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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Poulet at Jurong Point

Date of visit: 12.06.13

Hong Peng aka hpility had me tagged along for a "food interview" at Jurong Point.  The both of us travelled from Tampines all the to Jurong  -_____-|||

This young man was going into NS the very next day, so it was like a "farewell" meal with him lolxx...

The food interview was featured in Jpeeps, Jurong Point's Newsletter.

This part of it (featuring my greedy face) was send to me by a fellow blogger Vivien, before I received the copies. 
Pai seh, I don't think I am savvy, neither am I any where near knowledgeable, lolxx... omg-ish, they are just too kind, thank you, heehee...

The "food interview" was at Poulet, a causal french restaurant.

It was a week day at an odd hour in noon, good timing for food tasting without crowds of patrons.

Country Side Mushroom Soup  S$5.80
It was very creamy, milky and buttery with strong aroma of mushroom.  I absolutely love rich soups like this! :P~~

French Onion Soup S$5.80
This is a non-creamy savoury soup, flavourful, but I still prefer the mushroom soup personally.

Poulét's signature Roast Chicken S$15.80 (half)/S$28.80 (whole)
The chicken was..... FINGER LICKING GOOD.
The savoury taste of the skin was delightful, the meat was juicy and tender giving each bite a wonderful sensation filling my mouth with intense flavours.  The taste was so unusual that I had to ask how long was the chicken being marinated.  The answer was: "2 days"!  Let me repeat:

Their chickens are being marinated for 2 days before roasting!!

No wonder so  入味 lah, my goodness!  The chicken itself was so good, that I think any sauce wouldn't be necessary.  Although the cream sauce that came with it was nice, I ate most of the chicken on it's own, heavenly yummy :P~~~

1/2 dozen Escargot de Bourgogne S$8.80

It was served pipping hot in bubbling buttery garlic and minced green veg.
For those who never tried escargot, it's chewy like chicken gizzard but sweeter in taste.

It's really nice, you missed a great part in life if you never eaten escargot, trust me lolxx...

We were seated near the kitchen counter with tubs of tiramisu.

Tiramisu S$7.80
This big tub was good enough to share with 2 or 3 pax.  Super duper value for money without sacrificing good taste!

The presentation was causal with cream and brown sponge finger placed randomly in the glass tub.  Coco powder was added generously with spoon instead of sieved over thinly.  I liked the coco powder which wasn't bitter but be careful not be choked by the powder while eating.
Such a wonderful dessert to end a meal sweetly ^^

1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648331

They have other outlets which you may check from here ~

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