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Thursday, 20 September 2012

SOLD.sg Launch Party!

*Sponsored event

Was invited to SOLD.sg Launch Party at Hummerstons last Tuesday on 18 Sep 2012.  Thank you OMY for the invitation ^^

Was wearing something "safe" as I wasn't sure of the crowd.
Beige chiffon dress with leopard print trimmings - from Bangkok (it's only about 300bht, heehee....)
Beige ribbon band belt - TaoBao
Black heels - Charles & Keith

It was sunset when I was in the cab.

The 10 bloggers and plus myself took a tour at SOLD.sg 's office before we head to the party.

The men at work.

With games and toys on working tables, what kind of job is this?
I found out later........

Busy OMY crew with camera rolling.

Tons of products for auction.

Interesting pics but..........
What's SOLD.sg all about??

SOLD.sg is a online shopping website, offering you the latest gadgets at the best possible prices!

  • A huge variety of gadgets, games, and accessories are placed on sale daily. Instant purchases can be made under Sold.sg Shop.

They also have daily sales on these limited quantity items which are awesome deals with heavy discounts under Sold.sg Sales.

  • Want the thrill of the chase, that competitive edge or the excitement of bidding? You’ll get that and more at Sold.sg Auctions.

We got to meet the founders of SOLD at their office too.  Let me introduce to you


Angeline Tham
Angeline obtained her Bachelors of Business Administration from Stern Business School at New York University in 2005. Prior to starting up Soldgers, she worked at J.P. Morgan in Singapore for four and a half years. Angeline is also an avid gamer and tech enthusiast who once threw caution to the wind when she participated in the World Cyber Games.

Tian Qiuyan
Qiuyan graduated from the University of Toronto in 2006 where she majored in Actuarial Science and Economics. She then spent the next three and a half years in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs in Singapore amassing valuable work experience. Co-founder and brother Chiou Hao then convinced her that her natural talent for marketing and numbers could be put to good use in a start-up business, which eventually led to the founding of Soldgers.

Chan Chiou Hao
Chiou Hao is an internet veteran with over 14 years of experience in the industry. A seasoned entrepreneur, he started his first venture capitalist funded internet consultancy firm, IntraComm, in 1997 and grew it to over 120 employees with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Prior to starting Soldgers, he held the position of Account Executive at Salesforce.com’s Asia office, where he spent 4 years spearheading the firm’s expansion into China and Taiwan. He holds a BBA from NUS and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

(information & photos obtain from http://sold.sg/about-us)

They have the same mission - that's  to select the latest, greatest and highest quality items for their consumers.  All products are from reliable suppliers and with warranties.

Although SOLD.sg is a online shop, they provide efficient customer service as well -
  • Every email will be attended to within 2 working days.
  • Staff available from 10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday to answer your calls.

During the visit at their office, I finally got to know more about SOLD.sg
Before this, I was totally clueless : X
When time's up, the big group of us walked over to Hummerstons for PARTY!!!

While you are reading a blog, are you aware of the effort and work behind?
 Here, below pic, bloggers in action!
Yes, everything else can wait, taking photos was more important lolxx......
Professional cameras, compact cameras, smart phones, tablets, you name it, we have it!

Hummerstons Resturant & Bar.

Love the glass panels with white wooden frames, creating a relaxing ambience with potted greens around.

Goodie bags for each guest on arrival ^.^

Party started!

They had a photo booth with props for us to play with and 3 best photos of the night will walk off with prizes!!

Crowded, woot!

Showcase of some of the products.

Get toxify...........

with glasses of champagne and wine.

Trays of finger food that kept flowing out of the open concept kitchen .......

Veg stewers........

Stuffed baguettes.....

Smoked salmon.....

Mini mushroom burgers..... hooohooohooo.... mushroom fillings tasted like foie gras!

Mini beef burgers..... omg, they were so juicy and yummy : P~~~~

Cold prawns with refreshing citrus sauce......


Fries with pasta sauce........

Super cute mini ice cream cones with banana and chocolate......

(from the left) Hurray to Angeline Tham, Chan Chiou Hao & Tain Qiuyan!!

And the team in SOLD.sg!!

 Everybody was having a great time!


Ms Tian Qiuyan, one of the founders presenting a slide show.

Camera's on the roll!

I can feel the passion and energy bursting from the enthusiastic young entrepreneurs.

Although I did not win the best photo of the night, I won myself a $100 credit from SOLD.sg!!
(looking fat besides pretty Angeline Tham >.<)

Couldn't believe my good luck!

SOLD.sg 's goodie bag.

Rose light bulbs, how sweet!

Stationeries as souvenirs.

My female readers, if you introduce SOLD.sg to your boyfriend/hubby, I guarantee they will love you to death more!  Male readers must be thinking "At last, a useful blog post from this bombotic auntie!!"  lolxx......

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with best prices in town
Click onto

ps. I just saw New Apple iphone5 16GB (white) on aution!!


  1. As always..u look so lovely ^^

    1. Aw.... so kind of you ^.^ Thank you for popping by my blog again!

  2. Great post... was nice to meet you there Susan!

    1. Thank you! Pop by your cool blog too ^.^

  3. I think both sold.sg & sold.my already shut down. They didn't honor what they promised!!!
    Check out the following forum: