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Monday, 10 September 2012

How to eat without getting fat

I'm back from BKK!  Need a couple of days to draft before I can post about this trip.  So meanwhile I have another interesting topic for you guys!  Like the title? Heehee...... so........

I am very careful with what I eat ever since I had successfully slim down.  I love my current body too much and WILL NOT allow myself to put on weight ever again.  Had blog about how I slim down here for those who are interested.  I am now about 45kg ^.^ stuck between UK size 6 & 8.  Still not slim enough for my height but at least I feel healthier and more energetic!  

I had seen people starving themselves, making their life miserable in order to slim down.  I mean what's the point when you are making yourself so unhappy?  When you are "suffering" like this, chances are, you may give up on diet and slimming down became unattainable forever.

People always ask how do I manage to slim down despite of enjoying all the food without taking any pills, hur hur........  Going to share how now...........


* If you are going to feast for lunch, cut down on dinner and vice versa.  My way of cutting is to take meal replacements or salads which I will elaborate later;

* Drink plain water or chinese tea, do not take any soft drinks, coffee or tea with hell lots of sugar which adds on calories which is not worth it.  If die die also must drink, just drink half a glass/cup.  Sometimes I'll bring along Xndo's Grape Drink which helps to block a bit of carbo.  Although it states on the box "curbs appetite", frankly speaking, I don't think so.  It's just that after drinking a glass of it before meal, you will naturally eat lesser, but only slight lesser.

* Avoid taking carbo, such as rice, noodles & pasta - no point occupying your stomach space with these carbo which you had eaten for all your life;

* No sushi, which half of it is made up of rice, eat sashimi instead;

* No bread or sandwiches, if you want to eat those sweet desserts, ice cream and cakes which are more worth it;

* Steaks always comes with side dishes, avoid potatos, opt for veg if possible;

* For salads, always request salad creams to be serve separately, salads are healthy, but not the dressings.


* If you need to eat Mcdonald's or any other fast food, take away one piece of bread, share half the fries and coke with a buddy.  For MOS burger, they do sell burgers without bread, as in they use lettuce to sandwich chicken/beef/fish instead of bread;

* If you need to drink bubble tea, eat salad or zero carbo for the next meal;

* Most people will tell you to eat chicken rice removing all the chicken skin.  For heaven's sake, if eat chicken rice without the skin, you might as well don't eat, the skin is the best part!!  Ask for half the portion of rice and more cucumber.  It's better to eat during lunch, so that at least if you are hungry, you can have early dinner.  Also during the day, we use more energy, so food will burn out faster compared to evening time when we are resting and prepare to sleep;

* Eat yong tau foo without rice/noodles, will be filling enough if you order more veg;

* Order Chap Chye Peng (Economical mixed veg rice) without rice or 3 tbsp of rice.  From my experience, even if you ask for less rice, their less is always not less enough, so please scope away excess.  Waste food?  Then you keep it for the next meal or "donate" to your lunch/dinner buddy;

* If you are determine to slim down, I'm afraid you have to avoid laksa, nasi lemak, fried carrot cakes, fried omelete oysters, fried kuay teow, roti prata (omg..... I think I'm listing almost all hawker food)...... that's all I can think of at the moment.  All these can go up to 700 calories per serving.  Can still eat, but half the serving.  If can't control yourself, then you need to hit the gym to burn them off;

* A lot of people thought noodles and bee hoon are less fattening than rice, the fact is, they are almost the same.  So if you had been trying to cut down calories by eating bee hoon or kway teow soup, I'm afraid you are in the "wrong track" unless you half the portion;

* If you are hungry between meals, eat a fruit and drink more water.


Okay, this time more pics, less words ^^

Tibits - Replace potato chips and all those fatten stuffs with those snack bars or fruits if your mouth is "itchy" in between meals or while watching TV.  I don't really fancy tibits but if I feel bored, I nibble on Xndo's fruit chips.  They have quite a few types, pic below shows apple chips, 100cal per pack.

Salads - I eat salads for a meal, super low in carbo.  My tip is to buy pre-washed greens.  DO NOT buy those lettuce that needs to be wash.  Washing is easy, but draining away the water takes a long time.  If the greens traps too much water, the taste will be affected.

This is a more economical blend of salad

I added some alfalfa and a piece of cheese tofu.

I normally buy this type which only cost slightly more.

So this's the packaging.

Smoked duck and gold kiwi added to the greens, my personal "creation"
can totally skip the dressing cos' the taste is rich enough.

Smoked duck is unbelievably affordable in supermarkets.  I got this from Giant.
Sometimes I buy fresh ones from Cold Storage at their roasted meat counter.

Greens with hamburger steak, diced apple and sunflower seeds.
They taste way better than it looks.

I use Italian dressing or Japanese citrus dressing.
DO NOT chose dressings with cream base, they are fattening.
You might as well quit eating salad if you are using those creams,
cos' salad with cream dressing won't help in slimming, at all.

Another personal combi - greens + alfalfa + banana + apple + bacon
This combi is slightly "fattening" but it's way better than hawker food.

Meal replacements - I realise that when people talks about meal replacements, it's always associated with thick milk shakes that smells and taste like vomit  -_____-  I want to lose weight but will not force myself to take awful stuffs.  Will suffer from depression and food deprive......

Here's my meal replacements from Xndo, and oh yes, just a gentle note that this is not an ad, I bought these Xndo products.  They don't want to sponsor me leh, oh well......   :((

Mango Fish with rice - 243cal
I added in spring onions and fried shallots.

They really have big chunks of fish.
Infact fish is more than rice, the rice is only about 3tbsp

It's super convenient, just open up the package, pour out the contend, dump into microwave for 1 minute and it's ready to eat.  The taste?  It's actually not bad, but the rice is like "mu fan", soft with gravy.

Nonya Fish with calrose rice - 235cal, but the rice is barely there.
I eat it with a slice of white bread and it's really yummy!

Beef Curry rice 233cal, with chunks of beef, but the curry taste weird to me.
Will not buy this again.

Generally, I think Xndo's meals with fish are nice.  I had tried Stew Beef, not bad either.  Their curry are not so good.  The worst will be their meals with chicken.  I tried one pack half a year ago and the chicken taste like wood.  Not sure if they had improve on it.  So I normally stick to their fish meals.  Another one I like will be their mushroom soup at 50cal -

 It's not that thick and creamy, but the taste is alright with mushroom slices.

Sometimes I'll take Xndo milk shakes, especially if I had heavy breakfast.
I bought a few flavours, all taste so nice that my son Luis wanted to drink -__-|||
Below pic shows Blueberry shake 140cal
(for more reviews on Xndo products, click here)

I'm a manicurist, not a nutritionist or doctor.  Just sharing my eating habits which may or may not be suitable for other people.  Just drop a comment with any feedbacks, questions, even your own diet to share with me ^^


  1. ow everything looks so good its impossible to believe that you wont gain wight!

    visit my blog ok! http://bit.ly/P3PVvN

  2. laila - won't gain, infact will lose some more ^.^ and you've got a colorful blog!

  3. wow! u eat very healthy food! :P

  4. Nick - age is catching up, so have to watch my diet if I want to live longer, heehee......

  5. well i tot chicken breast meat wont get fat i got the info from my nutrionist. and yesh gotta do and 30 mins work out ti burn fats hula hooops is a good one.

  6. Anonymous - correct! infact those body builders eat alot of chicken breast meat (skin-less and boiled). is the chicken skin and the seasoned rice that's fattening. but gosh, I love chicken wings, will run a 2.4km to feel less sinful >.<

  7. Haha. Did u actually ask Xndo to sponsor u?

  8. elderflowertea - Yes I did. I think it's alright to ask for what I want.

    1. So did they reply u? Nothing wrong with asking of course. I just feel that most companies dont even wanna reply.

    2. Yes, they replied saying that they are not ready to do sponsoring. Actually, life is very simple, just ask for what you want, even fight for what you desire. No matter I get it or not, at least I did something within my ability, it's better than sitting back doing nothing :)

  9. thanks for posting..

    1. Thank you for dropping a comment, my humble blog needs support from you guys!

  10. Thom , your comment has been deleted, NO FREE ADVERTISING HERE!!

  11. I am new to Xndo. I wish to lose weight and will give it a try. Isit expensive to purchase? How does it help to reduce weight?

  12. Xndo meals are general less than 300cal, much lesser compared to normal meals (eg.chicken rice 500-550cal). Less cal and carb will lead to weight lost. They aren't exactly cheap to begin with. Just hit the first purchase and join as member. They will send you discount vouchers almost every week. Their discounts are quite attractive.

  13. Hi Susan
    i posted a comment on the convenience of preparing the meal replacements at work earlier in another of your blog and got the reply here.

    and thumbs up for asking xando to sponsor you! Why not? :)

    1. Hi Chin,

      Thank you very much for reading my blog ^^ Any further questions just drop me a comment or email, will try my best to help and answer!

  14. No exercise mentioned?

  15. Hi where did you buy the yuzu citrus dressing?

  16. how much did the xndo products cost on average?