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Saturday, 23 June 2018

2N in Genting Dream Cruise (Part 2)


Cruise Line: Dream Cruise
Name of vessel: Genting Dream
Destination: Cruise to no where
Duration: 2 nights 29 Dec (2100hrs) to 31 Dec 2017 (1000hrs)
Voyage: Genting Dream from Dream Cruise
Retreat Buddies:  1 senior, 6 adults, 2 teens, 2 children, gang of 11pax


Click for Part 1

By the time I woke up, nobody's in cabin le lolxx....

I roamed around the humongous ship.

Lunch was at a better place, Dream Dining Room Deck 8.
Standard menu.

Typical chinese restaurant with round tables.

Everything was decent and the environment was comfortable.

Fully energized after lunch, we found fun at Glow Bowling Deck 17.

It's chargeable but not expensive.  Space was rather limited, it fitted in 2 pool tables.

There were only 4 bowling lanes, one of which was vandalized by...... (sigh, that race....) and had to be closed for a while.
We actually witness the vandalizing but we were in no position to stop them.  The couple threw the bowling balls on the ABCD board instead of the pins.  They also rolled a few balls into the alley instead of one by one choking up the system.  And they were giggling and laughing in the process, very disgusting.

Thankfully they left shortly and we had a good one hour.  Next activity to the pools.

Sun Deck at Deck 17, looked awesome but access was limited I think.

We spend the rest of the afternoon in the Waterslide Park Deck 20.
The slides were more thrilling than we thought, crazily laughing and screaming in and out of the slides.  It was cloudy, rained in between.  Those times we sat in the shelter and watched bollywood dance.  They were all soaking wet, dancing wildly in rain with pounding music played just for them.  When the rain stopped we continued running up and sliding down.  Pity hubby missed all the fun cos he had to catch up with sleep.

We couldn't be watching our belongings so I didn't bring my phone or camera with me.  All I could say it was really crowded, not like the above pic I took in the morning.

We had buffet dinner at The Lido Deck 16.
It was like a big canteen.  It had everything from Western burgers to Asian dishes, Japanese sushi to extensive Indian naan and curry.  I continued digging into their big fat dried oysters, trying to make the best out of what we paid lolxx...

After dinner we spent a few dollars at the Game Arcade Deck 16.

The above bo lang pics where taken in the morning.

It was just an old soccer game, but with our love ones, it became crazy fun!
I think the entire arcade could hear us lolxx...

This was shag lolxx...

Next we watched another live performance in Zodiac Theatre Deck 7.
The China talents were amazing!  I had even watched some of them from youtube, was really exciting to see them in real life!  All audience were judges and we all could vote for our favorite performance on our phone after a simple download of a app.

It's our last night, sleeping early would be a great waste.  After the old and young ones were settled, we went for a drink at Palm Court Deck 19.

The above bo lang pics were taken in the morning, it's half occupied at night.  It's very spacious with stylish and cozy seats. 

2 drinks for S$13, happy.
We had a ton of selfies, enjoyed curling up and sank in the couch till pass midnite.


Waking up was difficult, but die die had to eat the last meal on board.  Despite of the capacity in The Lido Deck 16, it was very difficult to find a table around 9.30am.

The breakfast buffet was great, but it was impossible to relax and enjoy with the crowd and noise.

Porridge again, heehee....

Love it, cos inside got clams, really yummy.

Around 11am, we were disembark from the theatre.  Almost didn't want to leave cos it was screening Spiderman Home Coming.  Till today I still didn't complete the movie.

Finally we bid Genting Dream goodbye and life went on marching towards 2018.

Selfie of the chubby author before disembark.
Thank you for reading, coming up will be Siem Reap posts.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

2N in Dream Cruise (Part 1)

Came back from Hokkaido on the 20 Dec, before I could completely clear up luggage, brought 2 small ones out for a 2 nights stay in Dream Cruise, setting off on 29 Dec.  Going away from was fun, clearing backlogs was hectic.

Personally, I feel that cruises are good for gamblers (professional or not), young children and less mobile senior citizens.  Definitely not my kind vacation cos the money paid would be more worth it going for a 4 days trip to neighborhood countries such as Thailand or Indonesia.   But it's a special retreat for my father which was very memorable to him and the 11 of us!

So here we go...............


Cruise Line: Dream Cruise
Name of vessel: Genting Dream
Destination: Cruise to no where
Duration: 2 nights 29 Dec (2100hrs) to 31 Dec 2017 (1000hrs)
Voyage: Genting Dream from Dream Cruise
Retreat Buddies:  1 senior, 6 adults, 2 teens, 2 children, gang of 11pax


Genting Dream, measuring 335m in length is bigger than other vessels I had been to.  It has a total of 19 decks of which guests are accessible from deck 5 onwards.  The massiveness excite me a little.
(This pic was taken after we left.)

First time boarding at Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

Self check-in machines like those for budget planes.

Having more than 3000 passengers boarding, crowd control was arranged by dividing people into groups.  We were given a lanyard to hang our passports on the neck.  It's great as our hands were occupied with the phone and luggage.
But the passport gotten heavier and heavier over the neck minute by minute, haahaa.... 😅

I thought the crowd control was good, letting passengers in batch by batch.  However, witness a drama cast by a woman.
  She and a few of her companions were being stopped for the next batch.  Another few who gotten in hand signal them that they would meet inside.   Not sure what's wrong with this woman, she scolded the crew for not letting her into the ship.  She started saying things like she paid so much money (as if she was the only one who paid), why service so lousy (she expect royalty entrance or what??) blah blah blah, also the crew was rude to separate them (when she was worst than a b**ch) blah blah blah.....  After a few failed attempts of trying to explain and claim her down, the crew just smile at her.  Her nasty mouth did not stop even after she was let in.  The wait was like less than 5mins only.

The incident was half a year ago but I remembered so clearly cos' she made me felt so ashamed being a Singaporean.  I also told my family members to stay clear of her cos this kind of crazy woman was nothing but a trouble pot.  We were behind her but purposely walked slower to keep a safe distant, seriously.  

We found our cabin, opened the narrow door and found the chamber maid was still cleaning the cabin.
We left the room shortly to give the stress-out maid a breather.

This was our Balcony Stateroom (Deck 8) which we smiled upon.

It's more than 20m2, with a queen bed, pullman bed and a sofa bed for 4 of us to sleep on.

There's a 32" flat screen TV, also life saving bottled water.

The bathroom with shower was bigger than expected.

The shiny stainless steel and spotless white tops were particularly pleasing to my eyes, felt thankful to the chamber maid.

The private balcony was le hubby's smoking area and I could shake hands with my kid sis staying at the next cabin.
It was really nice as I remembered how miserable it was to stay in a store-room size cabin without windows.

We hardly use our phones cos we couldn't afford the expensive Wifi on board.
The 11 of us couldn't be moving around together all the time.  What we did was we downloaded Dream Cruises mobile app where we could message each other.

We were given maps and all information on leaflets but we choose to explore around blindly lolxx....

 We were all surprised to see that the casino was in an open area.  It seemed they had a way guard against minors from playing, not sure how.

Initially, I was rather worried for my father who has to be in wheelchair.
It was a great relieve that there were 16 lifts on each deck, getting around was made very convenient without having to wait too long to get into one.  Each lift could take 2 wheelchairs.  As we wandered around, we saw many other families with wheelchairs too.  We should make time for our aged parents and cherish having them while we could.....

We were all crazy hungry before 6pm, we went looking for a "free" dinner.
The above 2 restaurants we found need to pay, so we siam.

Dream Dinning Room (Deck 7).

Immediately we regret.  We were expected more but it was almost like a house warming buffet.

The seaweed tofu was really good though, silky smooth and extremely soft.

And they had these humongous meaty braised dried oysters which I had half a dozen of them.
A bit disappointed but we had our fills.

We booked for both the shows over the service counter at Deck 6.

We walked around, enjoying the cool aircon and nice environment.

Was very tempted to buy a mermaid's tail.  It's S$42 for adult size and S$34 for children.

Look see, see look...

Keel Laying of Genting Dream on 3 Dec 2015.

And maiden voyage on Nov 2016.  I think that's fast!

Main Pool (Deck 16), was quiet at 7.30pm where most people were having dinner.

There were 4 whirlpools and nobody!  We dashed back for our swimsuits without a minute's delay!
We had the tub all by ourselves lolxx...

The big screen was playing Smurf but we had to leave for the Latin Dance Show.

Zodiac Theatre (Deck 7).

The dancers were good, but it got bored after while.

After the show we went back to cabin to refresh ourselves.  Hubby was fidgeting with the TV and found this:
We were not aware of this hidden cost until we went to verify at the information counter.

We reached Blue Lagoon (Deck 7) slightly pass 11pm and it was crowded.
Everything at S$2 was impossible to resist!

This bo lang pic of Blue Lagoon restaurant was taken around 7.30pm.

The dishes came in dim sum portions.  Not only value for money and were quite yummy.

Cheap thrill, good supper made up for the underwhelmed dinner.

After the young and old were tucked in, I leaded my elder son to "astray" at Bar 360 (Deck 6).
  It wasn't exactly best choice to chill.  The counter was cluttered with empty/half finished glasses, they went out of tibits and took forever to take our order.  However, it didn't bother, cos hubby was able to dart between the casino and the bar within a few meters.

We had some low alcohol drinks at S$13 each, listening to live singing.   We dedicate songs for ourselves and sang along though we couldn't hear ourselves lolxx...

The drink was like mild sleeping drug for me.  We gotten back around 2am and I had decided to skip breakfast for the next day, heehee....