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Sunday, 11 August 2013

What I had been doing this long weekend.

I was stuck in Singapore, full stop  --______--
When EVERYBODY I know flew off for vacation, darn...... SO JEALOUS!!

Didn't make good use of this long weekend cos' King Luis's having his PSLE this year, another major reason would be I am totally budget constrain TT______TT   But I know it's worth saving and scrimping for my year end winter holidays.

This post is a diary of what I did during this long weekend:

7 Aug Wed
Holiday mood set in as early as noon when my kids came back before lunch time after some celebration in school.   I worked almost throughout the day, did a couple of nice sets of nails which I forgotten to take pics.

This is my manicure table with 2 UV lamps for each hand.
My chair is cushioned with Hikosen Cara cats, heehee....

No office politics or bitchy collegues, only colors, numerous colors in my work place ^^
Being self-employed is one of my greatest joy in life.
For those who may be interested, this is Precious Nail Services.

8 Aug Thurs
Decided to go to the Zoo to see the pandas around 12pm.  The traffic jam at Mandai Road did not look optimistic.   Joined the compulsive jam only to reach fully choked car parks.  Drove pass the Zoo ticket booth with snake queue length of more than 20 metres.   Being over crowded = fun spoilers.  Wasted our petrol, made a u-turn.  Morale of the lesson - NEVER VISIT ANY TOURIST ATTRACTIONS ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS, wtf.

As I had mentioned, car parks were full, desperation had formed a long illegal parking of more than 1km away from the entrance of the Zoo.

We made a trip to Mandai Columbarium for my late mama.   Then went over to visit my old papa to make sure everything was in order (yeah, my 2 sis went for overseas holiday trip liao).

It seemed that having good food was the only consolation we could had.
Here's dinner for that day.
Really yummy, will do a review on another post ok?

To let out a devastating news - I'd put on another 2kg, now at 49kg.
That explained why I looked so bloated in recent blog posts >.<
I better watch my diet before my blogging career is ruin by my greedy mouth.

9 Aug Fri - National Day
I had never watch National Day Parade LIVE in my whole life as a Singaporean.   Nope, not even previews.  Didn't get to see during my school days and no luck year after year without any tix.   As such le hubby and I planned our own programme.  We gotten hopelessly romantic (and adventurous), went on a tracking at North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL).

We passed by many spectacular sceneries, for many moments we couldn't believe we were in Singapore.
I have lots more beautiful pics to share which will do so in another separate post.

While others went fireworks watching, we found a secret place at Lorong Halus Wetland to watch the 5 Fighter Aircrafts taking off at really close distant.  They were huge, just above our heads and very loud!

Here's a not so good video which didn't do justice to what we actually saw in real.

After the aircrafts had flown their way to NDP parade, we had economical dinner at Kovan Market which turned out to be surprisingly nice!

Sambal Chicken S$7.50
The price is slightly more expensive than usual coffee shop's price range but totally worth it as the food quality is of a restaurant's.  The marinated chicken chop was perfectly grilled with charcoal, flavourful without losing it's natural juiciness.  The sambal chilli was very mild but added extra punch to the taste.  Generous serving of salad won my heart, baked potato with sour cream and bacon rites were so atas, in a food market!

I am going back to this stall to try out other dishes, hopefully it won't disappoint.
Cowboy Charcoal Grill
Hougang Street 21
Blk 209 Market & Food Centre

10 Aug Sat

Went "bottle hunting" with hubby at Chin Swee Road, followed by early lunch.

Despite of being really picky on food, I bumped into another yummy economical stall that People's Park food centre for lunch.

Authentic Sichuan Spicy Pot with 2 bowls of rice $13.00.
Taste better than those in shopping centres' food court and much cheaper also!
I had tau pok, pork slices, hot dog, sausages, chicken gizzards and kangkong.
Very spicy for me although I ordered for "medium spicy" level, but it's addictive!
This stall has found themselves another loyal customer :P~~~

This is the stall with it's unit no. clear enough for my readers.  See?  Got queue you know, so be prepared ;)

Of course, I didn't make my trip down to Chinatown just for food.
After that yummy spicy lunch, I went to Jean Yip Loft which was opposite Outram MRT.

Not sure how I gotten a complimentary facial from them, but it was quite a pampering experience.

Was served with ginger tea and a chinese dessert after the facial session.
The sales lady did try to convince me to sign up a package but she didn't pester.
It was really tempting but the price was just too steep.

Dinner was at Ramen Champion at Changi T3.
Redeemed 3 bowls of ramen at a go, happy to the max, especially when they were all so delicious!
We had a hilarious encounter at the cashier, will blogged about it later.

11 Aug Sun

This voucher came just the right time.

Brought King Luis for a hair cut.

Bought a pair of school shoes for him.  He grew so fast!  It was like yesterday when he was still a baby in my arms.  Couldn't believe he's now bigger in size than me.
We settled for early dinner at Century Square's food court before returning home.

Came home, gave my customer a set of versatile bling nails for a kick start tomorrow.

Although I need to work during this long weekend, I was feeling very happy to be able to spend more time with my boys.
It's gonna be Monday again, but I am not blue, more excitement's waiting ahead ^^

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