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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pies & Coffee


When I received the food tasting invitation from Pies & Coffee (P&C in short) at Rochester Mall,  I wasn't too excited initially.  I am not a coffee drinker, neither do I fancy pies.  Most pies are messy with thick flasky crusts and mushy fillings with too much salt and pepper.

Little did I know that an unique experience was waiting for me............

Tucked at a quiet corner at Rochester Mall, P&C was found in 2011.
They specialise in pies and coffee, the cafe's name says it all!

With clean and uncluttered furnishes, this little cafe welcomes you with aroma of coffee and warm fragrance from the oven.

The pies looked all the same to me in the display, nothing fascinating.  They were all in beautiful golden color but was impossible to judge the taste from their appearance.

When pie tasting began, the pies revealed their fillings and charm, one by one
Sausage Potato & Spinach Pie S$9.95
The pie is made of short crust pastry, it's buttery and really thin as you can see from the above pic.
Generous chunks of flavourful sausages with spinach was a great combi.
Never know a pie can taste so GOOD!!  Oh gosh, what had I missed out these few years!!
Oktoberfest Promotion:  Grab any bottled beer at $7.00 with any purchase of this OCTOBER PIE!!

Salmon & Sweet Pea Pie S$9.95
If you like salmon, this pie with loads of salmon in juicy cubes is for you!  The subtle taste with natural sweetness of salmon took my heart away effortlessly.  Just when I was so "drown", another awesome pie came to the table.....

Santa's Chicken & Turkey Ham Pot Pie S$9.95
Delicious.  FREAKING DELICIOUS!!  The scrumptious filling was highly addictive.  Softness of the potato bonded with tender chicken pieces; turkey ham added a magical punch to the taste.  Each mouthful of this pie sends my taste buds paradise...........

I realised that women are like pies.
Do not judge by their appearance, you may be surprised by what's inside ^_^

Pie & Coffee's surprises didn't stop coming..........

Laksa Shepherd's Pie S$10.95
Yes, no typing error, it's a laksa pie and  I know it didn't look like a traditional pie.
Introducing a fushion of western pie with eastern laksa!!!
  I took a instavideo which died on me, after which I gotten impatient and ate everything without taking a pic of the amazing laksa filling >.<  But I can tell you, beneath the parmesan cheese top, were delectable fish chunks, scallops and prawns swimming in thick spicy laksa sauce!  Too good, just too good..........

P&C had successfully convert me into a pie lover.

All along, I thought pies are just for tea/coffee breaks.  But P&C had upgraded theirs as a complete meal with their pies baked in a nice portion which ensures satisfactory fills.   Each order of golden pie comes with fresh greens for balance nutrition.  Order your favourite coffee to go with a pie is just perfect to energize yourself for the day!

Letting out a little secret...........
The talented chefs in P&C are rolling up their sleeves in the kitchen for X'mas!!

Was honoured to taste these X'mas treats before they are officially launch in Nov.

Check them out!

Pies & Coffee Pte Ltd
35 Rochester Drive
#01-02 Rochester Mall
Singapore 138639
Tel: 6570 0080

232 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437020
Tel: 6342 1667

200 Turf Club Road
The Granstand
Singapore 287994
Tel: 6463 5573

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