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Thursday, 5 September 2013

VanityTrove Gatsby + 50% off VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Box


Was browsing Vanity Trove's web site and saw something perfect for le hubby and my two adolescence.  This exclusive Vanity Trove reached my door step on the 3rd day from my checkout ^^

Vanity Trove Gatsby S$15.00
It's in a royal purple box instead of the usual "drawer box".

 Opened up with 5 Gatsby items.
Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper (3pcs in packet)
Gatsby Facial Wipes (5pcs in packet)
Gatsby Styling Gel Super Hard (30g)
Gatsby Nano Million Scrub (50g)
Gatsby Acne Care Foam (50g)
Gatsby Perfect Scrub (50g)

I am keeping the body and facial wipes for Darren (for his camping) or his daddy (after sweaty outdoor activities).  The hair gel in travel size is great for hubby for our coming overseas vacation.

So here's my reviews for the 3 facial cleansers.
(Female blogger review on male skincare products was made possible with her family of an old man and 2 teenage boys, heehee....)

Gatsby Facial Wash - Acne Care Foam on Darren (15 years old)
Darren has got pimples which he didn't bother with.  I'll have to nag or drag him to the basin to wash his face.  The task was made easier when I told him I got a new cleanser for him >.<  It's foamy with a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Gatsby Facial Wash - Nano Million Scrub on Luis (12 years old)
Luis adopted the bo-chap attitude from his brother, I washed his face and he gave me a funny face lolxx..  Nano Million Scrub has got very fine grains which are gentle on his young skin.  Same fresh citrus fragrance as Acne Foam Care.

Gatsby Facial Wash - Perfect Scrub
Like the other 2 facial wash, it's white in color except that it has got blue colored grains in it.  I tried Perfect Scrub on my hand, the grains are coarser compared to Nano Million Scrub.  Love the refreshing and sparkling citrus fragrance.  I suppose it may not be suitable for my kids' young skin but it's perfect for my old man's thick skin ^_^

I believe it is quite brain wrecking when it comes to getting a present for a male friend.  VanityTrove Gatsby may be a nice little gift which ends your headache.  This exclusive Gatsby Trove for men made my boys happy, it's gonna make any guy who receive this happy too ^^

Vanity Trove Gatsby is yours at S$15.00, you may click in to order at https://www.vanitytrove.com/p/vanitytrove-gatsby


Readers' Perks!!
50% OFF VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Box
(from 30 Aug - 16 Sep 2013)

VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Box usual price S$30. 
Now you can get it at S$15!!!
Image from https://www.vanitytrove.com/

The beauty box is jam-packed with award-winning products featured in the Cosmo Beauty Grand Prix 2013!  Selection of beauty items consisting of full-sized and sample-sized products worth over S$80,  way more than what you are paying for! 

Nice right? GRAB YOURS!

Here's how:

1) Purchase 3-month VanityTrove Membership,  click HERE.

2) Purchase VanityTrove Cosmopolitan Beauty Authority Box, click HERE.

3) Enter code VTCosmo13 upon checkout.

4) Your beauty box will arrive within 7 working days!

Make your order now, or get jealous when I post up the review once my Cosmo Beauty Authority Box reaches me, heehee......

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