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Monday, 22 April 2013

PowerMix Silent Blender EBR5050 (Electrolux)

Household appliances will get spoiled together almost the same time, as if they contracted virus -__-  I had tried to "tahan" my microwave oven for one two years already, but it's getting dangerous to use as I realised the temperature gets abnormally high during grilling.  Another electric fan had also pronounce dead about a month ago.  My hubby will actually try his best to ignore all these till I nagged and dragged him out.

We decided that Gain City at Changi City Point shall be the lucky outlet.

OOTD on a Saturday ^^
White sleevelss blouse - hand down my girlfriend
Denim shorts - KateLove
Denim bag - Naraya (BKK)
Tattoo stockings - Taobao (review here)
Red wedges - Payless ShoeSource

Huge damage, but not absorbed by me, heng arh *patz chest*.

However annoying my hubby can be, I will put up with him cos' he's the pay master.  He is very easy to coax - glance at him with pitiful puppy eyes, pout my mouth, swing his arm gently left to right, right to left, say "PLEASE...." with the sweetest tone I can manage, act super 小鸟依人, he will fall into my spell and literally buy anything I request, waaaahaaaahaaaa............  Try it on your hubby/boyfriend, but please don't come running after me if it doesn't work >.<

If my "witchcraft" doesn't work, I'll show him this face ~~
Ok, sorry....  this is really ugly, please don't do it lolxx....

Oh, and yes, we used our SAFRA vouchers too!  Had used up $50 at Giant Supermarket and remaining $50 at Gain City.  SAFRA vouchers are the best vouchers we ever had seriously.  Every NS man is legible ok, if you haven't register for the vouchers, please read about it here.

There's nothing to talk about for a electric fan; for the SHARP water oven, will blog a review after I attend the complementary cooking class.  So now let's talk about the blender ^^


Comes with a small blender for condiments like chilli, garlic, nuts whatever.

Comes with a sift which is detachable.
And also you can see it's 3 pin socket.

1500ml volumn

Glass container almost 1 cm thick and very heavy.
According to the salesman it's more durable and absolutely suitable for ice blending, which was the main reason of this purchase.

The bottom has got 3 suction pads so the the machine won't wobble or shift while blending.  In fact the blender is tightly suck onto the kitchen top.  Needs to lift it off with a pop sound to remove it from the table, lolxx....

Our 1st attempt was - Banana Milk Shake

The blended can be operated in 2 modes - manual or auto with timer.
Manual -turn the knob to "pause" and press on the knob.
Auto - turn the knob to the time required.
Although it's called PowerMix Silent, it's not totally silent during blending of course.
But noise level is consider very low as I couldn't hear it at all when I walked out of the kitchen.

Success!  (after adding some sugar)

Wash was quite easy, twist the backside.........

The blades are out.

2nd attempt - Apple & Carrot juice
The carrots were so fat and pretty, bought from NTUC X-tra.

I merrily dumped in everything, totally forgotten to put in the sift.
But if I had put in the sift, I probably can't put in so many pieces of fruits to blend at one go.

I suppose using a separate sift is much easier.
Add in some lemon juice, my perfect DIY detox juice.

Hope to be able to blog more on fruit juices next time!

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