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Friday, 25 April 2014

Bangkok Loots

Here are the links of my 5 Days Bangkok/Kanchanaburi (in case you are new to my blog) -

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Putting aside the "adventures" we had, it's impossible not to shop at Bangkok.  So, this blog post is basically to show-off the things I bought, muaahaaahaa.......  For those who had been to Bangkok, see what are the similar and different catches we had, for those who hadn't been, you will know how incredibly nice and cheap to shop in Bangkok, seriously.

 Day 1 was touched down - dinner - check in - sleep.  Shopping starts from Day 2,
Divide baht by 25 to convert to S$ ;)   Easy peasy....

Day 2 at Khao San

Crochet top - 250 baht

It kind of adds interest to a other wise a plain jane attire.

Shorts - 80 baht
Damn shiok and "airy" to wear at home, 凉啊凉  lolxx...

Moustache T-shirt - 150 baht
I wore it the next day.  I bring very few clothes whenever I visit Bangkok, cos' I confirm I can get clothes here.  They normally don't smell or itch, so I am fine wearing them without washing these new purchases.

Singlets - 100 baht each
 Wear them at home, market or coffee shops, heehee....

The above fluorescent pink and green are ok, while the below owl print below, being white is a bit sheer.  But it's cute, my hubby loves owls (I don't know why), so when he saw me wearing it, he was squeaking like a small boy who saw his favourite toy.
The owl is cute, but hubby is even CUTER (in my eyes ^.^)


Day 3 at MBK Shopping Mall

iphone case - 100 baht
iphone pretending to be Nokia, epic cuteness, lolxx..

Pink colored power bank (can be charged for 2 times) - 350 baht (I think)
Strawberry Cable (1m) - 100 baht

Bought 2 packs of nice and cheap school socks for my kids, it's about S$5 for a pack of 3 pairs.

King Luis' (my 13 yo son) T-shirts - 200 baht each
Material so soft and smooth that we decided to buy 3.  Later we saw the same thing at Platinum Mall selling the same price.

Moon T-shirt - 200 baht
Should had bargain for lower price, the material is not as good as King Luis's T-shirts, as much as you must have guessed, I bought it cos' of Moon >.<

Day 3 at Siam Square's night market

Satin blouse - 100 baht
Cute and crazy cheap!  And........  NO NEED TO IRON after washing!! Muaaahaahaaa....

I wore it during the trip!

Grey top with bell sleeves - 200 baht
Comfy and non-sheer cotton.   I saw the similar piece in Singapore selling more than S$30.

Worn during the trip also, heehee....

Belts - 2 for 100 baht
Pearl headband - 20 baht
宁可杀错不可放过! Which indeed, the belts were too skinny for my thick waist, I gave it to my skinny friends, that headband I don't know where I had kept also >.<

Long dress - 200 baht

Champagne bling blouse - 390 baht
I have the exact same top in black bought in Vietnam, and it was about S$30 then.  Bought this IMMEDIATELY cos' it's half the price!

Straw hat with cat ears - 200 baht
Cute and serves to hide my messy hair when I don't have time to style and blow it.


Day 4 at Platinum Mall
Shopping at Platinum Mall can be tacky, you need to spot 2 or more items that you fancy in one shop for good discounts.  So if you only find one piece you like from the entire shop, give the shop a miss, there are still plenty, 不怕买不到,只怕没钱买。  Thais are generally very soft spoken people, if they are not interested to serve or sell you, they will just turn their face away from you.  If they raise their voice or argue with you over an unsuccessful purchase, I can be 99% sure it's your fault.  Most of them are very eager to do business anyway, it's very competitive in Platinum Mall.

2 pairs of flats from one shop - 280 baht each
I don't normally wear flats, but they are just too good to miss! 

Material and workmanship for both was good for price tag, where to find such deal in Singapore?  Not even in whatever closing down sales sia!  Most importantly, they DON'T bite!

Long dress with vintage prints - 250 baht (I think)

Close-up of the fabric.

Blouse with geometric prints - 200 baht (I think)

Tiffany green and brown skirt with satin hem - 200 baht each
Yes, I wore this brown skirt at the photo earlier one.

 It's something pretty to wear for a beauty launch party or evening dinner.

Clutch bags with detachable shoulder straps, getting old, completely don't remember the price >.<  But I won't buy it if they are not cheaper than in Singapore.

The last shop I went was called HOOK on the 4th floor at the new wing of Platinum Mall.   I went crazy over their well tailored clothes, so much so that I forgotten to take down the unit no. or take a photo of the shop.  But, I will remember how to go back to this particular shop if I am to visit Bangkok again.  HOOK sells apparels with sizes, I fits into their "M" for tops and dress, "L" for bottoms.  Below are my pretty grabs........

Dress - 400 baht

Close up of the detachable brooche and the fabric.

Sailor collar top - 250 baht
Matching navy blue skirt - 250 baht

Micro mini skirt with shorts beneath - 250 baht

Peplum top - 250 baht
Tummy friendly top ^.^

Tiffany green & Pink top - 250 baht
Love the color combi.

Brooches from the 5th floor, can't remember the prices again.

Day 4 at Krung Thong Plaza

King Luis's hat - 150 baht

Day 4 at Pratunam Market

Cotton dress - 100baht
Should had bought a few more, super ultra comfortable, perfect slip on dress for weekends without looking sloppy.

Denim shorts with lace - 100 baht
I bought this from a shop (quite big compared to others) selling only denim shorts.  The lady boss measured my waist, gave me my size and it fits!  They sell from tiny 22inch to 36inch waist.  Wore it with the grey top shown on earlier photo.

Day 4 at Shibuya Shopping Mall

Surf shorts - 200 baht each

Day 4 at Pantip Plaza

King Luis gotten his Razer Abyssus [Mirror Edition] gaming mouse at 890 baht.

Although the price was too good to be true, my son said it's authentic.  I am not gamer so I took his word.
After 1 month of usage, it's still working well till today, touch-wood.


Day 5 at a shops in Big C Supermarket's building

Wacoal Bra - price range 520 to 590 baht

Beauty Buffet.

Olive Facial Mask 100ml - 200 baht
Scentio White Collagen Oil Control Facial Foam 100g - 130 baht
The Bakery Instant Aura White Body Cream with UV protection 100g - 190 baht
Blusher - 379 baht
PVC tote bag - FREE!
Love the body cream to bits.  Whitens and even out skin tone without sticky residue and it smells lovely ^.^  I applied it on my exposed arms and legs whenever I goes out now!  The blusher is a perfect pink shade with glittery shimmers which I was looking for.

That's about all, not massive, cos' as you all know (if you had read my previous entries), I lost my wallet.  Consider myself lucky to be able to do some shopping.  Since I work from home, my part-time soya bean job got uniform also, I have more than enough to wear already.  Shall restrain myself from buying any more clothes for the rest of this year.  Wish I can save up enough for another trip for 2014, sigh.....

Thank you for reading!

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