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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My blog = My views

My previous blog post about Mellben Seafood AMK's service had gotten some unpleasant commotion at my Instagram @susan_wong.

I believe you guys had gotten all the FACTS that you all demand from me, clear enough through ggabsng's replies.

Empty tables are empty tables, as simple as that, they ARE NOT reserved tables.
Mellben don't accept reservations on weekends.

Although being accused, I'll be a laughing stock if I were to squabble with someone so many years my junior.
But I hope the air is cleared now.

This is my blog with my views which I do not expect everybody agree.
I am responsible for the contents thus I won't fabricated stories.

Through this incident, does it ponders what's purpose of having a blog?
Why blogging becomes what it is today?  Only positive reviews are accepted?


  1. hmm... if it's all positive, that would make any post look more like a sponsored review.
    it's good that you shared your experience, the rest is up to us individual readers to experience for ourselves and of course, for the various services to work on their service.

  2. Totally agree with Xinyun. Personally I have encountered bad experiences at Mellben. Was quite disturbed reading Susan's Instagram with a Maybeline wanna be too.. But hey! small girls do behave that way. So Aunt Susan, you are definitely wiser not to flock with young chickens. Keep blogging your tots!

    1. Thank you for your understanding too :) Feels warming that you called me Aunt Susan, I like it, heehee.....

  3. Hahaha..and the LJB guy had to speak his mind too! Talk cock sing song!!! You have my support babe

    1. I actually thought people would chose to stand at the pretty young popular blogger's side cos' I am just a nobody. Thank you, really ^^