mai tu liao, let's go out!

I had posted this on my Day 1 as to why isn't there 8th floor in the hotel.

I posted this pic on my twitter too and surprisingly, Novotel Platinum answered me!
So, 8th floor exist but a portion is being taken up as the lobby's high ceiling.  The rest of the area is staff canteen, laundry and housekeeping ^.^

Move on!

King Luis:  Mommy, stay away from the elephant, touch it and it will crash on you!  (seriously worried and paranoid).

Me:  It's not going to crash lah, you take pic for me can?  (amused, my son is so cute.)

King Luis:  Okay okay, but don't touch it! (he warned me, sounded like a big brother more than a son to me)

Me:  Ya lah, I won't touch it, it' a bit dusty behind here anyway.

Finally, here's me with upside down white elephant at the hotel's lift lobby after a mini commotion lolxx..
OOTD:  Hippo T-shirt with hood - from some shop at Downtown East, S$12 only!!
Yellow shorts -from a shop called Factory Outlet or something at Genting, about S$15
Shoes - Sketchers
Denim sling bag - Naraya

 Managed to take a pic of the cannel with locals alighting the boat!

On our way to Erawan Shrine.  Lots of vendors at both sides of the street.

Pics taken at this Amarin's Mcdonald which was opposite the Erawan Shrine.
Same spot, same pose, heehee.... Did I grow fat or old hah?

Bought joss sticks and flowers inside the Shrine 25 baht.  Previously trip I bought from one of the stalls outside, kena chopped until.....

My prayers was answered, give thanks.  Mission accomplished.

Only pic of the Shrine, with no deliberate intention of having this bra-less lady in it.
Maybe she did wear a bra, those stick-on type >.<

Pic taken from overhead bridge on our to MBK, spot my Ronald Mcdonald at the right bottom corner, heehee...

Went MBK cos' King Luis's crazy over the 5th floor of gadgets.  Bought a power bank, ipad cover and some phone cases.
Did some shopping here, but still prefer Platinum Mall, always.

We decided to catch a movie.
Ticket counter at the 7th floor of MBK.

Although I was with my son, not lover, but bought lovers' sofa seat at 200 baht each ticket.
King Luis chose a cartoon.

Went MK Steamboat Restaurant at the same floor for lunch.
People rave and rave about it, finally got to try it.

 Menu with 3D graphic cover, cool.

Cute green toothpick and pen holder.

Beef, average.

Fresh prawns.

Love spinach.

Roast duck and pork platter.
The above cost about S$24.  It wasn't bad, average I would say, absolutely nothing to rave about.  Although taste is subjective, but some people's taste buds are just too easily pleased.  Rave until I feel so cheated.

A bit more time to kill before movie, gave my son some entertainment.

For these, he fell madly in love with MBK.

Happy boy with caramel popcorn 61 baht only!

His happiness is my greatest joy, hope he knows how much I love him.

Our lovers' sofa seat!
Removed our shoes, decline back rest, coiled up, chill, shiok, waahaahaa.....

After movies ran to the toilet to save my near exploding bladder.  Stupid damn toilet was so far away that I couldn't hold my bladder and leaked.

Me:  Luis arh, I didn't make it in time to the stupid toilet and I wet my panty, so wet that I throw it away.

King Luis dig and dig from his backpack and passed me a empty plastic bag.

Me:  Huh?  What?

King Luis:  Put your panty lah!

Me:  I throw it away liao.

King Luis:  *face palm*  So now you are not wearing anything?

Me: sshhhhhhh.... *whisper* you want the whole world to know mummy not wearing panty is it!

King Luis:  But it's not safe!!!  *whisper back*

Me:  I am perfectly fine and safe!!  Although a bit "airy".. (Not as if I'll get rape right?  Who the hell will find out I no wear panty wor...)

King Luis:  Come on, let's go and buy a new panty.  How can you walk around without underwear.....

Nag nag nag nag nag..... King Luis, "forced" by circumstances went panty shopping with his mother.  It must be a tragedy for a teenage boy, hur hur.   Managed to find one with light yellow frangipani flower prints, super matchy with my yellow shorts, heehee....

This "weak bladder syndrome" continued to relapse for the next few days during my stay in Bangkok, but I was already well prepared with panty liners and an extra panty in my bag, fml.....  I know you all must be laughing till your heads drop off liao wtf.  Women who gave birth are like that one, bladder muscle weak sia.

Wearing my pretty new frangipani panty, we left MBK.

Outside MBK we saw this big tuk tuk.

We were walking towards Siam Square and saw thai boxing outside MBK.

Look at the crowd it attracted!

Wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, but we were too full.  Popcorn's fault.  So we went to Mr Jones Orphanage at Siam Centre located at the 3rd floor. 

Orders were made before we were given a table.

Their selection of cakes.

Interior was like a toy land full of bears.  Any female from babies to grandmas will love the decors.

King Luis wasn't fascinated but I know Darren (my elder son) will love it.  Wished he was here with us...

We ordered only a cake and a drink.  The waiter came over to ask "Only one drink?"  Told him yes, he rolled his eyes and walked off.  Was so stunned by his attitude!  That's all about the service.  The cake and drink turned out quite pleasant but not going come back again for any *roll eye service*.  There are plenty of cafe in Bangkok.

M&Ms and Kit Kat cake

Hot white chocolate milk
Total bill was 306 baht, don't have the break down cos' I lost the receipt >.<

Pic with Line's bunny and bear before we leave Siam Centre.

I was all prepared for shopping!!
Numerous stalls just below sky train Siam Station.   Really cheap deals can be find here.  I bought 2 belts at 100 baht, a dress at 200 baht etc....  Will post up my loots in a separate blog post ;)  King Luis stuffed most of the things I bought in his backpack.

"Just hand everything to me, dad had told me to take care of you and I will" he told me.  How not to spoil him when he is so sweet!

Pipping hot BBQ pork at 10 baht from one of the stalls.  Noms and continued to shop...

It was a bustling night market, very crowded with both locals and tourists.  I told myself to take extreme caution with my belongings.  And yet........

We took a cab back to the hotel.  When we were almost there, I opened my handbag just to realise my wallet was missing!  I looked into every shopping bag, not there.  I looked inside the taxi, not there.  I looked everywhere, not there.

King Luis:  Mummy, please........... don't scare me please..............

Me: Baby, I think I lost my wallet.

King Luis:  ARE YOU JOKING!!!??!!!

Whatsapp my sis for SOS.  Asked Luis walked to the hotel lobby to bring her to the taxi, cos' it stopped near Mcdonald's instead of the hotel lobby.  It was 65 baht, but we paid the taxi driver 100 baht to compensate his time wasted on waiting.

My son scolded me upside down between sobs....

King Luis:  How could you huh!!   Without money next few days how?

Me:  Baby, calm down.

King Luis:  You lost your wallet and you ask me to calm down!  What are we going to do without money?!?

Sis:  Luis, listen, I am here to help, don't worry.

This boy sat at the corner of the bed with both hands covering his face, sobbing as if he had just lost million of dollars in the stock market.  I am the one who lost wallet, but I had to console this young man.......... omg...

Me:  Baby, we have your aunt here to help us.  And mummy still have some money in the safe box.

King Luis:  How much you have now?  And tell me how much you lost?

Me:  I lost a few hundred SGD, but I still have a few hundred SGD with me.

King Luis: omg....... 

Me: Baby, no point crying over spilled milk, everything is ok.

King Luis:  Mummy, it's MONEY, not spilled MILK, of course cry lah.   How can you lost your wallet, I can't believe this.......

Me:  It's ok, it's ok.... things do happen, I am sorry ok.

King Luis:  So we can still eat and go shopping tomorrow?

Me:  Yes yes yes, of course, but we may need to budget ourselves a little bit.

King Luis:  Your fault!

Me:  Yes yes yes, my fault, I am sorry, I am so sorry!

My King Luis is so cute, so freaking cute that I can't deal with his innocence, his chubby face and all.  Thank god for giving this son.

I wasn't robbed, I am sure.  It's likely that I dropping it.  I think "kap" it under my armpit and forgotten about it.  Couldn't believe I was so careless, seriously.  But it was already the best out of the worst that my I/C, passports and other local cards are kept in the safe box.  I lost about S$500 (in both SGD & baht) and a credit card.  Whatsapp my hubby to cancel the card and that's about it.

I decided to postphone my heart pain over the lost till back in Singapore.  Money can always earn back, but it's gonna be tough since I don't have a stable income.  Sigh, what to do.   Stay tuned for more travel stories ba, thank you!


  1. love ur post.. i read and laugh alot... how i wish i have a son like urs^^

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Surely glad to hear that you enjoy reading this post. Hope you enjoyed Day 4 and 5 too. Thank you!

  2. I chance upon your posts while researching for places to visit (for coming year end trip) and I get hooked!
    You are good! :)) Very natural and I love King Luis!

  3. This is random but I saw your blog because I was searching my bkk posts and your blog is so funny esp conversations with your son! Keep up the nice relationship you have with him =)

    1. Happy to know that somebody out there enjoyed reading this space. Thank you and hope that you continue to support my blog!

  4. Hi btw did you pre book the day tour in sg before you depart for bangkok?

    1. Yes, I booked and paid a week before departing for Bangkok.

  5. your son is fucking spoiled. he's not being a innocent little boy. -.-
    he's only worried he has no money to spend.
    teach him better.

    1. From the way you write, I know you are a kid yourself, heehee... Be less critical, you will find yourself happier :)