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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Gardens By The Bay (Part I - Day veiw & Flower Dome)

You must be thinking this is gonna be another lame blog post on Gardens By The Bay (GBB) as you may had seen thousands of pics in your Facebook.

But NOPE, I'll bring you into the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest as well!   I have got so much pics that I need to "separate" my GBB post into Part I and Part II  >.<

As ususal, camwhore while on my way to GBB.

GBB is divided into 3 sections -

Outdoor area
(Free admission, but if you like to go up the OCBC skyway it's @S$5 for adults/senior citizen & @S$3 for child)

Flower Dome & Cloud Forest
 (Entrance fee for both sections - adult @S$20, senior citizen @S$15, child @S$12)
10% discount for NTUC members!
TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!  Read on and you'll agree!

Typical pics of GBB at Supertree Grove

Am wearing tunic dress with lace shorts beneath both from TaoBao.

Ticketing booths with long queue -_____-|||

 They have another ticketing counter at the right hand side which seemed temporary, accepting cash only.  The queue seemed shorter but it's slower compared to the main ticket booths on the left hand side.
We knew cos' we queue at both counters :X
See my sis grabbing her botak head in despair lolxxx.... (at the right hand corner of pic)

Finally gotten the tix, but the below pic was taken when I reached home, at that point to time too busy leh.....

Pics taken before entering Flower Dome ^^
Got bitten by wooden alligator...... okay, lame.

Wooden lions

Exploring of the world's largest columnless greenhouse, Flower Dome begins from here....

This is only part of Flower Dome, the area is much bigger than this.

柳叶青青,佳人卿卿。(Green willows and me)

距离美  (Distant fondles)

Real flowers so brilliant that they looked fake.

 T____T so beautiful that I forgotten I'm still in Singapore.

Had never expect to see beds of flowers like this in Singapore, I so so so very the happy T__T


Ignore my eye-bags in this pic, I don't know where they came from...., look at the HUGE hibiscus!!!

Another freaking huge hibiscus bigger than my hand.

Pics of some weird looking unknown flowers~~

Pic taken with wooden jumbo after leaving Flower Dome

Will continue to blog about GBB's Cloud Forest and sharing with everybody nice night view pics.
Hope you guys enjoyed the photos ^^


  1. Looks magnificent! Have always wanted to go there but my friends are all put off by the price we have to pay to go in.... maybe one day i'll have the chance... the flowers are soooo pretty!

  2. I understand that a lot of people is put off by the price...... It's like "Flowers only what? Why do I need to pay so much just to see flowers??"

    It's not just a few pots of flowers, it's like one sea of them!! Some plants are rare and the cool temperature makes the whole experience more than wonderful. Stay tune for my next post on Cloud Forest, it's an unforgettable experience ^^