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Friday, 6 September 2013

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe

Date of visit: 08.08.2013

"Food lead" was given by my customer who was quite picky on food despite of her young age.  Her name's Susan too ^.^  We also have the some common "black-list" of restaurants which we wonder why people continued to patronized lolxx.....

Spicy Thai is located in the neighbourhood of Aljunied.

This eatery is size of a coffee shop, non-aircon, with those familiar coffee shop tables and chairs.

Lemon Grass Drink S$1.50
I realised that le hubby had fell in love with Lemon Grass drinks ever since he had the first try at Ah Tong Tea House.  The later taste better, but to be fair, the price was more than double.

Four different types of chilli dip sauces.
 My favourite were the sliced chilli padi in fish sauce and the greenish colored chilli with minced garlic and lime.

 MooKaTa Set S$35.00
The set came with prawns, crab meat roll, scallops, marinated chicken, pork balls, vermicelli, kangkong, golden pin mushrooms and an egg.

Made extra order as King Luis was with us.....

Egg Tofu S$2.50

Beef Ribeye S$10.00

It was my first time trying MooKaTa, never knew that it was so different from chinese steamboat/BBQ!

 A metal plate with a dome in the middle was placed on top with charcoal beneath.

Lard was placed right in the middle which oozed out oil flowing down from the dome to the soup.
We were told that the oil spreading around the dome would prevent meat from sticking onto the metal.

Very sinful,  but the fragrance from the lard was simply not replaceable by butter or whatever vegetable oil.  So, MooKaTa, can never be halal.

Here's a short clip from my InstaVideo.

The fresh ingredients did make a big difference, everything was so yummy.  The chicken and beef ribeye marinated in some unknown thai seasoning with lots of sesame was so flavourful but not overwhelming.  Meat was tender and insanely delicious!
The dome was charred towards the end, heehee.....  and the soup was superb with all the 精华!

Never know MooKaTa is sooooooooo GOOD!!!
I need visit more MooKaTa restaurants to compare ;)

 Red Ruby S$2.50

Sweet pink bandung with red ruby looked so pretty!
But I felt that the red starch was too thickly coated and the water chestnut cubes inside were too small.
Would be perfect if I got to bite more crunchy water chestnut.

Spicy Thai also serve Jim-Jum (clay hot pot) and other thai dishes.

Before we left with our satisfied rounded tummies, we could not help lurking at other tables.  Gosh, we need to go back again for other dishes!

 If you are interested, this was our bill with the address.
Remember to dress lightly as it's non-aircon ;)

Have a nice weekend ahead!

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