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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Last day at Genting + FXmicropay Event at Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur


This post is a continuation from here.

Slept at 2.30am woke up at 7.30am T____T  Need to set off to Kuala Lumpur (KL) by 9am.

Buffet breakfast at -

First World Cafe
Level 3 First World Plaza

Very crowded, needed to queue at the entrance before entering.  But the procedure was made very swift, just present your voucher and they let you in immediately.  The cafe was HUGE with 2500 seats.

The common passageway was spacious to accommodate the crowd.

All serving counters had the largest trays and the largest portion of food I ever seen in my life -___-  I was in sleep deprived mode, so everything was overwhelming for me.  I just want a quiet corner to slumber in for a few bites, would be even better if someone could feed me.  But no one, cos' everybody was stoned.  Alan was worst off, he casino-ed till 5 6am.  Don and Angie totally missed out breakfast.  They over-slept as they were working on CNOS2 contest the entire night

Numerous bowls at milk & cereal counter.

Heaps of bread with enormous bowls of butter, jam and kaya.

Not one or two but FIVE orange juice dispensers!!  Stacks of glasses good for hundreds and thousands of people........omg............

Queue for sunny up eggs or omelette, but me got no energy.....

So, here's my 1st round of breakfast:
Less than half bowl porriage which I put fried shallots and pickles in it.

2nd round:
Curry chicken with a bit of rice.  The curry chicken was VERY VERY GOOD!!  The gravy was thick without over bearing of coconut, not too spicy, totally perks me up :D

I took a glass of warm milk and headed down to Starbucks for free Wi-Fi before boarding the bus at 9am.

From Genting to KL city took about an hour, snooze our way there.....
Bimbo camwhore before snoozing (and snoring)

Semi-formal OOTD for FXmicropay Event ~~
Wool dress with pressed threads from Pepper+

Another self-take at Ritz Carlton Hotel's lift doors >.<
See the atas furnishes behind?
Don't understand why some people can appear in black leather shorts and black stockings.
We, Singapore bloggers, are invited over to meet important bankers and management people of Resorts World Genting;
not to a rock star concert or night club.
I am not stuck up, just felt too embarrassed to sit with her.  Won't mention name to avoid cat fight lolxx....
Oh sorry, I didn't even get her name, waahaahaa......

 Check out the beautiful rest-room.

Refreshments before the FXmicropay Launch, looked so good but I was too bloated to try.

Reporters, local bloggers and Singapore bloggers on the seats.

At the launch were:
Mr Thomas Ng (Senior Vice President of eServices & Risk Management, Resorts World Genting),
Mr Andrew Sill (Country Executive of RBS Berhad)
Mr Chow Wei Heng (Vice President of National Marketing, Resorts World Genting)

Cameras were rolling

Lights were flashing.

Resorts World Genting (RWG) has engaged Royal Bank of Scotland's (RBS) FXmicropay service to enable direct exchange rates for it's iHoliday online system.  This makes Resorts World Genting the first resort in Malaysia to be offering such a service.

Mr Thomas Ng commented: "The Resort saw 3.6 million unique visitors and nearly 7 million visitors to our website annually.  The iHoliday has over 156,000 transactions per year and sold approximately 220,000 rooms nights and tickets, of which 35% are from overseas customers.  We anticipate increase of visitors to the Resort in the coming years with more attractions being introduced at the Resort and with significant presence of the Resorts World brand globally.  It is important for us to keep in the trend and continue to provide more user friendly platforms for our customers to visit our websites and make bookings at ease."

Through RBS's FXmicropay, Resorts World Genting will receive direct FX rates which are linked to the 'iHoliday' online reservation system, allowing customers to conduct instant multi-currency pricing and ultimately charging the same amount.  This enhancement will improve customers' experience where customers can browse and buy their products such as hotel rooms, theme park tickets and show tickets in the currency of  Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), US Dollar (USD) and Singapore Dollar (SGD).  This will take away surprise element that is associated with exchange rate fluctuations and conversions, making online transactions transparent and straightforward.

The online multi-currency pricing is now available at www.rwgenting.com under iHoliday booking!

After the media launch, we proceeded to another ballroom for buffet lunch.

Spanish seafood rice..... omg......

Display of desserts were so............. aw...............

My lunch plate, saving space for the desserts.

After lunch was free & easy at One Utama.
The coach was 2hrs delayed, so we got plenty of time to kill.
Not too keen in shopping, we went KTV, the motive was to access to wi-fi, heeheeeheee......

Everybody hooked on phone with wi-fi.
Alan concuss liao.

It was happy hour and the package came with food.

Don was our 歌王 of the day, he sings so well!  We were all very impressed! *clap clap*

Love this pic, I was "kiap" between Angie and Jacqueline.

Coach came to pick us up at around 6.30pm, bid our lovely 保母 JQ (PR of Resorts World Genting) goodbye and ended our 2D1N trip at Genting Highland and KL.

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