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Monday, 30 September 2013

Vintage theme eatery - Sinpopo

Date of visit: 12.09.2013

I was in my best mood after a great foot massage at Foot Haven.

Hubby came to pick me up for dinner ^.^
I will be happy even with bread and water as long as he's by my side.  Mushy max I know, heehee.....
Okie....... back to reality, I want LOVE and BREAD GOOD FOOD!!!

Strolling down Joo Chiat Road, we chanced upon something *new* but old.
It was quite empty for dinner time.....

At the entrance was a vintage TV, used to see this type of TV in households when I was a primary school kid.

I hate stools without back rests, but still sat in for a quick bite.

Besides the vintage interior, the eatery played songs from 50s to 70s!
Hubby and me went super "high" lolxx...

Black plastic records and covers as wall decor.  Very young then, I would watch the black round disk went round and round on the player but never understood how sound came out from it.  These got phased out eventually and were replaced by tape recorders when I was in upper primary.

I felt like a small child all over again when I saw these switches.  My old house at Toa Payoh used to have these.....

I was enjoying too much with photo taking lolxx....

 Very simple and clear menu, not much to chose from though.  They serve local food which we are familiar with.

Tick your orders........... and ..........

...... place your orders here :)

 Nasi Lemak S$8.90

Lo Gai Yik S$8.90
Lo Gai Yik is a cantonese translation meaning braised chicken wings.  But pork ribs were included too.

This was special as it was my first time trying out this dish.  Both the chicken wings and pork ribs were tender in soupy gravy.  The unique saltish taste of fermented bean was very distinctive.
 It's either you hate it or love it.

Ice Ball S$3.90

It's ice kachang in a ball instead of a mountain of shaved ice.

The colorful ball was topped with crushed peanuts which added taste and cuteness to the overall presentation.

Le hubby made a small opening, "exploring" the mysterious ingredients inside, which leaded to an "argument" between us later............

Me:  Oh!!  Inside got ingredients one arh?

Hubby:  Ya lah, if not just colored ice not worth the money.

Me:  What's inside huh?  (I did not wait for his answer and chopped open the ball with the metal spoon.)

Hubby:  AIYOOOOOOOO!!  (He sounded as if I just chopped him into half -____-)  Why you break the ball?!!!

Me:  If I don't break it, how to eat?!?

Hubby:  Eat slowly mah!  Now no more ball already.......... (He looked like a small boy whom's toy was broken or something LOLxxxx...).

Me:  Anyway, the ice ball will melt in a matter of time right? (I was trying to console him but I guess my tone wasn't kind enough >.<)

Hubby:  Aiyoooo....... (He looked so sad, but I just wanna laugh lolxx......)

How can he be so incredibly cute!!  The little boy in him never grows up after all these years I had been with him...... I am insanely in love with this childish charisma in him.

So, this was how the broken ball looked like.
Generous amount of soft sweet red beans flowing out like lava.  There were grass jelly (cin cao), pearl jelly and nata de coco too :P~~~ This dessert was more satisfying than the mains and became the star of the meal.

We had only tried 3 items, probably you may like to try out the rest!

Sinpopo Brand
458 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427671
Tel: 6345 5034

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  1. Ohhh!!! This restaurant looks so cozy~ <3 And the food looks really delicious!

    Thanks for this post!

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