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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blisshouse Singapore at The Central


I was invited by Tiffany Yong to Street Directory Bloggers' Party at Blisshouse Singapore.
Blisshouse Singapore
It is my habit to do a mini "research" before I attend any event.
So I had checked out Blisshouse's Facebook page here

Even I had already know what to expect, I couldn't contain my excitement when I stepped into this rose theme restaurant.
Garden rose carriage was photo bombed by every blogger.
(I had put on merely 2kg and I looked so bloated, need to get back to shape before it's out of control >.<)

Bar Counter - Blisshouse Singapore

Cocktail through the night with dancing butterfly.

Image from Street Directory

Chef Dennis creating assortment of delightful canapes.
Image from Street Directory

Be warned, mouth watering pics ahead, don't lick your screen!

Michelle was out of job, so she part-time.
Just kidding, she was screaming for help as the tray was heavy (obviously), but we all bo chap.  We took pics of her funny expressions instead lolxxx......

Private room with elegant European furnishes suitable for wedding reception or a cozy birthday party.
Blisshouse private room

Every corner of Blisshouse is a beautiful spot for photography.

Merrily blending myself into this theme restaurant.

Decor in another private room which caters for more pax.


See the white piano right at the end of the room?

I was very honoured to be the pianist of this romantic night, my fingers delivering rhythm of love songs filling up the air...............
Please don't take me seriously, I can't play!  Pose only >.<
But gosh, I love this photo, please let me continue with my dream.......

When I finally woke up from my dream, it's Bead Workshop time!
We were going to bead up a bracelet.
Image from Street Directory

Written instructions with beading materials.

I totally catch no ball, so I did a simplified version of the bracelet.

Here's Sherie in red and Tiffany in beige :)

This Jewellery Beading Course is available on every Sunday at Blisshouse!
If you are interested, here are the details:

Jewellery Making Course
Location: Blisshouse Singapore, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #03-21, The Central, Singapore 059817
Time: 3.00 to 5.00pm (2hrs)
Fee: $45 per pax
Includes materials & 1 beverage (choice of soft drink or coffee/tea)
Contact Ann 9721 1321 for other time slots or enquiries


  1. how was the food? Did you try any of their mains?

    1. The canapes are not bad to be frank. But I was so distracted with photo taking that I didn't eat much :X Sigh, they did not prepare any mains for this event :(