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Friday, 14 September 2012

Korean Snail Mucin Skincare

I am almost done with my BKK Part 2, but some of the photos are still with my little sis, so meanwhile, sharing with you the hottest skin care in town - products containing SNAIL MUCUS MUCIN!!

My lovely korean girlfriend bought these for me when she came to Singapore ~~

All these products are intensive care for matured skin, so they are too rich for young ladies below 32.

Oh yes, before I go on, gentle note that this is not an advertisement.  I spend over S$1.2K for all these okay.
And I think these products are not available in Singapore.  If there are, please kindly let me know where, cos' I'm hooked!

Skin care products made out of snail mucin sounds gross.  But since the products are almost odourless, I don't care, as long as I can maintain my status of being a  美魔女, heehee......

First thing I tried, Tony Moly's Snail Hydro-gel Mask.

Rubbery mask which doesn't slide down the face.

A set of mask that comes in 2 pieces,
1 covers the forehead to nose portion.

Another piece, covers the jaw and chin area.

Why in 2 pieces?  Cos' the shape and area of everybody's face is different.  In this way, the eyes and mouth holes will fit on individuals face without having to "adjust" like those one piece mask.  One of the best masks I ever tried.

The Skin Shop's Snail Vital Mucin Cream

I was expecting a tub with a normal cover.  Was surprised and happy that this face cream comes with a pump dispenser! I hate creams in tubs.  Have to go through the trouble of scoping out with a specular or digging out with nails (unhygienic).  The packaging is genius!  The cream doesn't smell like snail, it has a very faint flora smell.

Although it's a cream, it's absorbed into the skin without sticky residue.  Love it but bought only 1, *bang head*.........

Tony Moly's Snail Eye Cream

That comes together with travel size toner and lotion.

Also in pump dispenser packaging <3 <3

Slight medicated smell, transparent in color, slightly thicker than lotion in texture and absorbs quickly as well.

Tony Moly's Snail toner.  Comes with a pump dispenser also.

This is cute!  It's in thick liquid form!  All my life I had been using toner in liquid form.   So for this, no need to waste the toner on cotton pads, can just pad onto skin with palm.  It's clear in color with very faint medicated smell.

Now.......... HIGLIGHT of the post
In Korea they call these "Application Botox".
I had used another brand previously, which I had blogged about here.
The Skin Shop was recommended by my korean girlfriend which is much cheaper.

I do not have a single crease on my face at the age of 41 (touch-wood), owe it to these Korean application botox products.  I am not sure if this type of product is available in Singapore, but I can't find them anywhere so far.

This set of treatment is to be use for about one month.  The next treatment can be started again anytime from 3 to 12 months after the 1st treatment.  You have to monitor your skin's condition, once the firming effect is fading off and fine lines starts to surface again, it's time for the next treatment.

 Apply this anti-wrinkle serum follow by the whitening serum (in white tubes).
Yes, only add in 2 steps into your daily regime, to prolong your youth.

Want to be a 美魔女 like me?  Your wish is my command! I have 2 extra sets of serums which I'm willing to sell off at S$150.  Since it's not exactly cheap, I won't take the risk to mail out.  It will be safer to arrange for a pick-up at Tampines Central.

Questions or queries, just drop me a comment.  Email me at chubbyvoo@yahoo.com.sg only if you are really keen to buy.

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  1. Great review and the products seems worth the try. Hope I can find them if possible over here.

    1. Thank you! I found out that there's a few Tony Moly retail outlets in Singapore. But not sure if they carry this premium series.

  2. Hi

    Is this the same item for your total detox set?


    Would appreciate it if you can have a look...

    1. Looks similar, but different brand :)

  3. This looks and sounds really good! Since I am well over 32 myself, I would love to try it out, but I live in Europe, so no chance.
    I hope some lucky ladies will have the possibility to use these nice items.


  4. Greetings Ms. Susan,

    We read your blog about how you love TSS Snail Vital Mucin Cream, We are authorized distributor for TSS in Singapore, so you don't need to regret since you could buy TSS products in Singapore with affordable and competitive price.
    Below is the link for the particular product:

    TSS Singapore

    1. Thank you TSS. Please kindly consider bringing in the Detox Total Serum. I had been using it for more than a week and the firming effect is quite good!

    2. Hi Susan,

      Unfortunately detox total serum is not the skin shop brand, good news is my company my interested to bring it to Singapore, could you email onebeautystore@gmail.com, is there any manufacture information in the back of the box?


      Crystal A

  5. Hi,
    its really nice post. i apprentice for your post. thanks for shearing it with us. keep it up.
    obagi skin care products

  6. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the awesome review!

    I'll be going korea this dec 2012, and will be helping people bring back korean facial products at 20% cheaper than retail prices in SG! :)

    Do email me at peckyin9@gmail.com if you're looking for anything in particular from any korean brands, i'm collating people's wishlist now. If i can find those stuff at good prices in Korea, i'll put it up on my fb store on 8th Dec 2012 where you can make the official purchase :)

    You can check out www.facebook.com/TravelShopper and give it a LIKE to receive updates on the products i'll be bringing back! :) Help spread the word to your friends too! :D


  7. hi there.. can i know wat is ur review on the The Skin Shop's Snail Vital Mucin Cream ? is it suitable for dry skin ppl ? cheers