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Thursday, 30 August 2012

SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex

*Sponsored Review

Hello everybody!!!
I look sleepy?  Cos' my eye make-up is not complete >.<

Gonna use SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex to complete my look!

Can you believe this liquid liner effect is done using pencil liner?!?
Look at the defined "tail" of the liner.  Chio leh..... 

No more fidgeting with liquid brush;
No more accidental spills of black liquid over fingers.
Easy control and glides over the eye lids smoothly, thanks to the gel formula.
If you can write, you can draw a perfect eye liner with SANA's Gel Pencil Liner!
Easily, seriously.

Put on falsies and my kawaii look is completed!
Notice the great difference with and without eye liner?
Scroll up to see the 1st pic again!  lolxxx.......

Wore it for 6 good hours and it did not smudge at all.

I'm totally in love with this!
No wonder gel liners are getting popular in Japan!

Gentle note to users that SANA Gel Pencil Liner is non-retractable.
So, just turn out 1 or 2mm to prevent breakage of the lead when using ^.^

Impressed?  Grab yours from Sasa, BHG, John Little and selected Guardian stores

For more information log onto

Thank you SANA Singapore for sponsoring!

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