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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

St. James Real Escape Game + Serenity Spanish Bar

Date of visit: 13.07.13

Black cotton top & pants - Uniglo
Bling gold picasso cap - H&M
Gold pumps - BKK

A short account of what we did before dinner at Serenity......

6 of us participated the "Escape from the Haunted Ship" game at St James PowerStation.

Prior to "Code Of Conduct" no. 6, we were not suppose to disclose anything about this puzzle solving game.

We were so determined....

But really couldn't make out the bits and pieces of the puzzle.


The 6 of us turned into "hungry ghosts" and headed to Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant at Vivo City for dinner.

My sis had called to reserve the suckling pig :P~~

The crowd was merry with a live band entertainment.
"Heart" my girlfriend.

Menu with a distinctive spanish dancer on the cover.

Pan Con Tomate (Bread with tomato) S$10.80
As simple as it sounded, it's simply DELICIOUS!!  The tomato spread was mild, not overwhelming like ketchup.  The bread was warm and soft with a thin crispy crust!  So yummy, but only one small slice for each of us T__T

Pulpo Gallega (Galician style octopus) S$19.80
Super nice to chew without being tough.  There wasn't much seasoning other than olive oil and some paprika.  The natural flavour of octopus was awesome.  For that instant when I took a bite, I was flown back to Greece where I first ate octopus.  Again the portion was very small for the 6 of us.

Coles Salteado S$18.80
Those cute little green balls of cabbage were so crispy and sweet, it was perfect with bacon cubes!  If there's anything I need to pick or complain, that would be the hefty price tag.

1/2 Plater S$124.00
The plater came with their signature suckling pig (1/2 portion), assorted sausages, very little green salad and a bowl of saltish stock.  Skin of the suckling pig was thin and crispy in perfection of golden brown in color.  The meat was tender and juicy, delectable max.

We had X2 of Erdinger beer at S$16.00 each and their plain water was chargeable though refillable at S$1.00.   The total bill was pocket bleeding at S$242.93 but none of us was full.

We love everything from the food to the ambience, but the price was a killer as we are just medium income citizens lolxx....

If you wanna impress your new girlfriend or need food indulgence for a special occasion, this place won't disappoint though.

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant
No. 1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-98/99 Vivo City
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 8185

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