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Monday, 9 September 2013

Big Bear Bistro & Bar


White blouse - G2000
Grey vest - Espirit
Pleated mini skirt - Taobao
I was all "geared up" for Food Appreciation at the BIG BEAR!!

Located at the rear end of Tan Quee Lan Street, but it's easily accessible from Bugis Junction within 3 mins walk.

It's a cozy little cafe away from the crowd.

Contemporary furnishes which sets in a relaxing ambience for diners.

Big Bear boasts a modest but well stocked bar with a good variety of single malt whiskies.
Image from https://www.facebook.com/bigbearbistronbar

Here's what Big Bear had for us

Mushroom Soup S$8.90
Mushroom soup created with food sciences in mind where it's rich and creamy initially.   It gets thin and palatable down the bowl.  Mushroom was grained in, but personally, I preferred chunky mushroom bits in the my soup.

Big Bear’s Salad S$10.90
Tossed salad in assorted crispy fresh greens served with poached egg and ham shreds.  Fruity balsamic sauce was refreshing and most important of all, non-fattening!  GREAT!

Calamari Fries S$10.90
Dry batter squid fries served with homemade tartar sauce.  Would be perfect if the calamari were thicker.

Fish Fingers S$9.90
Dory fish fingers were coated in a secret recipe hand whisked beer batter which was exceptionally crunchy and slightly bitter.   Dory fish were soft and juicy with natural sweetness.  The contrasting combination gave each bite a teasing sensation to the mouth, it's.......... DELICIOUS!!!  The orange mustard sauce which came with this dish compliments very well with the fish fingers, awesome!

Awesome bloggers at work, from the left - Priscilla, Nicholas, Magdalene, Damien and Michelle (whom I didn't managed to catch them into the frame, opps....)
Yeah,....... all these pics that you are enjoying browsing at did not drop from the sky or pop in automatically.
It's a lot of work behind......

Black Maiden S$15.90
Pacific John Dory fish served with black pepper sauce, accompanied with cheesy baked potato and a side of salad.  Although the black pepper sauce was nice and mild, it wasn't my liking as the combination was weird to me.  The fish was also slightly overcooked.

Hawaii Pork S$16.90
Pork Collar marinated with slightly spicy Caribbean fusion served with pineapple sauce.  This huge slab of pork chop was something new to me.  Slightly crisp on the outside, surprising tender inside, the mild spicy-ness was really enjoyable!  THUMBS UP!

Bears love Chips S$13.90
It was the same as the Fish Fingers except that it came with potato strips.  The potato strips were fried to perfect golden brown on the outside and the inside....... was HEAVENLY!!  It's mild sweetness and cotton soft texture was highly addictive, it was impossible to stop eating, totally worth the calories!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Big Bear's so good with their fried dory fish........ yummy max.

Meltique Strip Loin S$16.90
New Zealand Beef on a bed of mash potatoes, served with red wine wholegrain mustard sauce.

We requested for medium rare, and we gotten what we want :P~~~
I am extremely picky on beef.  While this may not be the best I had tasted, it was very nicely done, tender enough to chew at ease and it's tasty with the unique red wine sauce.   What more can you asked with that price tag!  Super value for money!  GOOD CHOICE!

Norweigian Salmon S$17.90
Generous portion of Norwegian Salmon fillet served with yummy herb-butter gherkin sauce.  Big Bear's really good with sauces, impressive!

Bacon Aglio Olio S$11.90
Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, garlic and pepper topped with bacon slices.  Too pepper-ish and dry for my liking >.<

Creamy Cheese Pasta S$14.90
Pasta was soaked in  smooth creamy cheese sauce (Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Cheddar) with bacon slices.  This pasta was a crowd pleaser ^^

Red Wine Poached Pear S$15.80
Preparation time was long for this dessert, pear was poached in red wine for 3 days!!!  As the result, the pear was soft and infused with aroma of red wine.  Looked like pig's liver I know, but it's a luxurious dessert, heehee.....
ps.  love the rose made from strawberry <3

Banana Sabayon S$13.80
This was special  up sized portion as per request >.<
Sweet dessert plate of vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce and banana slices covered with lip smacking egg sauce.
Oh my 天............. all of us went crazy over the RIDICULOUSLY YUMMY egg sauce!  It was to the extend that we shamelessly requested for another plate of up sized Banana Sabayon with MORE egg sauce =P~~~  In fact I think it will be a fantastic dip sauce for puddings, bread, pastry, crackers and many more.

Good food + Wine & Beer + Reasonable price + Cozy ambience
+ ample parking space = worth repeat visits ^.^

Big Bear Bistro & Bar
2 Tan Quee Lan Street
Singapore 188091


  1. nice outfit and the food looks good :)

    1. Thank you very much! Yup, those few that I mentioned were really good! I need to go back soon for more :P~~

  2. Yummy food! Thanx for recommending!

    1. Hey Cheng Ying,

      You are welcome and thank you for reading my blog. You went to Big Bear already? What did you eat?