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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lao Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken 怡保老友芽菜鸡

Date of visit: 04.08.13

August was a busy month for me.  Precious Nail is running a promotion (ending soon) and the biggest challenge was to cope with my own pair of hands. They had been suffering from allergies from the chemicals.  They would be red and itchy, but would subside over night, then comes back again whenever I do nails, job hazzard....

Blogging is another love and hate.  Each time when I thought I am a non-existing blogger, a nice invitation would popped in.   Attended a couple of events, plus a NERL trail,  my old bones shattered all over the ground liao lolxx....

Picking up my old bones back into places, here's a short nom nom review:

Trying out Lao Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken 怡保老友芽菜鸡 at Century Square with my old man.
It was quite crowded but we managed to get a table.

I don't really fancy bean sprouts, but chicken rice is a all time favourite.

Ipoh Herbal Tea S$2.00
Not too bitter nor sweet, not bad a thirst quencher.

Gotten another extra serving of chilli and minced ginger.

Hor Fun Dry S$2.00
Although it's quite nice, but the portion was really really small, seriously -____-|||  3 or 4 tablespoons can finish liao.

Fragrance rice S$1.20 
Nothing to fuss about the taste, but sigh....... it came half a bowl only.  Unless you are on diet, please order 2 bowls to ensure a full meal.

Yong Tau Fu S$4.90
Nothing special in particular and I am sick of ranting about their tiny portion already....

Kampong Chicken S$9.50
The skin was more yellow than hainanese chicken, slipped into my mouth like smooth jelly.  Meat was tender and was very pleasing to the taste buds with the sauce.

 Cheng Teng S$2.00
The spoon was redundant as there was practically nothing to scoop.  Might as well just serve in a cup to avoid disappointment.

Total bill for 2 pax.

Overall the food was nice.  Will be great if you just need a small bite.  But if you are hungry, will probably need to order in double.  But then for the same price, a chinese restaurant could be a more pampering choice.


  1. the food portion are well.. pathetic..so small. The hor fun has no other ingredients... Rice $1.20 (above the norm) yet so small portion.

    Btw this is by a listed coy, Select grp.. (got to account to shareholder) lol

    1. Don't understand why they serve their food portions soooooo small sia, seriously, lolxx..