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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Feet Haven Reflexology


Lots of people have a preconception that feet massages are extravagance or only necessary for people who walks a lot or need to stand for long hours.  Foot reflexology is a lot more than that.  It contributes to overall well-being as each part of the sole has nerves link to different parts of our body.

A simple chart showing different areas of feet sole linking to different body parts.

If we neglect our feet, we are neglecting our health too.  Here's some major benefits of foot reflexology:

* Stress Reduction
When we are stressed, our body's defences weakens and become more prone to illness.  Reflexology reduces stress and helps the body to balance itself.

* Improve Blood Circulation
Only when blood circulation is improved, body cells will get enough  oxygen and nutrients as well as removing waste products of metabolism.

*Improve appearance of toe nails
Myself being a qualified nail therapist, I understand that foot reflexology improves appearance of toe nails making them healthier. Especially nails with blacken coloration due to tight fitting shoes or bad walking postures.

The above few benefits everybody regardless of age or gender.  But many still FEARS foot massages.  All thanks to exaggerating scenes screening people being "tortured" by foot massages sia, lolxx.....
Pic of Japanese girl having foot massage as a penalty.

There's one place I know, that may probably ease your fears...
Feet Haven Reflexology was awarded
Best Foot Massage
by Harpers Bazaar Spa Awards 2013.

Best Value Simply Her Foot Spa
by Simply Her Magazine. 

Feet Haven is located along the bustling East Coast Road, just a stone throw away from I12Katong.

Here we are!

I was ushered to one of the leather couch.  While waiting, thick-skin 三连拍, heehee...

Was given a warm soak with natural sea salt added for my size 4 feet before the 45 mins foot massage.

The session wasn't totally painless, and of course not excruciatingly painful.   My experienced therapist Uncle Kim would explain to me the cause of the pain.  Those few spots with tinge of pain were linked to my stiff shoulders and poor bladder (which I had knew all along).

Being a regular for foot reflexology, I knew I was in good hands :)

Was also given a 15 mins head and shoulder massage.  As Uncle Kim was kneading my head, he asked why did I ponder and think so much (yes, he knows his job, knows your body condition, at one touch).  I said I always have to crack my head to produce blog posts lolxx....  Well, the fact is, as we gets older, responsibilities, burdens and worries all keep "upgrading" like a 3-in package.   Just that most of the time, I chose to adopt a positive attitude instead of ranting.   I want my blog to be a happy one ^^

A hot cup of tea after the foot massage was good for detox.

An important information - prices:
Prices all clearly stated on a board at the entrance of Feet Haven.

And most important of all, the address:

Feet Haven Reflexology
136 East Coast Road
#01-01 Singapore 428821
Tel: 6344 7311/8606 2930

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