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Sunday, 31 March 2013

XinWang Hong Kong Cafe

Hey peeps!  I am back from Genting liao and I have lots of stories to tell.  The bunch of bloggers I was with were the best travel companions ever!  Despite of all the hiccups, I gained more than I could ask for.  Hoping to consolidate the photos and videos, and get down with the post as soon as possible.

Meanwhile here's a short nom nom post on XinWang Hong Kong Cafe.

Was wearing yellow sports top from Reebok, bare-face.  
The initial plan was to go jogging with my kid sis at Bishan Park.  Just when we were about to reach, Luis called up sobbing over the phone, I asked Darren over the phone, he was crying as well.  The kids were fighting -____-|||  I was so freak out that I had to fly my sis aeroplane and u-turn back home.

Reached home, nobody was injured, *pats chest*, they merely pushed each other with a few punches.

I looked at the boys - Darren with super pissed off face and Luis with teary eyes, *faintz*.   I wasn't angry, cos' it's part of growing up for the kids and part of parenting for me.  After finding out what had happened and had to talk sense into the kids, I was totally exhausted.   Hubby brought us to White Sands Shopping Mall, a less crowded place for some peace and dinner.

Entrance of the cafe with a bright panel wall of cartoon.

Menu with their name printed so big that it's impossible to miss even if you are blind.
I lost the receipt so this is going to be a "price-less" food review, apologies.
Basically, the charges were slightly higher than food courts, quite affordable.

Was given a cozy cocoon seat.

This was not bean curd......

It's mango pudding!  Yummy!!

Ice tea (back ground - hairy arms playing candy crush)

Salted-egg buns, so cute that I wanted to poke them.

Fillings nice but not enough, I want more salted egg fillings lah!

Fried rice in perfect texture with crispy silver fish.

Fried silver fish was simple bliss :P~~

Fried tofu with sweet & sour sauce was more like a Thai dish than Hong Kong style lolxx...
Nevertheless, it was quite good.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe opens till 4am, perfect place to cure hungry bangs in weird wee hours.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
#01-14 White Sands Shopping Mall
Singapore 518457
Tel: 6583 3611

For other branches, please click into their webby :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

All Day Breakfast at Kung Fu Paradise


KungFu Paradise Presents
All-Day Breakfast Bonanza Promotion!!
Now you can indulge in your favourite breakfast dishes all day - everyday!

“All-Day Breakfast Bonanza”
available all day throughout the week
4 February to 30 April 2013
Bedok Point - #01-01, 799 Nrew Changi Road. Tel: 6242 0788
 JCube - #01-07, Jurong East Central 1. Tel: 6684 4606
Bugis+ - #01-13, 201 Victoria Street. Tel: 6884 7375

Thank you OpenRice for extending this food-tasting invitation to me, I got to try 6 breakfast meals at their Bugis+ outlet!

Here's my review :P~~

Wafflelicious - $9.90
Waffles topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, fruit cocktail and strawberry sauce
This was the awesome food presentation!   It looked EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE MENU!  I was very impressed as most of the time, food appearance always differs from their menu.  Personally I feel that the waffles weren't soft enough, perhaps too much flour in the recipe, couldn't taste any eggs in them.  The fresh fruits had saved the waffles.

Eggs Benedict with Lemon Butter Sauce - $12.90
Poached eggs sit on top of  baked English muffins that come with crisp turkey bacon, ham and a delectable lemon butter sauce.
Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomato & rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette
The turkey bacon was nice and crispy, ham was snatched up by my companions in no time too.  We didn't really need the lemon butter sauce as the combination of eggs, ham and bacon with the side dishes were rich enough to go with the muffins.  Portion of salad was too much especially when it's made up of only rocket leaves.  Will be much better if they could have mix blends of greens.  As for the egg benedicts, just look at the mouth watering pics below, enough said :P~~

Spanish Omelette - $8.80
Spanish omelette with diced capsicum, onions, chicken chipolata and topped with tomato sauce
Sides - rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette
My favourite, cos' this is the only breakfast meal without carbohydrates. 
The omelettes were soft and fluffy, diced capsicum and onion created texture on each bite, while chicken chipolata completed this balance breakfast.

This big guy towering many inches above me is Dominic Wong aka UncleTehPeng
He's only 3 years senior than my son Darren!  He's bubbly, out-going, expressive and friendly.
I wish Darren can be more like him.

Kay's Breakfast Combo - $12.80
Fried sunny up eggs, cheese sausage, turkey bacon and toasted white bread
Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette
  Nothing unique, but it's a yummy hearty breakfast set.

Croque Madame - $11.90
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich that is baked in a rich mozzarella and cream sauce, using sliced country loaf, chicken ham, fried eggs, iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes
Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Grilled ham and cheese on loaf was delicious, especially if you love pizza or cheese.
This was a very filling breakfast set.

Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs - $10.80
Croissant with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon bits and chives
Side - Cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and sautéed button mushrooms
Delicious and fuss-free, could ditch fork and knife away and gobble till your heart's contend with hands lolxxx....

Promotion Alert!
Paradise Gourmet Rewards members and ANZ cardholders order any breakfast item, they get to enjoy 50% discount on the second breakfast item of a lower or equal value from Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays).

- Promotion validity period for ANZ cardholders: 14 March - 30 April 2013
- 50% off promotion is applicable to the item with an equal or lower value
- Promotion is valid for dine in only
- Promotion is valid on Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays
- Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any promotions, membership privileges and e/vouchers

Thank you OpenRice for the hosting and Kung Fu Paradise for the treat ^_^
For more pictures click in https://www.facebook.com/openrice.sg

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sarang Korean Restaurant At Orchard Central

This post is a continuation from Chillax Market post.  Click here for the "head".  Now let's proceed to the "tail'.

Hubby and me went to try Sarang Korean Restaurant after a making a fail attempt to Kiseki Japanese Buffet :(  But well, it's always good to try new things so that I can have something to blog about.

The serving staff will dong the on metal dong (which you can see at the left side of the pic) when there's  customer.

Couldn't take any pics of the interior cos' it was crowded with people.
The interior was very clean cut without fanciful decors.

Hubby looked at the menu, found Gangnam Style cartoon pic on menu.
"Mummy mummy!!  You see!  Got Gangnam Style!  So cute hor!  I want to have the water-melon juice!"  hubby exclaimed like a 3 years old boy -__-
But well, I was actually attracted to him because of this child-like charisma in him, heehee.....

 "Compulsory"  starter came.  The kimchi was really good, they should give us more of it and kick off the peanuts.

 Spicy Steak S$32.80
The steak wasn't spicy, the sauce was, with an interesting tinge of sweetness.
The creamy bowl at the left side was mashed potato, probably the smoothest mashed potato I ever eaten.

The beef was well done -_____-  such a pity.  We finished the steak cos' the beef was really tender despite of it being well done.  It could be better if it's medium, good meat was wasted.

 US Army Stew S$18.80
It's kimchi soup with bacon, sausages, some tofu, some veg and rice cake slices.
Behold, this pot of orangy mess was damn delicious!!
It wasn't very spicy as it appeared to be, there's a interesting and addictive sweetness in it which I couldn't describe.
It's like, the more we ate, the more we want.  Never know kimchi soup can be this good.

Not a single drop of soup was left, heeheeehee....

Water-melon juice $10 (promotion price)

Hubby:  $10 is quite expensive for water-melon juice.
Me:  Who ask you to order?
Hubby:  I don't want to drink plain water lah, sigh, never mind, try try....
(sipping away merrily although complaining, 口不对心)
Hubby:  Mummy, I think it's not pure water-melon you know, you drink and see....
Me:  Yup, it's quite special, nice leh, I think $10 is ok lah.
Hubby:  But I feel funny......, is my face red?
Me:  Oh gosh, why your face so red sia?
Hubby:  I think inside got alcohol....
Me:  I thought it's fruit juice?!?
Hubby:  I thought so too.

I waved for a waitress and asked her what's inside the water-melon juice.  I guessed I was too anxious and  frightened the young girl.  She looked so scared, like I was trying to bitch a complain or threatened to make her lose her job, lolxx.  I had to repeat my question slowly explaining to her I just need to know what's added inside the drink.   Then she smiled and said " So Ju".   -________-|||  that's Korean Rice Wine.  No wonder it's $10 lah *slaps forehead*.  Scroll back up for the "Gang Nam Style" menu, it's written "COCKTAILS", but we were cock eyed >.<

Water melon juice cocktail S$10
Hubby was smiling sheepishly to himself after the waitress left.
It was just a moment of time where water-melon cocktail made it's magic.
He looked so shy with his face all red, unpretentious and a bit silly.
I fell in love with him, again.
Damn it.

So now you understand why we are husband and wife; the both of us drinks blindly.
For new readers, my drunk story is here

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope this review will bring you a smile when you visit
Heartbeat of Seoul
and perhaps heartbeat of yours :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Chillax Market at Tanglin Shopping Centre

Chillax Market was an atas flea market held in front of Tanglin Shopping Centre on the 8 & 9 March.
Precious Nail Services (which is me) was engaged to set up a nails booth there :)

All my barangs.  I know it doesn't look professional, but my polish display fits in nicely into this box.

See?  My nail polish display was well protected.  Heehee.......

Here was it!  Let me show you what's in the market!

Daaa Lah.......  They gave me a nice board banner.

This was my booth!  Cute or not?

Close-up pic.
Now, self-advertisement time:
Precious Nail Services is experienced  and had done for various corporate events.
We charge from S$200 depending on duration and location.
You may contact us by email preciousnail@rocketmail.com

Back to Chillax Market, as I had mentioned, it was an atas event.
All vendors sells mid to high end products such as art works, home decor, accessories and clothings.
I believe it's the only market that accepts credit card payments!!

The crowd consist of mainly foreigners and tourists, hardly any locals.
I had never served so many caucasians in my whole life lolxx....

Many shoppers bought themselves a glass of champagne (S$10/glass) to enjoy while shopping around.  Atas...... lolxx....

One of the vendor selling unique decors.

Aroma and fragrances.

Fine home decors.

Some apparels (not cheap)

The response for my mobile nail service was luke warm, but it's not my fault.
Area around Tanglin Shopping Centre is pretty stale compared to Orchard Road.
Self-take pic to kill time.

This is The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

I bought their Milk & Cookies to try, very yummy although a bit pricey at S$6 each.
They do cater for functions and parties.

On the second day of Chillax Market, that's the 9 March, "tragic" happened......

Tragic #1

(yes, not one, I had #1 #2 & #3)

The organiser decided to move my booth to the walk way so that it's more noticeable.
While re-setting up, I dropped my salted egg bread bun into the carpark T____T
It was suppose to be my lunch ok!!  But it became a feast for those birds instead $#%@^&

Tragic #2

There was a suddenly down pour in the afternoon.
The organiser's and my booth was literally drenched in rain despite of the roof shelter.

It was the kind of situation which open flea markets fear most.

Was all wet while helping the organiser to "rescue" they electric appliances as well as my own stuffs.

Water was still dripping from my nose at this pic lolxxx....
I send this "可怜落汤鸡" pic to my hubby so that he would pick me up without further delay, heehee.....
Drenched with dampen mood, I decided to end my day early.
By the time my hubby came to pick me up, I was semi-dry already.

Before hubby came, Tragic #3 

I walked into Tanglin Shopping Centre and went right into the gents.  I swear I did not see those male latrines, I don't know where were my eyes then.   No man was inside so I went into a cabin to loo loo.  When I was done, I opened the door and saw a man standing there shh shh-ing.  That's when I realised that the male latrines were there all the time!  I screamed "SORRY!!" and dashed out of the toilet without washing my hands sia.  He wasn't embarrassed but I was!!!  Omg...... I nearly died.  I went back to the ladies to wash my hands 10 mins later, wt*  Blamed it on the rain water which blurred my glasses and affected my vision.  Actually, I know very well it's my own blur-ness to be blame.  But I am born blur, it's a birth defect which cannot be rectified no matter how hard I try -__-

Hubby dearest finally came and we went CozyCot Retail outlet at Orchard Central to get my prize and bought some crazy sale items.  You can read about it here.  Before heading home, we had dinner at Orchard Central and  something hilarious happened (AGAIN) due to our blur-ness.

 My blur-ness + my hubby's blur-ness =  笑死人 dining experience.
Will post about it soon, stay tuned!