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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ah Tong Tea House 阿东茶餐厅

This blog post is a continuation from HERE.   After enjoying Fighter Aircrafts' low flight "performance" cum  viewing of water lilies and a sea of mimosa, we ended our short walk before the sky turned dark.

Decided on Ah Tong Tea House 阿东茶餐厅 for dinner.

It was very crowded during dinner time, even the out-door seats were almost fully occupied.

Ceiling fans plus aircon, lolxx..

The interior was cheerful and bright.

Their menu was pretty the same as any other Hong Kong cafe that we had visited.

Complimentary Prawn crackers to nibble on while waiting for our order to come ^^

Ginger Lemongrass S$3.90
Cool and soothing drink, love it cos' it's not sweet.

 Sheng Mian 生面 S$12.90
Loads of seafood swimming in the thick egg sauce, plenty of green veg too.  Portion quite big, will be able to please a hungry dinosaur, lolxx...

Beef Baked Rice S$11.90 

If you love cheese, this was gluey and sticky and yummy, heehee....

Buffalo Wings S$7.90
Nay, too dry and I didn't like the BBQ sauce poured over.

Service was friendly and fast despite of the crowd.  Sitting by the window was enjoyable, watching car owners looking for parking slots frantically.   幸灾乐祸 I know and not afraid to admit lolxx....

With service charge and GST, the bill came to be S$43.10.

Ah Tong Tea House 阿东茶餐厅
10 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828836

ps.  The address is alien looking but Riviera LRT (PE4) is just a stone throw away.

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