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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapura

Plaza Singapura had extended and the new wing is full of food retail!  
I was totally attracted by the display at Hoshino Coffee's entrance.
The cozy ambience was great for temporary tai-tai indulgence.

So I dragged my girlfriend along for afternoon tea.  Date of visit was 28 Feb, not too back-dated I hope.
Our taste are quite similar despite of our age gap.  We carried the same bag of different colors from Naraya ^_^  Both of us don't believe in absurd expensive bags which doesn't contribute much fashion sense.

It was a weekday afternoon, no queue but not much vacant tables too.

This is my pretty girlfriend :)
From her overall color theme, it's not difficult to guess which Naraya bag belongs to her.
Had to wear sunglasses indoor due to temporary medical condition.

Milk tea with double dose of milk as requested.

I didn't try it and my girlfriend wasn't impressed either.
I had plain water.

There was a time where the waitress refilled plain water for one table only, and walked off ignoring the other tables, as well as our empty glasses.  For all the restaurants I had been to, the waitress will sort of look at all the tables and refill drinks at one go before putting back the flask.  At Hoshino Coffee, it must be an extra chore for them as plain water is not charged.  I refill from my own water bottle instead, me aren't interested to wave my hands in the air like orang utan for their service.

Pardon my lousy pic for this.
Baked curry rice - one sausage sliced into half, 2 small chunks of broccoli and a semi-cooked egg.
Yes, the ingredients were so little that they can be counted.
Rice was literally soaked in curry sauce.
Like any traditional Japanese curry, it's not spicy, just rich in flavour.
The first few spoon fulls were exciting, but we soon got tired of it towards the end.

Sandwich with prawns, eggs and avocado.
As you can see, the toast was very nicely done and I enjoyed the generous filling very much.

French toast with a giant scoop of cream and maple syrup to go with.
I'll tolerate their lousy service for this thick fluffy soft toast!
Less maple syrup for me and more for those with sweet tooth.
The cream was so sinful but it's worth ignoring to enjoy life, heehee......

Mango souffle pancake with absolutely appetizing presentation.
It's lovely at sight, yummy at bite.
Soft buttery pancake partner well with sweet & sour mango cubes.

Need to apologise that I didn't take note of the prices, was enjoying companion of  my pal too much.
By the time I remembered, my girlfriend lost the receipt T_____T

From the beginning till the end of our dine, the serving stuffs weren't rude but neither did they make us feel welcome.  They were cold and robot like, lolxx.  Food retail is rather competitive in Singapore, I wonder how long they can sustain with their kind of bo-chap attitude.

It's still worth a visit if there isn't a queue, here the address-

Hoshino Coffee
68 Orchard Road
#03-84 Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6338 3277

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