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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Seafood International Market & Restaurant


Opened since 1983, Seafood International's neon-lit "Lobster" logo is one of the landmark at East Coast Park.
Image from https://www.facebook.com/SeafoodInternational

To celebrate their 30 years milestone, Seafood International has introduced a 30-Course Set Dinner  featuring 30 celebratory dishes with FREE FLOW wines, beers, desserts and more to mark the occasion for the period of 16 September to 31 October 2013.

Walked into Seafood International, the spacious market place with various tanks of live seafood was impressive!

They have fresh vegetables too!

The restaurant also boasts a wine cellar of more than 150 specially selected wines.

Buffet spread of fruits and dessert shooters.

A colorful spread of local and thai kueh.

All ready to feast!

The elaborate 30 course dinnner showcases Seafood International’s Thai Signatures, Singapore Classics, All-time Favourites, renowned homemade Thai desserts complemented with free flow wines (De Bortoli, Angove, Alta Vista, Santa Rita), Tiger Beer, juices and soft drinks.

Prepare to drool :P~~~~~


Thai Curry Crab
It's my first time eating crab with curry.  Being one of the signature dish, it did not disappoint.  The flavourful curry gravy was in thick consistency, perfect to dip with garlic bread.

Garlic bread is for curry crab and I suppose you know what goes with those golden little buns!
Yes! Chilli Crab!

Chilli Crab
I believe 99% of Singaporeans had tasted more than one version of chilli crab.  This version was slightly more spicy.

Chilli crab was heavenly with golden buns as well as steam buns!
These buns were fluffy soft I tell you..... omg.....

We were giving aprons so that we could be as messy as we like lolxx....
Photo-bomber Tiffany Yong, heehee....

Enough said......

Tom Yum Broth
Bountiful of  fresh seafood swimming in tom yum soup.  The perfect balance of sourness and spicy-ness was addictive!

Stir Fried White Stone Clam Mirin
This dish was mildly sweet and with a refreshing taste.

Wok Fried Pacific Clam with Bell Pepper in XO Chilli Sauce
^.^  I love OX sauce, I love those QQ clam slices.  This was when good food can give happiness.

Steamed Live Sea Scallop with French Black Garlic Sauce

Following were other splendid dishes that we had tried:

Fresh Oyster with Green Chilli Marmalade.
You must not leave the restaurant without eating these ocean fresh oysters with this special dip sauce.  Would highly recommend this for oyster lovers.

Shooter of Mango with Crab Meat Salad
This appetizer was a feast to the eyes and tasted good too.

Deep Fried Marble Goby with Spring Onion Soya Sauce
Gave it a funny caption lolxx... this is my all time favourite dish and I have to say that being fresh made it perfect!  ps.  I ate the fish head :P~~~

Steam Seabass in Thai Style
Freshness of fish was delectable.  The spicy and sour thai sauce brought out the natural flavour of the fish without being overwhelming <3

Smiling Thai
Crispy fried yam in basket was delightful.  Mushrooms with kai lan completed the meal.

Crispy fried baby squids
This dish was a crowd pleaser!

Dessert Shooters, free flow!
These awesome shooters had won our hearts.   My favourite was the Red Ruby, I gobbled down 3 despite of my tummy threatening to burst.  The chestnut cubes coated within were so crunchy and sweet, freaking shiok to bite into.  

Tip to enjoy these shooters:  Use a small dessert spoon, make a turn to "loosen" the jelly, then pour it out right into your mouth to savour the sweetness, waahaaahaaa........ 

Free flow wines!

Click in to view the other dishes - www.lobster.com.sg/30

Thank you Seafood International and Influencer Network for inviting us to this fabulous 30-course dinner food tasting.

The Seafood International Market & Restaurant
902 East Coast Parkway
Block A #01-01
Big Splash
Singapore 449874
Tel: 6345 1211/1212

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