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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mellben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio

Date of visit: 08.09.2013

Didn't intend to post about Mellben again as I had blogged about this seafood restaurant some time ago HERE.  It was a pleasant experience then.

While the food tasted as good as previously, the dining experience was totally dampen before we started eating......

We reached Mellben at about 5pm.   Was relieved that lots of tables were available, in fact only less than 5 tables were occupied.

However, there was a snake queue of at least 30 pax ahead of me.  Not knowing what's going on, we joined the queue.

We queued for more than 40mins, not because they have no seats, they have PLENTY OF SEATS I mind you!  They made us queue deliberately.   They wouldn't allow customers to sit down when there were empty tables available!  Don't ask me why.  Paying customers were given "standing punishment", I know this is absurd, I couldn't believe it either.  See for yourself the above 2 pics with empty tables.  These empty tables were left empty for more than half an hour.  On the second pic, the table at the bottom right was not occupied, seated there was my old papa with weak legs.

The lady queuing in front of me exchange head shakes with me in despair too.  She was very disappointed with the service and treatment Mellben rendered as she came a long way by cab.

The more I looked at the empty tables and chairs while standing until my feet ache, the more pissed off I became.  Wanted to leave but my sisters were already on their way.

I do not expect queen service, but I don't think this is the way to treat your customers.  To add on, the service staff taking orders wasn't rude but no where near polite either.

There's no lack of seafood restaurants in Singapore, seriously.

This is probably my best recommendation ever for those who loves to queue.

* Some people aren't happy with this blog post, clarification at http://susanwong.blogspot.sg/2013/10/my-blog-my-views.html


  1. That's bad. Maybe they purposely make customers queue so ppl will think they are very famous and have alot of business.

  2. Like finally! Good one Susan! It's HIGH time bloggers start blogging right! 99% are like paid advertisements. Cheers

  3. Hm.. I also blogged about good and bad experiences on my blog. Nothing wrong unless we are lying about it to defame a place.