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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Treasure Life

This noon, one customer came.  She appeared to be very pale and lose a lot of weight.  Something's not too right.....

She did not hide, and told me she contracted cancer.  She just got married a couple of years ago and is only 30+ years old.  It was a great blow to her, nobody expect it.  As soon as she left, I let go of those tears which I fought back while serving her.  I felt so sad for her.  The term "Cancer" always give me goose bumps and fear, cos' my mother had died of lung cancer.  It's a horrible disease, the pain it brings to the patient and their family is beyond description.  After sobbing, it struck to me that through her, god had send me a reminder to treasure life.

For the past over week, I had been wasting my time with newspaper reports and negative comments on Facebook.  I was totally blinded by my own anger and it's not worth it.  Those people who are unkind to me will reap their sows.

Life is too short, I shall get on with life; treasure every sunrise, contribute my little effort to the society, continue to do what I enjoy and sharing my happiness with everybody!

Yes, make everyday worth it, cos' we won't know how many tomorrows we may have.


  1. Very well said words!
    And I am so sorry to hear about your mum xx


    1. Thank you Simone! Your few words of comment means a lot to me....