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Monday, 6 August 2012

My Daily Skincare Regime

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Most of us do not have perfect features, but if we have good skin, we'll win the "battle".

We are all human beings and will grow old one day, we will talk about "Age Gracefully" when the time comes, like this lovely old lady above.  I won't mind wrinkles and sags when I'm old (enough), so long as I'm kicking and alive to continue to enjoy life!  But, for now I would like to retard ageing as far as possible.  If given a choice, I am 101% sure that everybody would like to look young right?  Ok, except for teenagers who can't wait to grow up and prefers to look more mature..... yup.

I had realise that people preaches "Age Gracefully" cos' they knew had lost it, creams and whatever facial are just too late and they couldn't afford botox or any plastic surgeries (oops....... too bad!).  Yes, I had often been criticise for taking good care of my skin.  I have no ideal what's wrong with those people.......

伊能静 Yi NengJing Taiwanese singer
44 years old
She's my role model!

And me at 41 years old!

Now, will share my skincare! I have combination skin with oily T-zone, I'm basically "thick skinned", not sensitive, which allows me to try on different products  ~~~~

Tubs and tubes I use daily in mornings all numbered in sequence
(I didn't know I use so many things till I decided to do this blog post >.<)

1) Cleansing foam (Korea) - I don't normally use expensive cleansing foams in mornings.  I just need something mild and I love them all from Korea, any brand.

2) Herb Day Cotton (The FaceShop - Korea) - Cleansing wet wipes with mild exfoliating effect. Contains Tea Tree.  I use it to wipe my face and neck briefly, concentrating on my oily ears (inside out) :X  Yes, I got oily ears, if I don't clean them I'll get black heads on my ears >.<

3) Silky Coat Mask (Japan) - It's a wash off mask which whitens and refines skin.  This is my secret weapon which I had been using for more than 5 years (now no longer secret...).  It can be applied daily on the entire face including eye areas.  It helps a lot on my dark circles and freckles.  Will skip this if my morning is too busy or overslept, heehee......

This is a new tub, it's very pale pink in color with faint fragrance.

4) Phyto Reverse Lotion (Blanc de Blanc - Switzerland) - Was instructed my facial salon to replace this with normal toner.  It's stated on the bottle that it promotes regeneration of cells.  I feels that it controls oil sebum and reduces clog pores.

5) SES corrector gel (USA) - It's a anti-bacterial cream, which I just spread thinly over the face.  If I get a pimple, I'll just dot on more with it.

6) & 7)  Lendan Vitamin C eye gel (Spain) - I don't apply my eye gels with fingers.  I use this little silver device to apply so that it penetrates better.  Roll roll in circular motion about 30sec each eye.  I looked weird in this pic cos' I'm short-sighted and I was clicking onto the camera blindly without knowing where to look at.....  and errr.... I was naked, but not for your eyes heehee.......

8) & 9)  Lendan Matifying Moisturiser & Blemish Corrector (Spain) - Keeps my face moisturised without getting too oily.

10) Lendan SPF30 - Will apply this sunblock if I need to step out of the house without make-up.

My 3-steps to remove make-up

1) Herb Day Cleansing Wipes (The FaceShop - Korea) - Makes removing make-up a breeze, had used up dozens and dozens of it.  Had yet to find another wipe better than this!

"Divide" my face into half, right side cleaned with the wipe.

Used cleansing wipe which you can see my pink lipstick and a bit of dark brown eye-shadow ;P
Can't see blusher, probably the color I used was too light.
Just with the wipe itself, more than 90% of the foundation is being wiped off.

2) Hydrating Cleansing Milk (Methode Swiss - Switzerland) - I find it very gentle and soothing, cleanses the last trace of make-up without drying the skin.

3) Korean cleansing foam - Just need it to bubble up, splash my face with water and I know my face is 101% clean^^

Before bed time

1) Dermedex - Non-foaming cleanser which I will massage light over the face and leave it for about 3mins before washing off.  It's very deep cleansing, I used to have breakouts very often, this is the one that eliminates all those zits! 

2) Toner (Methode Swiss - Switzerland) - alcohol free

3) Eye gel (Lendan - Switzerland) - more concentrated than the one I use in the morning (meaning more expensive also T__T)

4) Global Age Delay Cream (Lendan - Switzerland) - This 50ml tub cost about S$240 T____T but it's VERY GOOD!!  Instant result on the next morning.  My face feelings like it has springs in them lolxx....

5) Duo Sleeping Serum (Korea) - 2 serums in one pump, yellow color is for whitening and light blue is collagen.

6)  Neck cream (The FaceShop - Korea) - I use it not only on my neck but also spread them on my arms :P

Other then my morning mask, I will apply another mask either in the afternoon or before bed-time.  At the moment I have 2 wash off masks - Soya Bean Firming Mask (The FaceShop -Korea) and Collagen Mask (Lendan - Switzerland).

I had stock up plenty of paper face masks too.  One of which is My Beauty Diary from Taiwan.  The pretty packaging is simply too attractive!

I won't say it's fantastic but it smells nice, gentle on my skin and skin feels supple after the mask.  I'll pour out the excess liquid from the packaging and spread it all over my arms and legs ^.^

15 days Intensive treatment which I bought from Korea, each set is about S$300  T___T  Expensive like hell.  The sales girl called this "Application Botox".  I do not have any wrinkles to start with, but true enough, my fine lines lessen after 1st week of application and by the 2nd week, my face is smooth like baby's butt!

These 3 little bottles of Cell Repairing Serum last me longer than 15days though, very concentrated.

One tube per day, they looked like eye-drops lolxx...
It's recommended to use 1 box per year.  This is my second box which I'll be starting the treatment in a few months time.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to find another similar product locally to replace this.  If any kind soul out there knows where to get similar product in Singapore, PLEASE drop me a comment!

Another secret weapon of mine ~~ Firming Ampoule (Lendan - Switzerland).  It's freaking more than S$10 for per tube of 1.5ml, each can be use for 2 times.  I use it before my make-up.  It says "Instant beauty with firming effect" on the package.   They should just change it to "Instant firming effect beauty guaranteed", seriously.  Not only does it has magical firming effect, make-up finish is smoother and it last longer too!

So now you all know, beneath my BB cream/foundation, I actually have this........... >.<

Phew.............. I know my "load" of skincare looks massive to some people, but according to my Korean girlfriend, this is normal in Korea, every girl of any age is doing the same or perhaps having more complex routine than me ;P

Meanwhile, I am looking for those kind of hand held device with lights to prevent wrinkles and also for better absorption for skincare.  The price ranges from $300 to $800, cheap ones doesn't look too good, and I couldn't bare to pocket out $$$ for those better ones.........sigh....... and I had been hunting around for more than half a year -____-

世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。(common chinese idiom meaning there's no ugly women in the world, only lazy ones).  But my version is - 世界上的丑女人,不一定是懒女人,只是不懂得照顾自己罢了。(Ugly women may not be lazy ones, they just may not know how to take care of themselves, that's all). Agree?  Any questions on the products, just drop me a comment ok?


  1. Hi

    How much and where did you get the Silky Coat Mask and the beauty flash? I am particularly fascinated by the mask!

    1. Gotten both from my usual facial salon at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. I don't have the actual address, only know how to go there. Silky Coat Mask was S$108 for a tub of 120g, Beauty Flash Ampoule I think is about S$12 per tube can't remember, cheaper if you buy the whole box. You can call Josephine 6453 3826. Both are amazing products which I hadn't find anything that performs near them yet.

  2. HI,

    HOW MUCH and where did you get the Phyto Reverse Lotion (Blanc de Blanc - Switzerland) , can i get it in singapore?

    1. Bought it from my usual facial salon at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. It's slightly more than $100 but not sure of the price. If interested, you can contact Josephine 6453 3826.