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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Food Review - Mellben Seafood Pte Ltd

First, camwhore pic of me wearing Nike without make-up.  This was a better pic of me before the badminton session.  After the game, I was (slightly) smelly with my hair messed bun up.

Reached this eating place around 4.30pm after a badminton session.  The English and Chinese name of the restaurant doesn't "tally" at all hur hur......  As you can see from this pic below, the restaurant is situated below a HDB flat.  Initially, they started off as a normal "Zi Char" with a stall at the corner of the coffee shop.   Slowly, business grew and they took over the entire coffee shop, muaaahaahaaa......

Grand entrance to the non-aircon restaurant.

Well ventilated with ceiling fans.

Crab shells as decor along the wall.

Even the toilet entrance is grand lolxxx...

One whole panel of shells with autographs from local celebrities.

青龙菜, direct translation will be "Green Dragon Veg"  It's nice and light.

Sweet sour pork, a normal dish for my picky son who doesn't eat crab.

Fish slices bee hoon with a wonderful milky soup base.  According to my sis, it tasted the same as crab bee hoon except that fish slices is used.

This is crab with salted egg and it's finger licking good.  We were merrily sucking and licking the salted egg, chewing onto the juicy crab meat, with our eyes on the next table :X

Our neighbour table was having chilli crab with a generous pool of  thick chilli gravy and a mountain plate of golden buns to dip with..................... omg....... We almost wanted to make an extra order of the chilli crab!

Doing this blog post is making me hungry, damn it.....

This is certainly one of the best place you can count on if ~~
* you are staying around Ang Mo Kio;
* you need crabs, they have plenty of cooking methods for you to chose from;
* you need good food, but too lazy to dress up to those atas restaurants;
* you want to give elders a treat but they aren't too comfortable with posh restaurant ambience;
* you need early dinner around 5pm or late dinner after 8.30pm;
* your hobby is to queue (if you walk-in from 6pm to 8pm).

For those who had been to this restaurant, kindly leave a comment and let me know what other dishes would you recommend.  I will definitely visit again!

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