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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Coffee shop Thai Food - Sukho Thai

My entire family is "suffering" from pre-travel blues, we are scrimping on every expense, so only hawker or coffee shop food these days :(

So, here's our economical dinner ~

Sukoh Thai at Blk139 Tampines St 11, a stall at a coffee shop

 Clear Tom Yam Soup, spicy like hell, my lips was burning!!
If you aren't a spicy taker, order their Red Tom Yam Soup which is more mild.
Yes, clear based Tom Yam is always more spicy!

Sambal kangkong taste sweet, maybe too much sugar, but was tasty. 

Curry Soft Shell Crab!!
Fried crabs coated with egg, very crispy, curry sauce was thick and the aroma just lingers in the mouth.

Tapioca in coconut sauce

Their "waiting tags" are in alphabets instead of numericals.
Reciept for you guys to judge if it's worth it.

Tomorrow's post will be something good, stay tune!

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