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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kenny Rogers @Century Square

It has been a long long time since I had Kenny Rogers.
It re-opened in Century Square recently so we decided to ride to the top most floor for it.

(it's a repeated outfit, I did not buy any clothes recently, very sad)
Lace top - Dressy
Beige Ribbon belt - TaoBao
Checked brown shorts - GUESS
Nude wedges - PrettyFit

Open concept

Cash counter decoration, with red lamp shades using glass bottles!

Mirror panels with one whole stretch of sauces/salt/pepper...

Wall decor

IBC root beer, taste better than A&W's, but it's $4..... pocket and heart bleeds......

Muffin!  I miss their muffins so much, yummy-licious......

 Side dish - cheese macaroni

 Mixed steam veg

 Whipped potato

The 3 of us shared half chicken and ribs.
The chicken is somehow not as good as before, I don't know what's missing.
But the ribs are good!

 The correct way to eat grill chicken and ribs is to use hands.
So shiok to lick my fingers...... my entire family used hands.
Other people at other tables were using knife and fork, displaying good table manners.
But I am very sure that they were having a hard time with lots of  "meat wastage".
I was like............
why make life so difficult for yourself especially when you paid for it!?!
You eat crabs with hands right?
You should do the same with ribs and grill chicken, heehee......

I was so proud of my zero wastage, super clean rib bone that I took a pic lolxxx....
This "clean effect" can only be achieved by eating with hands, ok?

Overall it's a nice dinner.
Next to Kenny Rogers is Gurney Drive which serves Ipoh dishes which we'll target the next round.
Where will you be having meals with your family this weekend?


  1. wa! looks amazing! http://bit.ly/P3PVvN

  2. laila - you mean the way I suck the bone clean? lolxx....