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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hokkaido Fair at Tampines Mall

Short blog post.  The Hokkaido fair at Tampines Mall's event hall consist of  48% food and 48% human crowd, the other few percent went to some sales of Japanese skin care.

Pic taken from the second floor of Tampines Mall.  Not too crowded as it was about 3pm.

Had never been to Japan, don't know when's the chance..... Anyway, this brand of chocolate, so many people rave and rave.

Decided to buy and try it myself despite of the insane price of $37 per box -__-|||

Pretty package...........

The biscuit is crispy with aroma of butter.  Sandwiched with thick milky creamy chocolate.  It's really nice, but not marvellous enough to send me to heaven.  So after spending $37, I'm still on earth :/

Bottom pic, top shell with wasabi.  Bought specially for hubby, I don't take too much wasabi.   It was so spicy for me, that I have to blanch them in plain water to get rid of excess wasabi.  But hubby enjoyed  it, as expected.

Braised sotong stuff with rice, YUMMY!!  When I board the bus, the smell filled up the air :X

Very filling, BuRppppp.............. excuse me..........

For those who miss Hokkaido, probably can pop by to grab a bite before it ends on 8 July ^^

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