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Friday, 13 July 2012

淘宝 review

*not an ad

Almost every week, I'll get the same questions - How you order from 淘宝?  Where is 淘宝 from?  After this blog post is done, I'll just send this web link as a reply to whoever who ask, hur hur.........

淘宝 is like G-market, except that it's in China instead of local.  So, for those who prefer goods made in other countries, no need to read on.

Within this web-site there are thousands and thousands of suppliers selling everything and anything under the sun.  But due to shipping constrain, food, liquid and chemicals are better to be avoided.

To purchase from 淘宝, the easiest way is to engage a local agent to do all the shipping and arrangement for us.  If you have lobang for shipping, then it's good for you.  Just that you will have to do all the liasing with suppliers.  

There are many agents and I'm using 65daigou  Just click in, register yourself and the rest of the steps are rather idiot proof to follow.  Their system is as such whereby all the calculation is automatically done in their spreadsheet, so it's really easy for lazy people like me.

Once you find an agent whom you are comfortable with, you can start your online shopping and send in your orders to the agent.  Basically, there are 2 modes of shipment, by air (pay more but faster) or by sea freight (pay less but of course slower).  Again, different agents charge differently, so the choice is up to us as consumers.

For those who finds it heart pain to pay agent and shipping fee, then don't need to read on, go buy from G market or local blog shops where all costs are already included in the price tag.  Now, here's my review!

I suppose nobody likes to read too many words, so here are my pics!!!!    Always opted for home delivery as it's only S$5 with 65daigou!!   They have their own delivery men unlike other agents.  The delivery man reached at around 9.45pm, yeah, they work so late.  So here's a pic of hairy arms monster helping us to open up the big plastic bag.

Starting with Samantha Vega handbag~~
I forgotten to save the supplier's link, I hope I got the correct one :X

Samantha counters selling this design at $480.  This is obviously not authentic cos' the card tag is missing although the supplier's web-site shows pic of it.  No dust bag also :/  It doesn't matter to me anyway.  I actually wanted the pink color very badly, but OOS.  Desperate for the lovely design, so chose blue and it's not bad.  The blue is very light in color, so will not clash with my pastel outfits.

Soft smooth leather, with cute ribbon bows at the side.  Frills plus baby blue polka dot lining just makes the bag too cute.  Beats any lame looking thousand dollars bag (just my personal liking, please continue to love your branded bags.)

Nike Air Rift

It's Luis order.  But he's growing so fast that they couldn't fit.  He is very upset, very.  It fits me well, but I hate it black.  Comes together with socks.  No complains on quality.  It's Euro size 37, 23.5cm.  We had only tried on the socks and shoes, both items are brand new, willing to sell off at a discount price.  Interested just drop me a email chubbyvoo@yahoo.com.sg


Vibram fivefingers

Somehow, my order for hot pink pair was OOS.  I don't remember recieving any notice from 65daigou :((  So all these shoes are my sisters' T_____T  Don't ask me whether they are authentic, you want authentic go and order at their offical web-site from US, each pair about S$300.

Instruction booklet on care and wash~~

Trying on my sister's Vibram, so cute leh heehee............  I had made a calculation, each pair is S$20.80 inclusive of shipping & agent fees, muaaahaaahaaahaaa...........

Darren's order. League of Legend T-shirt and bermuda

Before I know it, he had already put them on and pester me to take a pic.  He then immediately post pic of his attire on his Facebook to show off  -__-|||  Apparently, he has a group of friends who are crazy of this computer game, yeah...... kids....

Now............. my clothes from BoBon21
Note that this supplier uses only one model who's 158cm tall and 41kg, all apparels for sizes UK6 ~ UK8.  Yeah, I can hear many disappointing sighs, but TaoBao have many other suppliers, sure will be able to find one suitable for yourself  ^.^

Okie, back to my loots..............  won't be showing individual links, cos' all the items can be view from the main page.

I ordered so much that the supplier waived off the domestic shipping for me ^^

Below pic, cotton socks with lacy frills, kawaii to death.  I wore the white pair out already, got pic at Instagram, heehee.....

My first jump suit ever!  Cute to the max.  Now I got something nice to wear for outings now!  Enough of wearing t-shirts and shorts!

Cotton shorts with lace.  Comfy nice for home wear ^^  pardon my round round tummy, heehee....

The frills are very nice but the material is very sheer, almost transparent.  The thought of having to wear another spaghetti top or camisole over is really troublesome  -.-

Pink pinafore, also my first pinafore ever in my wardrobe.  The length is just nice for me. 

2nd pic wore with can can gauze skirt beneath, looks much better.  I got the urge to remove the bow ribbon and the black buttons, shall I??

Click here for another blog post on Taobao.

I have not decide on the topic for my next blog post.  What do you guys like to read?  My zoo outing?  Birthday bash at poolside?  MBS cum food review or my daily skincare routine??


  1. this post is a very dangerous post... gonna click those links now!!

    1. Heehee.... which item caught your eyes?

  2. hi susan, i came across your blog while searching for 65daigou review. is it possible to let me know if the shipping charges is almost the same price as that of the item? for eg. an item is $10 and shipping is also $10 so you'll end up paying $20. i added a few items in my cart but i'm hesitating to place the order coz i don't wanna get a shock when i see the shipping charges. stuff on taobao are cheap but not so when you add in the shipping. thanks for your time!

    1. At the moment 65daigou is charging S$5.70 for 1st 500g, subsequent 500g is S$1.70.

      Even if your items are less than 500g, you will still be charged at S$5.70. You will be able to see the weight of the items once you put them in your cart. In short, it's more worth it to buy more. Happy Shopping!

  3. hi susan, may i know if your $5.70 is referring to economy air? coz i thought its $7 per 500g subsequent is $3. anyway how do you see the weight? do you mean adding to cart on taobao or on 65daigou? i'm ordering via daigou's websiteand even after i added to cart i can't see the weight. also, daigou did mention the shipping is about 1:1 so is it safe to say the price of shipping is abt the same as the item?


    1. Sorry forgot to mention that $5.70 is for sea freight. You can either see the weight at the seller's web-site or at 65daigou after you cart out, I think. No, it's not 1:1 for sea freight, never tried air freight. I normally purchase S$100+, the sea freight & agent fee is only about $30+ I always purchase more than 10 items at one order to make it worth it.

    2. thanks for your help!! i think $30 shipping for $100+ purchase is really reasonable and cheap, daigou did mention the shipping is 1:1 on their website coz they said they'll take the actual weight or volumetric weight (whichever is higher) so i'm keeping my fingers crossed it will not be too expensive. for some of the items i realized taobao did not mention the weight under the description and its only a few dollars for additional 500g so i didn't bother to calculate the weight accurately. i've opted for economy air coz i really can't wait that long hehe.

      anyway, i have one more question, hope you don't mind. daigou kept telling me some of the items were out of stock but on taobao's website the seller didn't mention its out of stock, any idea why? for items like that i put them back onto my cart but will daigou inform you when the stock comes in again? i guess not? coz its hard to even tell which items are out of stock since its not stated on taobao's website. really quite troublesome since alot of times i chose to buy 2 or more items from one seller to get cheaper shipping then daigou tells me one item is out of stock!! so angry :( what to do in this case?

    3. There are actually 2 options given when you place an order (1)drop order if OSS, (2)replace by XXXX item if OOS.

    4. i know we're given alternatives, but my question is, in the 1st place, taobao did not indicate that the item is out of stock so how are we to know? maybe its only when you order directly from taobao's website then they will indicate its out of stock?

    5. depending on which seller, some up date frequently, some are slower. so we won't know till informed by the agent.

  4. hey susan, sorry to bother you again. i was just notified that out of 12 items i ordered, 1 has arrived at the shanghai warehouse. it says the weight is 0.5kg but the chargeable weight is 0.6kg and they're going to charge me $10 for shipping. just like to ask, the shipping weight is by per item? i thought they're going to add all the items i purchased together then weigh. this kinda came as a shock since the item i bought was only S$5 and the shipping is $10. i thought it was going to be 1:1 but i was wrong. the shipping is much more and i'm really upset right now :(

    1. 65daigou charge according to the total weight of your parcel. You should have the estimated weight of your parcel since you already proceed with your order. Sellers charge domestic freight within China especially if they are not located in Shanghai, but it's unlikely to be $10 this much. Maybe you can call 65daigou up to clarify?

    2. $10 is not domestic shipping. its the airfreight from china to sg. domestic shipping only costs 9¥. anyway if daigou charges by the total weight, why are they giving me the shipping amount for the item itself? please take a look at the link below, i did a print screen :


      as you can see, the shipping fee is $10 for that item itself. does that mean when all the items arrived then they will weigh everything? because if they're charging me by per item and my items are all 100g, how many $7 do i have to pay right? i mean, its ridiculous. i just hope its not this way.

    3. I have no experience with air freights. I suggest you call 65daigou up to clear your doubts.

  5. Hi Susan,
    Your blog is wonderful, enjoy reading it. Can you help me regard to taobao.
    My chinese is not good, trying hard to figure it.
    The currency is it RMB? As it seems like JPY.
    May I know how you make the payment as I do not have the listed credit cards?

    1. Hi Summer,

      Currency in RMB, products all made in China. If using 65daigou, payment by bank transfer, no need credit cards. Nice to hear that you like my blog, please continue to pop by, thank you!

    2. Hi Susan,

      To start the transaction, the flow is as below(correct me if I'm wrong)
      1) Register with 65daigou
      2) After register with taobao, pymt type I choose 找人代付
      3) I transfer the monies to 65daigou including shipping & courier service charge
      4) I receive the goods

      In taobao, shipping type which type should I choose? Express(快递), EMS or Surface mail(平邮)?

      For example an item which I want:
      Item cost: RMB6.80
      Shipping: Express RMB10
      Total is RMB16.80 (SGD3.29 rate 5.10157)
      65daigou charge maybe SGD5.70 (Sea shipment S$5.7 for first 500g, S$1.7 for every subsequent 500g)
      So total I pay SGD8.79?

      So embarrassing, ask you so much question like you are the promoter!
      Sorry to disturb.


  6. Hi Susan,

    I think I know how to go on with the transaction as 65daigou stated clearly in the procedures.


    All I need is to:
    1) Register with 65daigou
    2) Paste taobao link in 65daigou (it will auto-calc into SGD)
    3) Bank transfer to 65daigou (via atm, etc)
    And so on...

    Once again, your kind assistance is greatly appreciated. We are strangers, but you are so kind to take your time reply.

    I will continue to read your blog, as both of us have kids...Mummies, cheers!


    1. Thank you! Hope you enjoy shopping in TaoBao, cheers!!

  7. hi susan,
    is it possible to order replica bag through daigou?

    1. Through Taobao yes, Daigou is just an agent.

  8. Since the delivery fee over at China is imposed per shop, the cost incurred for items bought from many shops would then result in a summation of the.respective delivery costs of each shop or only the cost price plus. The agent delivery f3e to again would be consider ed

    1. Yes, so a smarter way is to purchase more items from one supplier. Some suppliers will actually waive off the internal freight charges if you hit a certain amount. Not cost effective to purchase one or two items from a shop.

  9. Nice, how long did it take for you to get the lovely items?