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Friday, 23 August 2013

Muthiah Restaurant at Changi Business Park


Food tasting at Muthiah Restaurant was a new experience to me as I had never really tried Chettinadu South Indian food before.  My knowledge of indian food are limited to roti prata and indian rojak :X

The location is favourable with Expo MRT just a stone throw away.
Just that at the moment, the major construction around that area is obstructing the way, thus I had a hard time locating the restaurant.

At the entrance of Muthiah Restaurant ^^
Cap - bought in Penang many years ago
Peter pan blouse - BKK
Jeggings - Uniglo
Red wedges - Payless ShoeSource
Bag - Pazzion

Muthiah Restaurant at Changi Business Park

The high ceiling was cool and I absolutely love their elegant leather seats with comfy back rest.

They have a cozy corner for tea and quick bites too.

Muthiah Restaurant has extended an extra service ~
Free wifi and this wireless charger for smart phones!  Every table has got this orange powerspot.
 Muthiah Restaurant is the only place in Singapore that offers Powerspot.sg for charging phones with just a simple device.
Tell me who won't love this! <3 <3
p.s.  finger prints on phones are normal and acceptable, heehee....

From the left:
Lemon Pudina (Mint & Lemon juice) price not fixed yet
Mango Lassi S$3.20
Lemon Pudina, the glass with green colored juiced was very refreshing!  Wonderful thirst and spicy quencher!  Mango Lassi on the other hand was almost like a sweet dessert.  It's like a mango milk shake, yummy for children and sweet lovers.

These indian crackers was served in a stack presented in a basket, very thin, crispy, slightly bitter due to one of the indian spice, cumin and a little saltish.  It's delightful to eat on it's own or with any dip sauce.

Fish Head Curry S$23.00

Close-up pic but fish head was buried under the thick curry gravy lolxx...

Here you go, scooped up for photo shots, heehee.....
$23 for this huge whole fish head was really a good deal!  The thick flavourful curry gravy wasn't as spicy as it appeared to be.   I couldn't tell what fish was used as it was all coated with curry, but the meat was a bit tough.  The brinjal and ladies finger were under cooked, else this would be a perfect pot.

Chicken Kothu Parotta S$6.50

Parotta were shredded into small pieces and stired fried with minced chicken and onions without excessive oil.  This dish itself it's a complete meal.  Suitable for young and old I would say.

Reshmi Kebab S$11.00
The marinating had turned the meat a bit too mushy for my liking, I preferred the accompanied veg with it, any time.

Tangdi Kali Mirchi S$17.00
Another dish of chicken, it's coat with batter, meat was tender and juicy.  The overall taste was mild and pleasant.

Crab Masala S$10.00
Not able to identify this dish initally cos' everything was camouflaged in the gravy till the serving staff told us it's flower crab lolxx....

They didn't provide pillars so we had to bite into the shells to get the meat.  Within the shells were 50% juice and 50% meat, quite nice to suck actually (sorry, I can't find another better word than suck).

Murg Cheese Ki Gulesthan S$14.00
According to the owner, this dish takes a longer time to prepare and cook hence slightly pricier.
Tender boneless chicken chunks coated generously with this unique gravy with cheese was heavenly.
Totally mouth smackingly :P~~~

Chicken Briyani S$6.50
Had to bling it, cos' it's so good and comforting to eat T___T

To begin with, I am not a fan of briyani, I avoid rice as far as possible cos' carbo = weight gain.  But cos' it's a food tasting session, I had to complete my "mission" no matter what to give a genuine review in this blog.   When I took a spoonful, it was WOW!!  The rice was so warm, each grain was so soft like cotton wool but yet intact in grains   Perfect fragrance and taste without being overwhelming with spices.  The chicken wing beneath the rice was so tender that it fell apart when I tried to scope it up for photo shot.  So no photo for the chicken wing, it went straight into our mouths, I am sorry!  Worth the calories  :P~~~~  MUST ORDER!!

Garlic Nann S$3.50
Garlic lovers are going to be smitten by this.  Best to be eaten while it's hot!

Trying to be funny pic...

Thosai S$2.20
I know it's not a hat, but it will fit my head if I tried it on, lolxx....  It's slightly sweet, taste almost like pancakes but thinner and in a different look.  Another good alternative to rice and I think my darling King Luis is gonna love this ^^

Prawns Fry S$10.00
Large prawns fried in batter, shells on the body were removed leaving the head and tail only.  The batter wasn't too thick and the prawn's head was so crispy that it could be eaten ;)

Masala Tea S$1.80
Muthiah kitchen staffs must had be swooned over by our group of female bloggers; they added too much condensed milk liao leh, heehee......

Authentic Chettinadu South Indian food tasted better than I had imagine.  I thought everything would be very spicy with lots of strong pungent spices in the dishes.  I am sure glad that I attended this food tasting session ^^

Nice ambience + reasonable price + tasty food

Muthiah Restaurant Pte Ltd
No. 2 Changi Business Park Ave 1
#01-05 Hotel Tower East
UE Biz Hub
Singapore 486015
Tel: 6444 4033


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