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Monday, 17 September 2012

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant @Orchard Central

We had a girls' aunties gathering at Kiseki Japanese Buffet Resturant at Orchard Central last Thursday evening ^^

OOTD ~ (very grey, heehee.....)
grey lace blouse - hand down by sis
grey gauze skirt - Taobao
suede boots - some shop from Bugis Village
fur trimming bag - Charles & Keith
contact lens - FreshLook Dailies Color Blends Gray

Long queue for the walk-in customers, thank goodness, my clever girlfriend had made a reservation,
escaped from the agony of queueing and waiting.

Big big sumo at entrance.

I reached at around 8pm, it was crowded, VERY crowded and it's a weekday's evening.
I made a round trying to take pictures and was difficult due to the crowd.
But at least you readers will get a rough idea of what's served ~~

Assorted sushi a lot more than what's shown on photo.

: P~~~~~
pic will do the talking

Cold seafood, mussels, prawns and a few scallops left, but of course they replenished again.

Fresh sashimi.

Cooked food area, with all sorts of fried udon & rice.
Not able to open up the covers and take pic at the same time >.<

Fried food corner with assorted tempuras.

Some Yakitori etc....

 Teppanyaki and grill corner with meat, seafood and vegetables.

 Sizzling hot!

Managed to take a pic of a reserved table.  Clean cut zen furnishes.

Filling up my plate with seasoned octopus and salmon sashimi.
Each bite of the salmon sashimi gives you heavenly sensation within the mouth which spreads to your entire body, yummy yummy...... damn yummy.

Teppanyaki beef, perfect with those little bites of fried garlic.

Greedy face >.<
A pot of soup which we shared.


Some pizza, cheese balls, yam balls and not sure what's those fried fingers were.

Cold prawns looking at the camera lolxx.....

All time favourite chawanmushi.

There was this episode where we made 2 orders of teppanyaki bean sprouts.  It came to our table overcooked and very salty.  As much as we hate to waste food, it was impossible to eat.  Perhaps the chef slipped out of his mind and added another dose of salt.  When the lady came to clear empty plates from our table, we told her we were sorry but she have clear away the plates of salty bean sprouts too.  Was no biggie and we continued to enjoy our meal, talking about our balding hair line, sagging breasts, forever smudging eye-liners and all the women craps..... 

Then a man who appeared to be the floor manager I supposed, came to our table. He actually made an apology and brought a big plate of teppanyaki bean sprouts for us!  We really didn't expect this....  I mean normally, a crowded restaurant like don't have time for good service.  But Kiseki had just impressed us with their customer oriented service!  RAVEsssssssss!!!

Here's our PERFECT Teppanyaki bean sprouts!
Which we finished every single strand of it =DD

Waffles, bite sized cakes and assorted jelly in mini cups to end this happy dinner ^.^

Ok, post ending, wipe your saliva and take these down -

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant
Orchard Central Level 8 (#08-01/02/3)
Tel - 6736 1216
Prices are subjected to Service Charge and any other
prevailing taxes.


  1. hey, you look fab just like last night! really nice bumping in to you and your hubby. keep in touch. ;)

    1. =D Thank you! email me photos please! Will meet again in future events, cheers!!