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Friday, 15 March 2013

Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at Marina Bay Sand

It was a Monday afternoon on 25 Feb, went intensive shopping at Beauty Asia Exhibition while most white-collars are slogging in their office.  My kid sis escaped from slogging and took leave to join me :)  Read about our marathon shopping here

After which, my kid sis suggested that we could try buffet Brazilian BBQ for dinner, so here we were - 
Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria

We selected "out-door" sitting and there's my black shopping trolley at our table.

The view from my seat was great.  Looking at our prosperous skyscrapers,  my country, a place where I was born and raise.  It's a familiar land, yet I felt so strange.  I felt like a total tourist.  I had never looked like a Singaporean anyway......

My legs were so sore from shopping that walking to the buffet salad bar was a struggle.
But the sight of this delightful spread did perk me up.

Spotted Chuka Iidako (Japanese baby octopus) was quite a surprise in a Brazilian restaurant, lolxx.....

Fresh greens and fruits which I'll never miss!

Drools at my own pics :P~~~~~

Asked my sis to order a drink of ourselves, cos' they were having 1-For-1 promotion!
It's an auntie's natural instinct and reaction not to miss any deals like such.
The drink wasn't fantastic, but again I couldn't really judge cos' I am not a drinker.
It's called Rose something something.... couldn't remember the name.
I even mistaken it as a champagne, genius indeed >.<

My first serve from the salad bar.  Everything was sooooooo goooooood.........

Huge guy came along slicing meat onto my plate.  He just got to be extra careful with that big knife, my gosh!
I was totally fascinated by this new dining experience!

I didn't know what fish was this, but it's from heaven, and not the sea!
It's freaking delicious!
The fish just melt in my mouth with awesome juicy-ness!!

More meat and more meat!!  We had beef of different cuts, chicken, sausages and lamb too.

Appetizing grilled pineapples and my tummy was bulging in this pic, wt*

Now, I need to mention something which is non-food related....  their chameleon giant egg table lamp!
It changes color like chameleon.
Crazy cute hug-able egg shaped without wires!
Yes, I think it's chargable like a handphone.

 As I said, it's hug-able, cos' it's not warm at all.  Cool max!
见鬼啦!!! lolxx.....

Funny pics cos' the effect of the Rose something something champagne wine had taken "effect".

I said to my sis: "I think I am really exhausted, my head is heavy, I can't be drunk over champagne...."
Sis:  "Genius, it's WINE, not champagne!"
Me: "Why didn't you say so!!!"
Sis: "You mean you don't know what you are drinking?!?"
Me: "No!  I don't!!"
Sis *slaps forehead cum shake head in despair*

I giggled silly all the way to the taxi-stand..  I knew I was walking but I felt like floating.  I couldn't feel my legs any more.
My kid sis became my elder sis again (oh well, since when she wasn't), but I didn't cause her any trouble, I swear.

I reached home and sat down for a while.  Still feeling high, high high.....
Gotten my poor hubby to remove my high heels for me cos' if I bent down, I knew I would lost balance and roll onto the floor like humpty dumpty, heeeheeeheee.......  I could had sit on the floor to remove the shoes myself, but I just need some attention from him :X

Here are the details if you like to visit-

Carnivore MBS
#01-80 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
T: 6688 7429 E: mbs.carnivore@starworth.com.sg

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