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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Burn more calories in shorter time at Active Hive

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In general, one can burn about 100 - 150 calories for a 30mins, depending on the speed and individual.

What if I tell you, it is possible to

Yes I experienced it myself!  Sharing how it's done in Active Hive this post!
Active Hive is located at Oxley Bizhub.  The building itself is easily spotted from Tai Seng MRT, but locating the unit itself can be challenging lolxx...
Active Hive provides personalized workout with a high tech machine in total privacy so that you don't have to expose your fats body to other people.  Scroll down, I'll elaborate, heehee...

Consultation and a Body Analysis was done before the workout.

This was the result of my Body Analysis -______-  Faints at my metabolic age of 54.  No wonder it's so difficult for me to lose weight.

After which I was lead into a room with this big white machine sitting in the middle of the room.
It's not Baymax, it's MINUS CALORIES.

I was requested to wear as little as possible...... Shy, cos' my body not sexy at all >.<  But was comfortable with Agnes Tay, the consultant and founder of Active Hive, and Jacqueline Koh.

Anti-Cellulite & Body Sculpt Cream was applied on all uncovered areas of my body (except for my face) lolxx...

After which hopped into Minus Calories to start the 30 mins workout.

This is not a ordinary stepper that you see in other gyms.

Enclosed in Minus Calories, I surrounded by 4 tubes of Infra Red.
While exercising on the stepper, my body benefits from the Infra Red:
* Heats the skin to promote perspire to cleanse and remove toxins
* Reduce pain in joints, muscles and body tension
* Reduce fatigue by improve blood circulation and metabolism
* Burning of calories starts in 3 minutes
* Anti-aging by stimulating collagen production
* Reduce cellulite
* Lighten scars and even out skin tone
* Improve lymphatic and immune system
* Eliminate toxins and fats
Infra Red also helps in:
* Relief pain cause by rheumatism and arthritis
* Rehabilitation exercise after surgeries
* Assist in treatment of athletic injuries

In short, this is how burning of 500 or more calories in merely 30mins!

But that's not all, Minus Calories gives out Ionised Oxygen!  Now it sounds like a plant, lolxx...
Ionised Oxygen comes out from those 2 pouts which I circled.  They were totally silent so I only got to know during the 2nd visit.

Inhaling Ionised Oxygen makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!  I breathe steadily without panting!  Ionised Oxygen also:
* Rejuvenate skin cells
* Reduce fatigue
* Reduce insomnia
* Improves respiratory system
* Speeds up purging of body toxins and weight loss
* Improves body resistance
* Improves stamina and energy

So yeah, I was watching Descendants of the Sons, imagining myself running after the morning doves <3 <3 <3

My result during the last visit:  Burn 801 cal in 36mins, and the readings gets better and better each time.

Wellness in Active Hive includes post-workout juice after each session in Minus Calories.
They create different mix each time.  The above is buttercup, cucumber, green apple topped with chia seeds.

On another time, I had kiwi, spinach, cucumber topped with chia seeds ^.^

No pain no gain, 
Ditch this old sentence.
I gained with no pain, no ache, no pant, no breathless with Minus Calories while burning 5X more calories than normal exercise.
 Nowadays, working hours are long, sleep also not enough time, where got so much time to exercise?  A lot of people also gives up on exercising as muscle aches affects their work the next day, in fact for a few days.  With Minus Calories, all problems solved!

Each session is S$78, but they have special rates for 1st trial and promotions from time to time.  Updates at:

65 Ubi Road 1 #02-88
Oxley Bizhub
Singapore 408729

Call 6384 2758/9236 4678 for appointment.

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