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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My neighbourhood facial salon - Radiance


Look at me.
I am not be drop dead gorgeous with V-shaped jaw, tiny nose and big eyes.
But I had actually passed my 40s.   No need to look for wrinkles or crow's feet, I don't have any.
Wow..... yes, I know, thank you!

The makeup and filter had made my skin seemed flawless at this photo.  But I have to confess that I have combination skin with oily T-zone with visible pores.  Those areas are very easily clogged with both white and black heads which often erupts into pimples if I ignore them.

Already not easy to deal with, ageing skin creeped onto my skin which I managed to notice around 7 years ago.  Those fine lines were only visible when I looked at the mirror at 2 inches close; those laugh lines were getting more obvious; cheeks were getting droopy and I felt like a.....

droopy dog --_____--

To be frank, during then, it wasn't obvious to others, but that's when the situation can be "salvage".   A lot of people would always wait till those fine lines turned into deep lines before they start to panic and ask for miracle.  The old saying of "Prevention is better than Cure" is always right!

So, ever since 7 years ago I was with Radiance Boutique Spa, which had since take care of my face till today.  I have to say that my ageless appearance really owes to Radiance.
  It's a neighbourhood facial salon located at Ang Mo Kio, near my dad's place, my 娘家 to be specific.

It's a small place with all essential fittings though nothing extravagant.

I had been to a few trial facials with big names and atas ambience but none's able to tackle my face like Radiance facial salon.  They do very thorough extractions, cleared all the pores so that my daily skin regime can be more efficient, products are absorbed better into the skin without clogged pores.

It's amazing that they do vigorous blood circulating facial massage for me without causing breakouts.  And yeah, that contributes to a more firm looking skin!

Products used are from Japan or France, each series of products target different skin types.

I couldn't help but to recall the recent horrifying incident of a young beauty blogger whom her face reacted very badly from her sponsored facial.  I showed my experienced aesthetician Josephine the photos, she said that it's an allergy reaction to the products used..... there were more she shared with me but I think it's better to keep it between us in case things gets sensitive.

What I am trying to say is that Josephine, my aesthetician, knows what's she doing and I trust her ^^

This may be a sponsored post, but being with this little salon for more than 7 years, contributing to my ageless complexion which is the more than wordy testimonial, you know that this is not a superficial advertisement.

It's not easy to find a facial salon suitable for yourself, so here's a little something I can offer -

Readers' Perk:
Quote "Susan" to enjoy
Essential Facial @S$38
Intensive Deep Cleansing Facial @S$55
(for 1st trial only)

Call Josephine at 6453 3826 for appointment.

Radiance Boutique Spa
Blk 453 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1803
Singapore 560453

Disclaimer -
Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this salon.  Review is based on my own experience. Service and products may or may not be suitable for other individuals.


  1. Are they pushy to sell their products or packages? I really hate places which do that.

    1. They will introduce/recommend but won't pester ^^

  2. do they do facial for guys too? hopefully they are not pushy type?

    1. They don't accept walk-in male customers, only referrals eg. existing customers' friend/family members. You may quote my name to make an appointment with them :)

  3. ok i will quote your name to book facial with them. Thanks aunty susan. :)