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Friday, 1 February 2013

Malaysia Boleh! @Jurong Point Shopping Centre

After attending  Angel DIY workshop at Cystal 'N' Beads, we head to Malaysia Boleh for dinner.

OOTD ~  as fake Arale, cute or not?

In case you are wondering, this is the real Arale ~~

Ok, the cartoon Arale is obviously cuter >.<

Ok ok, don't protest!  No more pics of me, back to the topic, food pics rolling in now.........

It was very crowded.......... people walked in as if no need money one........... super duper crowded -___-|||

Almost every stall had a long queue in front.  If it's an ordinary food court, I am sure I had already walked out, but the atmosphere was captivating and the food stalls themselves looked really delicious.  Looking at other people's tables was good enough to make us swallow saliva.  We were quite determined to eat here!

When I said crowded, it was this crowded............

But it was so crowded that finding a table was mission impossible.  Just before we were about to "give up" we found a table with an elderly lady eating alone.  So we "chop" the table and waited for her to finish. We were actually quite pai seh and told her to eat slowly as we need to queue for the food which would take a long time anyway.  Timing was great, whenlady finished her food, ours came! (that's after more than 15mins).

Ba Ku Teh @S$5.
With generous portion of pork ribs, bean curd skin, tau pok and intestines, value for money.

Claypot Rice @S$5.
This is a MUST ORDER!!!
Yummy to the max with burnt rice, the fragrance itself was heavenly, omg....
Chicken meat so tender, burnt rice on the claypot so crunchy....... :P~~~~~
Huh?  Control carbo intake?  Eat first lah, we talk about diet some other time......... goodness gracious.... nom nom nom

"Pi Tai Mak" with slices of pork and some prawns.  Ingredients all camouflage in black sauce.
The sambal chilli had given a punch to it @S$4.50.

Curry noodle, simple taste of school canteen @$4.00.
We only tried a spoonful, Luis finished the whole bowl, almost licked the bowl clean.

Ice milk tea in big metal mug @S$1.50.

Ngoh Hiang @S$5.  No complains, except that it's a bit expensive for the small portion.

 Penang Laksa @S$4.
My previous visit to Penang was many many years ago, this bowl of Penang Laksa brought back some memories.

The above were shared among 4 of us, quite a lot right?
But that's not the end......
Ice cream stall at the entrance which we bought one to lick.

3+1 Nian Gao (年糕) around S$1++ can't remember liao.

Crispy on the outside, insane sticky inside, not bad!

Stomach all we could, cos' we weren't sure when's the next visit.
The thought of travelling from Tampines to Jurong dreads.....
But next visit will have to be on weekdays to avoid the crazy crowd, heehee....

Malaysia Boleh
Jurong Point 2 #03-28
Opens daily 10am - 10pm

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