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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Xndo Meal Replacement Review

I bought these load of Xndo slimming products before CNY.
I managed to lose about half kg and as expected gained it back within the first few days of CNY.

I know there are some people who doesn't gain weight no matter how much they eat.   Unfortunately, I do not belonged to this group of people.  I belonged to the group whereby swallow saliva also can get fat TT____TT   fml........

I bough Shirataki Noodles to replace rice and instant noodles.
I don't understand why people thinks that bee hoon is less fattening.
For heaven's sake, bee hoon is made of rice.

Back to Shirataki Noodles, basic cooking directions are on the package.

Each box contain 3 packets of noodles.

One packet is filling enough for me, but those who just started with dieting, it's perfectly ok to take 2 packets.  After all, 2 packets is only 6 cal.  Compared to 2 bowls of rice at 500 cal is already a huge cut.

Lazy me sometimes prepare Shirataki Noodles with fried garlic, light soya sauce, some lettuce plus an egg as lunch.

I don't know why Xndo had stopped selling meals with rice.
All meals are with Shirataki Noodles.

Vegetarian Prawn & Chicken Hor Fun with Wolfberries (359 cal)

Savoury vegetarian ingredients with sweet wolfberries.
Taste not bad although I don't really like vegetarian food.
As you can see, ingredients are very generous.

Chili Crab Hor Fun (162 cal)
It was quite expensive but I couldn't remember the price.

 The gravy was surprising delicious, rich but not too spicy.
 Only one small piece of crab meat which was on the metal spoon.
If you want to buy this flavour, need to add in your own fish balls or something -.-

Teriyaki Chicken Hor Fun (223 cal)
I bought 5 boxes and gotten another 5 for free at their promotion.

Yummy, but got more potatoes than chicken meat, 2 pieces of chinese mushroom soft and well braised.
Taste of chicken meat had improved very much compared to previously
Click here for my previous review.

Lemon Honey Fish Hor Fun (220cal)

It's sweet and sour but doesn't taste like lemon honey.
Fish chunks weren't as tender as those in Hainanese Fish Rice Flavour.
Added sambal chilli and shallots.

Chicken Tang Hoon (vegetarian 178cal)

When I saw the word "tang hun", I was expecting the familiar soft noodles.
Xndo's tang hun was QQ and chewy.  The taste was not bad but they shouldn't call it tang hun perhaps?

Beef Stew with Mixed Vegetables (148 cal)

Beef stew with carrot and potato cubes with beef chunks.
I ate this with a couple of crackers to complete a meal.
The taste was quite bland, still acceptable as the beef were tender and the veg were soft.

Tom Yum Soup (150 cal)

Don't believe the picture on the package.
Ingredients only like this ~~
I wasn't expecting a lot as the price was less than $5, I couldn't remembered how much I paid for.  While the soup base was good, the ingredients were just too miserable.  I put in Shirataki Noodles to complete the meal.  Will not buy this again >.<

The above meal replacements may not taste fantastic but are much better than those yucky meal replacement milk shakes.  At least I get to eat a normal meal in much lower cal, if I don't get to eat, I will feel very depress.

Local food are really the most sinful culprit for excessive weight gain.  I gotten a leaflet from Xndo counter which states the cal or some local meals, so just sharing here with my reader:

Approximate Calories per serving for-

Nasi Lemak:  494cal (210g)
Beef Hor Fun:  697cal (481g)
Satay Bee Hoon:  763cal (452g)
Claypot Rice:  899cal (597g)
Mee Siam:  694cal (655g)
Char Kway Teow:  744cal (384g)
Laksa:  591cal (540g)
Nasi Briyani:  877cal (488g)

So much for meal replacements for lunch/dinner, here's something for breakfast also.  I normal drink Milo ko-song in the morning, don't really take heavy breakfast cos' by the time I wake up, it's near lunch time.  I tried Xndo's Morning Goodness series cos' they were having promotion.

Mixed Mushroom Drink (122 cal)

I shaked it in warm water instead of stiring.

Heehee... I like it.  It's savoury in taste, very comforting for empty stomach in the morning.

Multi-Grain Drink (122 cal)

Taste a bit bland but I like it, it's almost like normal cereal.

That's the end of my review.
Click into my previous post on How to eat without getting fat for more Xndo reviews.
Just drop me a comment if there's something you wish to know, I'll try my best to answer :)

Disclaimer -
Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Review is based on my own experience. Product may or may not be suitable for other individuals.

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  1. Wow, wonderful post! That's quite a variety you've got there.

    Thks for coming by Luxury Haven! It was a pleasure mtg u at the last EA event at Arden Cafe. I'm actually off blogging the entire mth of Apr. Just dropping by to pay u a visit. Have a great day!

    1. Oh hoo hoo, you still remember me ^_^ Your blog is lovely, meanwhile enjoy your break!

    2. Not to burst anyone's bubble about weight losing. I wish everyone can have a decent mass , but to share with all a true story. It was about 20 years ago, I knew a health conscious person who was tip top in all facets of weight reduction program and food. He was that sort who would weigh all his food, record their calories and indeed had an excellent slim wash board abdomen. He was the ideal health and nutrient practitioner. Unfortunately, his Maker decided that he had lost his focus about the weightier matters of life such as compassion, charity and relationships. One day, the airplane he was on board burst into flames and plunged 30,000 feet into three oceans. Sigh, sign..what happened to his ware house loads of proteins, vitamins and nutrients. Who will inherit these?

    3. Yavin Bethel - Shall I stop travelling on planes then? LOLxx..... From my shallow knowledge, people inherit properties like houses or business, it never occur to me who will inherit my wardrobes of clothes either.

  2. Hello,

    Can I check with you how much is Shirataki Noodles and Mixed Mushroom Drink?


    1. Hi Mich,

      I clicked in www.xndo.net, currently Shirataki Noodles @S$14.95 (usual price) and Mixed Mushroom Drink @S$7.25 (promotion price).

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Interesting comment! I am sure your drink/shake is preserved for a long time with chemicals too. Yes, you should check out your competitor which is none of my business.

      Cut that act out, you are the seller of that drink or whatever shake.

      If you want to share good things, do so in your own blog! Have some integrity, don't stoop so low even if business is bad.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. check out their grape drink which is to block carbohydrate before a meal! think its not bad, took them before several heavy meals last time and i didnt seem to put on any weight even when i didnt exercise that time. but i think their products are a tad expensive though.

    1. Yes, I had tried their grape drink, not bad. Agree with you that it only helps prevent weight gain but not weight lost. It's more worth it to be their member (but I can't remember the purchase amount needed to join). As their member, they will snail mail you discount cards and vouchers every month! Discount ranges from 10% to 50% depending. It's ex to buy at their usual price.

  5. FOC to become member.

  6. Really appreciate your review. Noticed that xndo has launched rice meals recently, will you be doing reviews for them? Thanks!

    1. Yes, they had launched rice meals at last and I bought some to try. Quite like it! But I don't think Xndo appreciate my blog reviews, heehee....

  7. Hi Susuan

    Good detailed and elaboration you got there. Did you any any weights after stoping xndo products? Curious. .


    1. Hi Felicia,

      I didn't really stop Xndo products, still taking them on and off. Gain weight recently due to all the food tastings and my own greedy mouth lolxx...

  8. Hi Susan,

    Have u try their coffee and tea? ��


    1. Hi Mei Ling,

      Never try their coffee, but their rose tea is quite nice. One sachet makes only a small cup though.

  9. Hi Susan
    that's a lot of meals that you have reviewed! :) very informative! *LIKE*

    is it very convenient to prepare the food? as in when one is in office, the best we get is only hot water at the pantry... :)

    Other than xando, are there any other meal replacements that are savory? I cant take those shakes too. I used to go on one replacement meal when i was overseas and they had garden veggies and mushroom flavours. Really yummy and it took off some weight as well. and really easy to prepare. But in SG, all i see are sweet shakes, shakes and shakes :(


  10. Hi Susan .

    Thanks for ur review. The store assistant mentioned that u r able to lose 2kg in two weeks. Did u try that ? Just wondering what's the maximum amount of weight u lost using xndo ?


    1. Hi Patricia,

      I did lose 1 to 1.5kg per week by replacing one normal meal with xndo meal daily. Previously I lose more than 10kg taking xndo meal replacement on and off, I don't depend on it solely, I cut down a lot on sweet stuffs and exercise a little bit.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hello,
      This is not a space for free advertising!

  12. hi! may i know if the prices on the online webstore and the physical store the same? :)

    1. I am not sure, but there are more freebies in the physical store.

  13. Hi Susan.
    May I know how the Xndo Shirataki Noodles taste like? I tried other brands of Shirataki Noodles but those that I tried had an unpleasant smell due to the liquid. How about the Xndo noodles? How does It taste?

    1. The "fishy" smell can be completely rinse off with water, so no problem.

  14. I signed up their one mth plan n was shocked for 2 weeks only lost 0.5kg. Spent 500 plus but not effective. I have been following very closely

    1. Give yourself more time. For some people, the initial stage can be slow. A lot of people give up, thus weight lost seems so difficult. You will see the result if you persist, JIA YOU!

  15. Hi Susan, noted that you have loss some weight after the XNDO product. May I know the effective of the product is in reducing the kg or the fats?

    1. They are just low calorie meals. I lost many kg, but not sure about fats.

  16. I advise anybody to stop losing weight using these products because they are full of chemicals and artificial preservatives which are not good for health and they will make you rely on them to keep the weight off. What happens if you stop using it u will gain back the weight. Damn stop wasting money to harm your health and fill your body with this junk. Losing weight comes with good health.

  17. I joined the Xndo weight loss meal programme and honestly it has given wonderful results. I happen to be moving overseas soon and I have a range of unused products left which are too many for me to carry overseas.

    So for anyone who are on the Xndo programme and would like tmore products at a good price, then please contact me

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I joined the Xndo weight loss meal programme and honestly it has given wonderful results. I happen to be moving overseas soon and I have a range of unused products left which are too many for me to carry overseas.

    So for anyone who are on the Xndo programme and would like tmore products at a good price, then please contact me