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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ultimate Ramen Champion 2013!


I was invited to Ramen Champion for food tasting at Bugis+.

Thank you Ramen Champion for having me ^^

 Me as a Ramen Champion Warrior, waahaahaaa......
I wasn't ready to fight at all, but I was all to EAT!!

Look at the mountain of generous goodie bags for us!

Media and invited guest waiting for the announcement of the Ultimate Ramen Champion 2013.
Image from https://www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore

Entertainers performing modern Jap dance.

Ultimate experience of tasting 6 different types of ramen at one go with a table of awesome bloggers!
Clock-wise from the left Alethea the Party Planner, Shirley the Bento Queen, Terence the Bento Man, Tiffany my buddy, and the most greedy looking gold hair ah lian is me >.<

I had so much fun and the ramen were so worth the calories.  But I suppose I had burnt most of the calories off by laughing, talking and eating all at the same time.  Yes, my tiny looking mouth able to multi-tasks, amazing lolxx....  Enough of yaking, here's a stream of ramen pics.....

Please don't drool on the screen!


Nikumashi Ramen S$15.00
The Tonkotsu broth was very flavourful, we went "WOW!" at the first sip.  As we continue to take a few more spoons, we found it on the saltish side, but once mixed with the poached egg, it was more than perfect! Thinly-sliced marinated pork belly was tender and soft, omg....  Noodles were thin but it would be better if it could be more springy.

BUTA GOD's chef - Mamoru Kanaya 今谷
Being the youngest chef in Ramen Champion, 29 years old Mamoru San said:
"A good bowl of ramen is one cooked with dedication and passion.  We've added poached eggs instead of raw ones to suit the local palettes here in Singapore."


Special Cha Cha Ramen S$15.00
Chicken, pork and vegetable rich broth with taste of garlic.  Chewy thin noodles with bean sprouts (I never like bean sprouts in noodles), spring onion and soft boil egg.  Tender chashu with thick cuts were so satisfying.

MUSO's chef - Masaaki Kawamura 川村雅昭
He said: " A good bowl of ramen is a perfect combination of noodle, broth and chashu!"


 King Chashu Ramen S$15.00
Creamy Miso with chicken and pork broth achieved a very special taste with shredded ginger.  Chashu was tender and well-marinated being overwhelming.

GANTESU's chef - Masaki Yorozu 万屋雅树
"A good ramen is one that the chef is proud to serve - a work of sincerity; one that customers will like."


Special Ramen S$14.50
I know it's going sound weird, but we LOVE the spring onions!!  The fragrance of the spring onions  spreading over pipping hot broth with noodles was just blissful!  

Their chashu were the most sinful with quite a portion of fatty meat, but...

......  it's so soft and tender, it literally melted on my tongue and slurped into my mouth.
SHIOKNESS!  This was the time when 减肥 didn't make sense anymore, waahaahaa......

MENBAN YAMAGISHI KAZUO's chef - Kazuo Yamagishi 山岸一雄
Kazuo San is the most senior chef among the other chefs of Ramen Champion.  He's 80 this year!  "It takes not just passion but a lot of dedication from the heart and soul as well.  It is 'heart' work," he explained.


Ajitama Ramen S$14.50
The ramen came with Futomen thick noodles which none of us fancy.   As I had mentioned before, I really don't like bean sprouts in my noodles, but my fellow blogger friends were nodding with satisfaction at the generous serving of bean sprouts and fresh shredded cabbage and sipping the addictive flavourful broth non-stop.  The braised egg was served as a whole with an ordinary look.  But when I tasted it, HOLY HEAVEN!!!  The egg white was soft like tofu and the egg yolk was like volcano lava!  I have to say BARIO have the best egg among the other 5 competitors!

BARIO's chef - Makoto Iwasaki 岩畸诚
"To get the best soup base, we use pork bones and add 7 types of spices.  We strive to serve the best ramen!" he added.


Special Ramen S$16.50
The relatively light broth prepared with pork was surprisingly refreshing!  I could had finish the whole bowl of soup all by myself!  Hakata noodles was the very thin and springy almost like our chinese noodles 幼面.  The homemade spicy Takana (preserved vegetables) had also added a punch to this ramen.  The broth and noodles were so good that I had forgotten how the chashu and egg tasted like >.<

It is certainly not a surprise that Ikkousha is able to defends it's title of Ultimate Ramen Champion for 2012 and 2013 consecutively!  118,500 bowls of ramen was sold from the period of 1 Aug 12 to 31 July 13.

Ikkousha's broth is cooked for 12 hours and they change the pork bones every few hours to achieve this awesome taste.  "A good bowl of ramen is one with a tasty broth and well made ramen; one that is made with love."  ^_^

Pic with Koji Tashiro San (Producer of Ramen Champion in Singapore)
Notice the ninja photo-bombed at the ceiling?  lolxx..

Although there's only one champion but all the ramen we had tasted were unique in it's own way.
Round of applause to all the chefs!
Image from https://www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore

   Which ramen would you cast your vote to?

You got to head down to Ramen Champion to find out!

Ramen Champion
Bugis +
201 Victoria Street #04-08/09/10
Singapore 188607
Tel: 6238 1011
Operating Hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm (daily)

Singapore Changi Airport T3
65 Airport Boulevard #B2-58
Singapore 819663
Tel: 6214 2958
Operating Hours: 10.30am - 11pm (daily)

At the same time, take part in
"Ramen Fun with ASUS" Photo-Taking Contest!

Prizes -  4 winners will be selected.  
3 prizes of ASUS Fonepads with 7" HD display with 3G phone functions and one consolation prize of $50 Capital Vouchers.

How -

* "Like" Ramen Champion Facebook HERE.

* "Like" ASUS Facebook HERE.

* Head down to Ramen Champion outlets at Bugis+ or Changi Terminal 3, snap drooling photos of any ramen or any interesting pose with interior design.

* Upload in Ramen Champion Facebook "Photo Contest" page following the instructions.

Duration - 1 August to 31 August 2013.

Good luck everybody!


  1. It was so much fun! and not to mention yummy ramen!! *burp*

    1. Yummy ramen yes, but it's you guys that made this event so memorable! It was great pleasure to meet you all ^^