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Sunday, 17 February 2013

NS45 Bonus for our men!


All our Singapore boys are trained and turned into real tough men through 2 years National Service.
Our NS men was behind, protecting our country and made us proud.

I had been trying to search for my hubby's absolutely sexy topless NS pic where he show-off his abs.
Couldn't find, so sad, so have to make do with this pic of his uniform.
As you can see the camouflage print is different from now.

Hey, how about taking this opportunity to share with you readers one of my hubby's NS story!
Time transport back to 1985.............

There was this Section IC (in-charge), who liked to boss around in his platoon, thus nick named Ya Ya King.  Bloody cocky and super suck up, everybody had no choice but to tahan him.  One day, chance of "revenge" came........

Ya Ya King was not feeling well and he went to bed at 9pm plus.  He was totally knocked out.  5 of them, including my hubby decided to play a prank on him - they carried him together with his bed into the bathroom.  The entrance to the bathroom was just nice for the bed to pass through, Ya Ya King nearly rowed off the bed during the "transportation" but he did not wake up lolxxx.......

As soon as Ya Ya King (and his bed) was placed in the middle of the bathroom, a Corporal came in  -

Corporal: "Hey, what are you guys doing  and what's the bed doing here?!"

Hubby and buddies: "Sssshhhhhhhh........  Corporal, we just want to make fun of Ya Ya King lah, ssshhhh......"

Corporal: "I need to shower leh!"

Hubby and buddies: "Corporal you carry on with your shower but don't switch on the lights can?"

Corporal:  "Ok lah, ok lah, ........ you all hor...."

Hubby and buddies: "Thank you Corporal!  Good night Corporal!"

Corporal went on with his romantic shower cum singing session with lights off.  Corporal wasn't singing lullaby, but Ya Ya King was still sleeping like a baby, lolxxx........ he was incredibly sound asleep, even if the sky collapse he also won't wake up, waahaahaahaaa........

At around 3am, Ya Ya King carried his bed back into bunk, cursing and swearing with ultimate hokkien vulguarities in "full force":  "K******, who put 你爸 in the bathroom?!!!  #@%&*  got guts to do no guts to own up is it?  Bloody $#@%, let me know who's behind this, I am going to bash him upside down...... $#@&^%.........."

Hubby and buddies nearly died of internal stomach injuries while controlling their laughter under their blankets.

The next morning Ya Ya King continued to question who carried him (and his bed) to the bathroom.  Nobody owned up of course.

It was harmless prank, super hilarous "revenge", very unforgettable incident to my hubby ^.^  

Once an army, forever a NS man, SAFRA is for our men!

Is your boyfriend, brothers, hubby or father a National Service (NS) or Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS)?

We are going to benefit from our men!
In celebration of the 45th anniversary of National Service (NS),
MINDEF will be giving National Servicemen
SAFRA vouchers and 1 year SAFRA membership!!

This is a broad-based and inclusive initiative for  all who have served NS or are serving NS!  More than 900,000 National Servicemen will receive from the NS45 SAFRA Benefits.
National Servicemen will receive a letter of notification by post informing them of their eligibility for these benefits between January 2013 and April 2013. They will be requested to confirm their address before we send them the vouchers.  The tenure of the free membership will be from 1 Apr 2013 (or the date of application, whichever is later) to 31 Mar 2014. 
For National Servicemen that meet the eligibility criteria and are existing members of SAFRA, they will have their memberships automatically extended by an additional year from their original subscription date.
For National Servicemen that meet the eligibility criteria and are not existing members of SAFRA, just click into http://ns45.safra.sg to register!

My hubby had registered and I am more excited then him cos'.......

The $100 SAFRA vouchers are MINE!!! waahaahaaahaaa.....
Actually no lah, I prefer to spend it with my children and their dad, 独乐乐不如众乐乐, sharing doubles the happiness ^_^

SAFRA vouchers can be use in many many outlets.  So many that it almost covered every part of Singapore!  I'm not exaggerating!

Starting from Food and Beverages, the vouchers can be used at:
Old Chang Kee, Swenson's, NTUC Foodfare, Pizza Hut, Pasta Mania, Fish & Co., Food Republic etc..
Not forgetting Astons Specilities, Toast Box, Mcdonald's in Safra clubs, etc etc and the lists goes on!

SAFRA vouchers can also be used at Entertainment venues like:
Partyworld KTV, K-Box, Shaw Theatres, Cathay Cineplexes, St James Power Station, and many more.

Major Shopping Outlets includes:
Robinsons, John Little, Isetan, Giant Hypermarket*, NTUC Fairprice*, Cold Storage*, etc etc....
(*conditions apply)

The SAFRA vouchers are as good as cash, don't you agree?

How about outings and family or friends at:
Gardens By The Bay, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo, etc.....
Yes, SAFRA vouchers can be used too!!

Click here for a complete list of redemption and participating outlets.

What can we do with 1 year's SAFRA membership?

SAFRA clubs aren't like just any other clubs.
Formed since 1972, SAFRA's goal was to aid Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) enhance camaraderie and boost morale among National Servicemen.

Recreational and entertainment facilities designed for NSmen as well as their family members.

It can be a dip in the pool with our children ~~
Image from www.safra.sg
(Jurong SAFRA)

Sweat it out in the soccer field with old NS buddies ~~
Image from www.safra.sg
(Tampines SAFRA)

Majong session for "dry swimmers" ~~
Image from www.safra.sg
(Toa Payoh SAFRA)

Bonding time with friends or family at Party World ~~
Image from www.safra.sg
(Yishun SAFRA)

Or a friendly bowling match!
Image from www.safra.sg
(Toa Payoh SAFRA)

And lots more facilities which SAFRA members and their families can enjoy!
Click in http://www.safra.sg/ to find out more!

We had registered for SAFRA vouchers and 1 year's SAFRA membership.
How about you or your men?
Quick Quick ^_^

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