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Friday, 11 October 2013

Yellow Ribbon Run 2013

Date: 15.09.2013

Took part in 6km Yellow Ribbon Prison Run with my sisters and bro-in-law.  This meaningful run aimed to encourage the community to play a part to the Yellow Ribbon message about giving ex-offenders a second chance to start afresh.

Gotten Yellow Ribbon shoe laces to show my support ^^

  The staring point was at SAF Field near Changi Village, finish point at Changi Prsion Complex.
Image from http://yellowribbonprisonrun.sg/

Parked at Singapore Expo (their carpark charge really slit throat) and took their free and freezing shuttle bus service to the start point.

Zero make-up and my hair was..... sigh..... I left my cap at home >.<  I looked disastrous.

6km fun-run flagged off at 8.15am with black clouds over our heads.

It didn't rain, the weather was superb for running.

I run for 3km and walked the remaining 3km >.<

Made it to the finish point, hand in hand with my youngest kid sis!

Here's my race timing from Yellow Ribbon's website.
Not too bad right?

Carnival at the finish point with various activities.
Plenty of drinks redemption booths and plenty of mobile toilets as well heehee......

Gotten myself a teddy bear key-chain from Home Team News' booth.

Gathering for Giant Yellow Ribbon Formation.

Iron Man came to cheer for us!
The weather was cool, the costume was cool, but I suppose the human inside must be warm.  Would like to say a big THANK YOU to him.  Everybody almost torn him apart grabbing him for photo shots >.<

Throw caps when the Giant Yellow Ribbon was formed!

I was part of the 1,230 human Yellow Ribbon Formation! *Proud*
Image from https://www.facebook.com/yellowribbonproj

The queue for shuttle buses to take us back to Singapore Expo was long but was well controlled in an orderly manner.  In less than 10 mins we were up the bus!

Registration was S$30 for 6km with a Race Pack consisting of :
Waterproof drawstring bag, sports Towel, finisher's medal, disposal body wipe, mini moon cake and a banana which I ate.  Teddy bear key chain was from an activity booth, cap and rain poncho from participating in the Giant Yellow Ribbon formation ^^

The mini moon cake was yummy with a cute ribbon print on it.

Yellow Ribbon Run is certainly morale boosting.  It's getting better with more and more participants each year.
2013 was a successful one!

Click in their web-site and Facebook to learnt about Yellow Ribbon.

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