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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chiso Zanmai @The Central

ChisoZanmai is a Japanese buffet restaurant at The Central which I had visit in May and July.  Both were birthday occassions.

Gonna flood this post with lots of food pics, please prepare tissue to wipe saliva........

Entrance from #01-15, there's an escalator at the left side of the display, yup, ride on it to 2nd floor.

Closer pic of the mouth watering display

Simple and spacious ambience.

Super duper fresh and sweet salmon sashimi which makes the whole buffet worth it.

Assorted salmon salad

On my plate ^^

Tuna sashimi

Spread of sushi which I didn't take any, rice is too filling for me.

Cabbage soup with oyster, not very good, but acceptable.

Yummy corn and green tea tofu in mahjong tile size.

Grilled prawn size of my face =D

My sinful plate....

Dessert corner

Jelly in glasses

Teh tarik

Here's the price-list.  If you are hungry and not too picky, this is not a bad place.

Ending post with pics of what I wore to the restaurant last week.

White blouse, pink chiffon shorts, light blue Samantha bag, frilly socks all from TaoBao, wedges from Bata.

Any readers from "Obscenely shorts" thread at Flowerpod?  I wore shorts again, heehee..... naa naa nee boo boo....  For those who are wondering what happened, I was being called an idiot encouraging immoral outfits in the forum.  He also cursed that my legs will be bashed by sticks and one day get sue to court by wearing shorts.   He also went to the extreme saying that I don't respect god and will get my karma......


Waaahaaahaaaa..........  It was so amusing I tell you lolxxx......  He got so heated up when I was totally "unharmed" in front of my lappie lolxx.......

Enough of  that weirdo in the forum.............

Was in good mood, very happy with my camwhores~~

muaahaahaahaaa........ some more.........
Okie, no more liao.  Do check out this eating place, my recommendation won't play you out, thank you for reading ^^


  1. Gosh, what a spread of food, plenty to eat and worth the price. Btw, you are looking good in the pics Ms.

  2. @Cheryl Chan - Thank you for popping by, please continue to visit my little blog ^^

    @Navaneetham Krishnan - Thank you! It's totally worth it especially the salmon spread!

  3. u are damn ugly