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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Blogging journey and my first cheque from Nuffnang

This is going to a wordy post, you may read on to understand my journey on blogging.....

There's a little story behind this blog which you are reading now.  Like a lot of bloggers, mine started off as a personal diary kind of blog, which I only update as and when I like.  Sometimes I can "abandon" it for a couple of months.  My previous provider was Freewebs and they don't provide any stats.  Well, I believe nobody reads my blog, so the motivation just wasn't there.  It's like playing mahjong without money, boring.

Most of my updates were in my Facebook.  Obsessed in taking photos, I don't think there's a day I live without taking pictures.  Took pride in organising my Facebook albums sharing lots of food pics.  I am born in the year of pig for a good reason, I really eat and sleep like one :X   Then, my appearance changed dramatically when I successful shed away more than 15kg.  I started to post hell lots of shameless camwhore pics and overly sweet OOTD which are not acceptable Singapore.  I continued to be active in Facebook but very aimlessly.

The "accidental" change happened when one day, a usual day when I was serving my regular customer, Tessa.  Chit chatting while doing nails,  she told me my Facebook updates were really exciting and I should try blogging.  "Who knows one day you'll be famous like Xiaxue." she said.  Hur hur....... seriously I think it's not possible though.  "Just transfer what you are doing now to a blog and get something out of it."  She gave me hell lots of praises and compliments which made my head swell up to at least double the size, heehee.....  Tessa was just suggesting in a causal way, but it set me thinking how to go about and I guess I found another fun way of earning some keeps!

I talked to my hubby about my interest, his reply was: "Aiyo, blogging is for youngsters lah, you so old already, who wants to read old auntie's blog...."

My sisters reaction: "I don't understand why are you want to waste time on this..........."

Without much support from family members, I went ahead to set up this blog on 30 June 2012.  Even up till now, my family members hardly read my blog or knows what's going on.  Sometimes, I need to sit in front of my lappie till wee hours to blog due to assignment deadlines and social responsibility.  Sometimes, I compare my useless blog to famous ones, feeling a bit depressed (I really can't help it).   Sometimes I read pages and pages of media information from sponsors, read until "pek chek".   Nobody knows.......

There was once I approached a beauty blogger, whom I knew from a forum and she had came to me a couple of times for nails.  I thought she's a nice person so I asked her for the contact of a sponsor.  She brushed me off by telling me she doesn't know blah blah blah.......  Karma soon fell upon her selfish-ness and that she had stopped blogging.  But I am not sure if it's for good or temporary.  Can't be bothered with her any more.

Ultimately, I found the contact myself.  Blogging is a lonely journey to me.........  Perhaps all the other bloggers are the same, they won't share their contacts with you.   I really don't know....  After being brushed off for that one time, I dare not asked anybody any more.  I am not afraid of rejection, I am just afraid to get more and more disappointed with human kind.  They made themselves to appear very noble and always claim that "I blog because I enjoy sharing."  The truth is "I blog because I enjoyed sponsors."

I don't want and won't be like these hypocrites.

In the mist of blogging about food and women related topics, I want people to know about me too and not just endless advertisements.  Blogging is sweet torture but addictive at the same time.  I feel that as long as I clear the laundry, runs my nail salon properly, spend enough time with my kids, have interesting topics to keep blabbing writing about, I don't see why I should stop.

I started out by kicking stupid Freewebs away, cos' it wouldn't allow Nuffnang advertisement panels to be inserted.  Was pondering between Blogger and Wordpress, finally settled using Blogger as the provider.

Nuffnang advertisement panels are placed on my blog and that's how money rolls into my account.  It started off with cents per day and the amount grew into dollars as I got more readers.

No matter how useless my blog appeared to be,
I managed to get my first cheque from Nuffnang within 5 months of blogging.
I had cashed out since end of Dec 2012.

HAPPY!!.....  although this cheque took more than 2 months to reach me.  Not a big amount, but it's still extra cash.  Thank you Nuffnang.

Doing nails is my rice bowl while blogging is my dip sauce.  I am loving both, enjoying both and I hope blogging will turn into my side dish one day. (forever tam chiak....  couldn't believe I can relate this topic with food >.<)

Blogging had changed my originally exciting life to more than exciting and extra-ordinary, to the extend where I am envying myself too lolxxx.........  Yes, I love sponsored products, free preview movie tickets and dining treats!  Not only becos' they are free, but becos' they chose to select my blog to work with.  I feel less useless whenever I get a blog assignment.  Cos' of blogging, I get to meet more people and learn how to socialise a bit.  I am not a shy person (in fact very thick skin), but I doesn't mingle easily, I am just difficult to crack.

Each click into my blog is valuable support; each line of comment is some love.......  Would like to take this opportunity to thank you my kind and lovely readers, thank you for discovering my blog out of goggle; thank you flower-podders for the support; thank you for choosing to read mine out of thousands of blogs out there; thank you for following me although I am not famous, thank you for reading my useless blog; thank you for tolerating my not so good English and thank you for not abandoning me for my old age, heeheee........

*sheds a emo tear*


  1. Hi Susan, I totally agree with you about - They made themselves to appear very noble and always claim that "I blog because I enjoy sharing." The truth is "I blog because I enjoyed sponsors."

    & I really appreciate that you came to attend my workshop :)

    1. I suppose nothing and nobody is perfect, so just keep looking at the bright side :)

  2. I totally agree with you Susan. Nobody is perfect.
    I'm glad I found your blog.

    1. Aw...... thank you thank you!! your few words meant a lot to me!

  3. hey susan, im really agreed wit u, u know, im start blogging as a "lonely blogger"...and now still same because im quite new in blogging world..but i dont mind if i dont get any sponsor because i love blogging although there's less in no who read it..about the blogger that you said, they're always like that..i know most of them are fake..thumbs up to u....=)

    1. Park Lee,
      Thank you! I am giving a lot thoughts about my blog, I don't know where I stand now.....

  4. i really love to read your blog, make me smile when i read it.
    and i will always read your blog ^.^

    1. Aw..... you made my day, thank you so much!!

  5. Inspiring! It's always great to see bloggers enjoy and get paid as a side reward! Keep up the good work ! Do help me out too! http://sugaspiceeverythingnice.blogspot.sg/